Saturday, July 31, 2010

Even my bones sweat

Okay so this morning I got up and wanted to try out this new app that I found on my phone so I decided to go for a run. Yes this app will run with me and mark where I have run along with how fast I am going and how long it takes. I think I like it best because it tells me how far I have gone and I can't make excuses for not running well. But I haven't run in several weeks so this run today was not as good as I had hopped it would be. I was running at a good pace but I didn't even make the lap I wanted to make. Its okay I'll try harder tomorrow.. or Monday.
Other than that it was mostly work for me. I think work is getting crazy because people are on their way back to school. I don't think I have ever discussed my school plans on here before so I thought I'd just let every one know what I plan to be doing. This fall I think I'm going to hold off going to school. I really need to focus on Kristin and the baby (no we don't have a name yet).
But come this next spring I want to go to the NCTC for a semester or so to get the rest of my basics out of the way and then I'd like to try and get into UNT to finish up school. I think I'll go for either a major in math with a minor in biology or the other way around. Either way it should be pretty fun, and for those of you who think I should go back to school you can be glad. The way I see it is if I work really hard at these classes and what not in probably three years I'll be able to take the MCAT and get into medical school. Of course I found an app for it on my phone so I'll probably download that in a few weeks. From there I'll go to whatever Medical school takes me. Yep that sounds like the plan.


Friday, July 30, 2010

Whelp, I guess we need batteries.

This is our poor camera. It just lays there with no batteries. I think we have them some where but I don't know where and I haven't had the chance to look. Either that or I'm to lazy to. Argue your point if you want it'll do you no good. Yup I just looked and I can't find them. Kristin will find them later I'm sure. But either way the camera there is the reason the next three days are going to have no awesome pictures of us. (Also because they are all being written after the weekend.)
Friday was a pretty slow day. I kinda miss having Kayla around. She made this house not so quiet. Wait that makes me sound like an old person. No I like quiet, wait its not that, its just that I like it both ways. Either way it doesn't really matter what I think because I know that Kayla has work, school, dance, and all her stuff in Colby.
Last night Kristin went to a sale, I think she was pretty excited about the sono and didn't get to type that up. It was another one of those consignment sale. She and Alexa went to see if they could find maybe a rocker or a glider. That piece of furniture is the only big thing we can think of that we need. Other than like diapers. Which of course we will need those. Lots of those. Its incredible how many diapers children go through. I know some of you are going to tell me, "Just wait til you have the kid." Well don't be annoying. You know how you can learn things in class without experiencing them? Thats how this works son. The experience is different but the amount of diapers is still astronomical.
Okay well I can't really type, at least not well right now. Its getting kind of hard. Like my head is way ahead of my hands. And I have to go through and type everything more than once. I can't figure out how to spell words. (for every speller I know this is for you: I do know how to spell some words.( =) I'm not even sure that that smiley face looks right. Okay I'm going. Sorry for the rant like typing. Love you bye.

--Kerry Dreu

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Can we buy an $80 blanket??

I always look forward to days like today, either an ultrasound or a doctor's appointment. Today happened to be an ultrasound day, so we headed over to Baylor Medical Center in Grapevine and went to see the doctor. Today we had our original doctor, Dr. Grahm, and he's pretty quiet so we don't find out a whole lot, just that he's of course perfect, and that he's still stinkin' big! That's right ladies and gents, that was no fluke last time, he's measuring a little over 2 weeks bigger than where he should be. He weighs 2 pounds 6 ounces now, meaning that he's gained 10 ounces in just 3 weeks. We also learned that he's head down, with his spine at my belly button and his feet up by my ribs, so he's basically in a "U" shape. It's always interesting for me to see how he's positioned, then I can figure out what he's beating me with. It doesn't hurt when I get kicked in the ribs like a lot of people think it does, it's just uncomfortable, especially when he decides to just jam his feet under there and leave them. I think earlier today he was trying to tunnel underneath my hip bone with his hands, Kerry says he's a curious adventurer. I think he's just a brat. Have I mentioned how much I love him?! ;] Overall it was a good appointment, but I'm SO angry with..someone, not sure who. Ha. Usually we get a DVD with all the footage on there, and today was no exception, only when we got home and went to watch it, it was BLANK!! Ugh!!! Trivial, yes, but frustrating nonetheless. We've got another ultrasound in 3 weeks, so there's definitely another chance, no worries. We've also got our normal doctor's appointment on Tuesday, so that should be fun. I get to take my glucose test, which consists of chugging what I've been told is like flat pop and then waiting an hour and having my blood drawn afterwards to see how my body processed the glucose, or sugar. Hopefully all goes well, or else I have to retake a 3 hour version, what a pain. We'll also get to see if Dr. Herr decides to change our due date (fingers crossed!!!), which I doubt, but we're curious regardless. It'll also be nice to ask questions and find out that I'm normal, which I don't feel like all the time. I've been really uncomfortable (who wouldn't be, with feet under your ribs and someone's head pushing on your bladder?!) lately and feel like he's trying to make his escape. He's not, we've still got a long way to go, but it's kind of nice to know that worst case scenario if he were born now, with our awesome medical technology he'd have an 85% survival rate. I'm sure some of you are like uhh, isn't 100% better than 85%? Duh, but we've come a long way since our days of miscarriage risk!! Everyday is a blessing, and we don't take it for granted. =]

This was the best shot they could get of his face today, he was being squirmy and covering his face with his hands. There's his face on the right side, you can see his eyes, or giant black spots, pretty good. Just be glad I didn't put the picture up of his little "turtle" as Dr. Grahm calls it. How fitting that this child's unofficial theme is turtles. I feel an embarrassing story coming during his teenage years. ;]


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Drive away, drive drive away...

Well no iPhone in hand, at least not one that worked, and we were driving Kayla to Oklahoma so that she could go back to her dear old home. The paper weight was in the front console of the car and Kayla was asleep for most of the trip. But to my liking we did get out of here on time, or close to it, and we missed running into traffic at OKC. Thank God for that.
Leaving so early got us there several hours before Kayla's ride was there to pick her up and so that gave us plenty of time to look around Perry, Oklahoma. Kristin and I have had some experience with the Wal-Mart there before and so we wanted to show Kayla. As you can see this is probably the smallest Wal-Mart I have ever been in. I don't know that I have ever seen televisions and trash cans on the same aisle. But hey for a Wal-Mart that has only four registers what can you say.
After we made the circle of the store about eight times, so ten minutes later, we left and decided to go explore the town. If you take a look at the picture here you'll see that the town was something special. I have the rest of the pictures we took of the town up on my facebook. I'll post a link at the bottom so that you can see it. Needless to say there wasn't much there. The only thing in the pictures that you were missing is the several planters made from tires and bath tubs. Oh and there was a boat just sitting on the grass of some ones lawn.
Kristin's parents showed up and we were glad to see them. We are hoping to go see them very soon in Kansas. We made our way back and missed traffic again. The trip was a short one but it was a good drive, thats always good for me. Hope you enjoy the pictures, I'd love to hear your comments, or maybe you've seen worse. Post it in the comments section.


Oh and I got my phone now. YAY!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

iPhone 4

Yup so today was that day. I mean I went to work, I hung out with Kristin and Kayla, but it was today that I was going to get the new iphone. I was excited. You know because when you see the thing and when Apple talks about it they act like it is the Hulk of cell phones. It has the best speed, best touch screen, coolest icons, and every other phone is modeled after this one. This is the phone that will look at your taxes and do them for you. Nations have risen to the surface because of this phone and other have fallen. This is the phone that made people realize there were other ways of communicating on a cell phone other than just talking and texting.
We didn't realize the power behind the phone. The pressure people put on you to get an iphone was almost like a druggie trying to get you to help him build his stash. He would sell you anything, a bag of cheetos for ten bucks and charge you for gas that was already in your car. The pressure is enormous and then when you make the decision that you are going to get one it gets even harder until you have your hands on it. Oh did you get the phone yet? Are you going to get the phone? You aren't going to get the phone. You're a lady, you don't have what it takes to use an iphone! What's your excuse? Big thumbs? Well turn it side ways! Yeah its that good.
Then of course the name is intimidating. The iphone. I mean its like it is its own self. I Phone. Yes you phone. I PHONE! I Tell you what to do. Please don't transform on me I'll do anything, you wanna know where the all spark is? I'll tell ya, I don't know but I'll do as many cross word puzzles as it takes to find out. Or maybe its like eye phone. That's weird. There is a whole other conspiracy there. Is this thing watching me? Did that phone just move? You didn't see anything
So I get it. I mean I got off late from work, and then I went to the back and pulled the phone off the truck and made sure that they were checked in, along with any other items that needed to go out to electronics. I took the cart out there and told them they could sell me my phone. They typed all of the info into the system and it wouldn't let us in. We did it again and still a no go. We made up some numbers and still a no go. We rechecked it and found our problem and then we were in. They found the phone, they updated the plan and they checked me out. I was good to go. But I had to wait to get home to use the phone. I took the phone for the drive home making sure to hit every stop light along the way. We got home and plugged it into the computer and we were good to go. It was working and everything. All we needed was the update. And then it glitches out. Its too late to go to get it fixed now and I leave early tomorrow morning so I have to wait until I get back from Oklahoma, I hope they still have one. Thanks so much Apple. Thanks.

-- Kerry

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ya done goofed!

Work, work, and more work. That's what today started out with, well, just for me. Kayla and Kerry started out their morning with more sleep after I left, and then ate an entire package of bacon without me. I was sleepy, hungry for bacon, and had a stinky house when I got off work, but hey, what are you gonna do. Once I was home Kerry had his friend Jim come over and play video games, so Kayla and I decided to go out and run some errands. She wanted to find a new CD case because she bought a spool of 50 blank discs, and burned all of them full of music off of our iTunes. Craziness!! At least we'll have music for the car ride to meet up with my parents? Anyway, her search was unsuccessful, but I found what I needed. At church on Sunday they made an announcement about "Transform", an organization that helps local families in need by donating school supplies. We bought a backpack and filled it full of school supplies, the kid that gets it will be good to go. I love donating and helping people out, but I especially like shopping for stuff and then giving it away. The "Angel Tree" at Christmas time is awesome, I'd buy everything off of there if I could. I'll give money if I have it, but I by far prefer to shop for what I'm giving, makes it more personal for me. I feel so blessed that we're able to help others and that we enjoy doing it. I've always been a softie, so I definitely have always had the want and need to help other people. It's nice to know that God forbid we're ever in a situation where we need help, that there's other people out there like us willing to do that. God is good. =] After shopping we went to the Dollar Movies and saw "Killers", with Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl. Love her. It was a good movie, and we rounded out the night with some absolutely delicious Wendy's. Unfortunately the dining room was about to close, so they didn't have their fountain ketchup out anymore. And the answer is yes, I think I made up "fountain ketchup", but I'm sure you know what I mean.

The backpack full of goodies. Kind of makes me miss being in school, or at least shopping for the supplies. Guess that's why you have kids, is so that you can relive your whole childhood. ;]


Sunday, July 25, 2010


Today was Sunday and it was a glorious day. We went to church and had a great service and then I went to work for a much better day today. (And to think we were busier) I like closing. I've done it enough that I'm good at it and I can get it done quickly. I think that I didn't do as good of a job as I could have tonight. Knowing that I will do a better job next time and try to from here on out. Do everything as if you are doing it for God right? Because you are suppose to.
So I kinda named this blog 'Secrets' because of a song that I heard and because I kinda want to share some of mine. Just a few, and don't you get real excited, the ones that no one knows will still stay that way. I'm not one for hanging my pants out to dry in the wind. SO three secrets and then I'll be done.
#1 - I really like it when Kristin doesn't wear makeup and when she is in her house clothes. It makes me feel comfortable and like she doesn't mind me seeing her as she is rather than covered in all of the things that make us look different from what we really are. She is so pretty all by herself without having any of the extra stuff. I know that some people are girls, and those people who are girls think things that girls think, but I think that they are wrong and that she is fine how she is, which she is. And you know it girls.
#2 - I really can't wait to be a doctor. I know that some people say that and they know that its going to be a hard road ahead and they are just waiting to help people and are ready to get their hands dirty. Some people just do it for the puzzle. But I can't wait to get out there and be that person who is there for those people who are in their darkest time. I know that it becomes one of the hardest places for some one when they are sick, especially if they are sick with a bad dose of something incurable. I can't wait to be that guy who wants to help.
#3 - Some times I want a hug. It doesn't matter the place there are just times when I really want a hug. But you know how weird it is to ask some one for a hug. I mean maybe a handshake but how intimate is that? How is it that I am suppose to shake some ones hand and feel better. Much of the time its when I am at work, and either I am scared to ask or just too embarrassed. But I get the feeling in my arms that pulls my muscles tighter and stretches my skin to the point that I feel like I need a hug.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

8 to 5

So today was an interesting day, I would say that it was a bad day but I'm trying to be optimistic. (If this turns out to be a rant just let me know in the comment section) I think that going into work from 8 to 5 is probably one of the longest days there is. Not only was it a long day though it was a rough one. This picture here kinda explains what I heard all day at work. I think the reason our SM was so bothered with yesterday was because he thought our new MM was going to be there. Now I have no problem with the guy but he freaks out way to easy and today he was just plain rude. I guess I just don't see how belittling people is suppose to make them work harder. I know if some one does it to me well I just get mad. Today there was a lot of that. I know that when my mom reads this she is just going to tell me that its my fault that I'm mad, she's right but its very hard to keep myself straight.
After work I came home to what would have been an empty house had Kayla not been here. We moved the couch so that it was facing the computer, got some popcorn and started watching Law Abiding Citizen. Of course Kris got off at ten and we were soon out to get something to eat. When we got back I was getting tired so I went to sleep.
I wanted to mention how much we like Kayla. I mean some times the kid can get annoying but really we like her and enjoy having her down here. I guess when you grow up you see all the shows about how you will fight with the family you marry into and I'm glad that its not true. I love Kristin's family and am glad that we can get along. It helps to see them when I know that my family is so far away. Its too bad that she is going home this week.


Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm Awesome.

Whelp I guess today is the day, well the day after the day. Last night some time, I'm not a girl so don't ask specifics, this child to the right was born. But it wasn't until today that he was graced, or vice versa, with our presence. After work, we raced to the hospital to greet Griffen. Welcome to the club guy.
I want to beg your pardon for typing so slow but you don't really get to see the typing so I can't really do that for you. You see today while I was at work I burnt my fingers. It was pretty busy today as far as work goes and I was running around pretty good. At one point I was at the service desk and needed something printed but the printer had a paper jam. So what do you do? You follow the instructions that the computer tells you to get the jam out. Open bottom flap. Open top flap. Pull out cassette. Remove media. Burn the snot out of your fingertips? What? Hows that work? Oh second degree burns feel so good.
After baby eyes we wanted to go to the theater and see a movie. We decided to go and see Killers at the dollar theater but genius us we went to late and the seats were all sold out. So we changed directions completely and went to go see Sorcerer's Apprentice. I think Kristin went to see it because Kayla and I were interested but I think she liked it in the end. I am really hoping that Disney comes out with a second one.
At the theater I took a picture with these goons because they have been bugging me to take a picture with them for a while. I think its looks good but man my hair is getting long isn't it. I sure need to get a trim here pretty soon.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Number 16

Today was quite an adventure filled day. Kerry and I both worked early shifts this morning, leaving Kayla to fend for herself. Luckily once I arrived home I found her in perfect health, aside from the scratches that Maymie gave her. (She likes to get her riled up and play with her, of course she's going to go nuts!) Once we got Hulkdog calmed down and back to a semi-normal color, we set out to go to my appointment with WIC. It was definitely an experience, and I was definitely the minority, let's just leave it at that. There were screaming kids everywhere, and we were there for a total of 2 hours I think. Headache central. On a random note, there was a lady that worked there that looked just like Tatum's fiancée Nita, Kayla and I were in awe of her. She wasn't quite as tiny though. ;] We finally were free to go, and luckily I got approved. I know that some people get heated over the subject of government assistance, but I always look at it as if I'm paying into it already, why not partake. I'm very thankful that those outlets are there for us to utilize, and am glad other people who need the help can get it as well. After that beating (mostly the children's lack of a beating), we came home and picked up Kerry, as well as some good ol' Quiktrip, and headed out to Sam Moon. For those of you who aren't aware of what that is, it's AMAZING. It's like Walmart, but only with purses, jewelry, and hair accessories. Most women's reactions after walking in for the first time are, "WOW." Kayla and I found ourselves needing new purses (mostly her, but I can never pass up a good purse), so the hunt was on. We finally made our decisions, and I think we're both pretty happy with what we ended up with. =] The rest of the night was just spent lounging, pretty boring stuff. We're also anxiously awaiting the arrival of the littlest Hopkins, our new nephew, who is set to make his arrival anytime now. Hopefully we'll have some news on that tomorrow, and will get to go see him if he's here. Did I mention how much I love babies?!? =D

The black one oddly enough is Kayla's, making the pink one mine. I treated myself to the matching wallet, and decided to go a more feminine route. Be proud everyone, it's not black! ;P


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Crazy Hamster Baby!

So today we were all off, it seems like Kayla is always off. The good news is that I was asleep until 9:20, it must be those new sheets we got. (check yesterdays post) The sheets don't seem to be helping Kristin though. I know those of you who have been pregnant before know what I am talking about. She can't get comfortable and on top of that we are pretty sure that the little gent is practicing for a marathon. (I want to make a note that as I write this Kayla is dancing to the music, Ellen would be proud.) But he is moving so often that she says he's keeping her awake. We were watching her belly last night and could visually see him move, and he was moving all the time. I'm pretty sure I could feel his heart beat last night but it may have just been the placenta pumping. (If any one says anything about that I am going to punch them in the face)
Speaking of the gent here is a picture of him, if you look really close you can see him. Yeah that isn't even true, you don't have to look close at all. I know its weird saying it but he is growing fast. And yes ladies she does look that good, there wasn't any photo shop she just has that awesome of a pregnant self. Love you my love.
Speaking of awesome things I have been getting a bunch of compliments on my hair lately. They are coming from all sorts of people. People at the mall, work, children, parents, ghosts. As I was thinking about how awesome my hair is I just wanted every one to know that I am not just hair and so I found a video of what I would look like and wanted to share it with you.
Today we really didn't do much. We set up an appointment for WIC tomorrow, one which I will not be able to attend but I hope all goes well. We went shopping for I don't know what and got just that, and then came home to watch a movie. But I am going to work early tomorrow again so I need to go to sleep here pretty soon.
I do want to point out that I am over planning for everything. I don't have my phone yet on they account that we haven't had any in the store in over a week and I don't really have the need to go get one from some where else. But even though I don't have my phone I have already ordered the otterbox for it. For any one who doesn't know what an otterbox is its a phone case that pretty much can withstand a lot of stuff. So exactly what I need. But well over planned.
Goodnight all you.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In the middle of the night..

Some times I don't think its fair that Kristin gets to go into work after I do and then get off before I do. I guess thats why I make more money and she has to carry the baby. I think some where along the line there is an equalization but I try not to look for it. I think that marriage is more about not looking at what the other person does. The bible says that we are to treat our wives like Jesus treats the church. I was thinking about that and as weird as it is I think God means in every way. I know this sounds odd but I think Jesus pleasures the church along with takes care of it and provides for it. Hard to think about, and even harder still to follow through with.
I do love working early though. I think it might have something to do with the weather and the fact that no matter what I can't sleep past nine in the morning. That probably has something to do with dad sticking his head in my room in the morning and waking us up with "Push-ups and set-ups boys." Some times singing, "Good morning, good morning its time to rise and shine," and other glorious times when he jumped on our bed to wake us up. I love you dad. Have a great inventory.
Today is my moms birthday, she is proud of her age at 44. I think. I hope. Either way that many years ago she was born on today. She was in her mommies tummy growing and along with her there I was as a tiny egg inside her. So you could say that 44 years ago I was born, awkward? But then a few years later she learned to do all the things we all learned at that age and even further on she fell in love with the gold flecks in my dads eyes. A little while later they were married and she had a lovely kid, and then two years later there was her greatest achievement, I was born. She went on to have other children.... But in all seriousness my mom is awesome, she talks to me when ever I need it, and cooks good food, and answers the phone, "Freds meal barn," either that or "Hello." Both are lovely
So today Kristin and Kayla went to the hair school to get Kayla's hair cut. We wish she could have gone to see Corrina but she was out of class for some reason or other and Kayla had to see some random person. The student was a level one and took a very long time to do whatever it was that she did, and she didn't do much. After that they went to see LeeAnn who is going to have her baby some time very soon. Then we went to do some late night shopping and got some awesome baby stuff at Old Navy that was sooper cheap. I'm talking like two bucks cheap. Then we went and bought some new sheets for our bed, 400 thread count Egyptian cotton. Very nice.
Oh the picture up there, I forgot to mention, that is all the the cloths that we have for the little gent as of right now. (Yes I do believe I will be calling him that from here on out.) Kristin has them separated into size so that when we get to big we can just move on. I think its a good plan because we are three sizes ahead and when we empty a tote we can start to fill it up with another size, hopefully that will mean we can stay ahead.
Alright well goodnight my loves, be good.


Monday, July 19, 2010

Bees in the Corn!

Introducing the Over Dog, the complete opposite of Under Dog. This one can't talk, is cute, and likes to chew holes through blankets. (Sorry Kayla) But my doesn't she look dashing in that purple blank.... cape, in her cape. Lovely, can't you tell we were all off today.
I now know why there is a bedroom for every one in the house and we all don't just sleep in the same room like they use to back in the day. Its because guys would never get to play video games while girls sleep in until all hours of the day. Today that was okay though because I have an enormous supply of comics to read. So now you know how the morning went.
Kristin and Kayla went out to shop for a purse, I declined the offer to go, I wasn't really in the mood. But while they were out I did get to hang out with myself a while, its good to get to know yourself again. I just wish I could sleep past 8 in the morning. I guess some things will never change, and probably shouldn't. While they were out (no reference to the show) they picked up drinks from Quick Trip. You see during the summer QT has 32oz drinks for just 49 cents. It was one of the first things we did when they came down and Bernice was still here. Since then it has been routine to pick up drinks every time we go out or come back in, or just feel like getting a drink. While they were one their way back to the house they picked up drinks and were recognized by the guy who checked them out. Pretty sad ladies, pretty sad.
This week I have to work a lot in the morning, so I'm going to bed early. Love you all and thanks for reading.


(Eat the taco with meeeeeat)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lets do some Yoga, I am demonstrating the Horse Bird.

Another Sunday gone by and sadly we weren't able to go to church. I know there are some people who need to start their week off with church. They go to the service because they need that beginning. Its as if they don't start their week unless they go. So I guess its more of a superstitious thing than really wanting to go to church.
I worked real early which of course means that I was off early and had much of the night to just hang out. I asked around, meaning I asked Kristin and Kayla, and neither one of them can remember us doing much. Just cleaning and picking up the house. Kinda sad.
This is a picture of Kayla and Kristin being special. I think this is their impersonation of some one with squinted eyes. I suppose you could take that one notch to far but its okay we are just going to leave it there. I am probably going to get in trouble for posting this up there though as I didn't ask and I'm not sure they will appreciate it. But Kayla, before you get mad, I almost put a picture of you sleeping under your tiny blanket up here. I just want you to take that into consideration.
I was sitting here thinking about speed and what it means to us today. I find it funny how words change over time. Speed back in the day meant that you were getting a letter within a few days of some one sending it, now we think dial up internet is slow. If we don't receive texts every few minutes we think something is either wrong with our phones or with us. Long ago a family would hire chefs to cook their meals and every day they would make the food, now we just run down the street and get a pizza, or get it ordered in. I can travel the Oregon Trail in a matter of days instead of months. The ocean is crossable we can get to the moon and even have made contact with planets further on. Some times its nice to just slow down and feel like you don't have to go as fast as the rest of the world.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

A day in the life....

Okay so today I'm going to be greedy and hopefully interesting. I am just going to walk you through what a normal day would be for me. I'll try to keep it interesting and let you into the resources of my head.
Eyes blink open. The alarm clock isn't even off yet, it has at least twenty minutes. I know this and I can't even see the time. I always wake up before the clock goes off, doesn't matter what time it is. Today I know that there are two girls sleeping in the house who don't want to be woken up. I do my best t sneak around the house getting ready while trying to not make a sound. Opening and closing the doors and drawers without waking the flies and some how I still wake them up.
Soon, which is at least an hour and a half later, I am on my way to work. I leave thirty minutes early, no matter what. Some times it ends up being twenty-nine and others thirty-one but mostly its thirty. Because I leave that early no matter what I am never late for work, not by one minute. Its 10:57 and I clock in. You are probably use to your job so much that you don't even think about whats going on. You just work. Occasionally you get the excited customer who yells at you or thanks you or just bothers you. Work is over before you know it and you are back to your house.
Home is full of two ladies, some times loud some times quiet. Some times I listen to them speak, it doesn't matter what they are saying, there is just a buzz to their voices. Some times I listen to see if I can decipher the voices apart. We play video games, or tic, keep the neighbors up, and watch a movie. Then to bed, and do it again tomorrow.
If you think about it its not really a bad gig, but not all that exciting. But its not the story that we care about, its the people and the characters. Its the ones I come in contact with every day. Its my wife who thinks I purposefully pee on the floor. Her sister who hates the rolling sound of a fart unless she unleashes it. The phone calls to my parents. The martial artist who I work with. My baby boy who isn't born yet and my heavenly Father who watches over me every day.


Friday, July 16, 2010

Fight Club? Ice cream!!

Once again today started out with more work on my end, and more movies on Kayla's end. I think she's really enjoying all of our instant watches on Netflix, I came home from work and she had the whole couch drug over in front of the computer. I guess the term "Make yourself at home" really comes into play here. I guess as long as it gets cleaned up that's all that counts. =] Of course the first thing I did once I got home from work was check my Facebook, and I saw that Alexa had posted something about JCPenny having a sale, so I drug everyone out there with me to look. They had a TON of clothes, both boy and girl, baby and little kid, that were $1.57 a piece!! If I wasn't super picky we could've ended up with a lot more, but I just don't like sports or cars thrown all over everything. It's all bigger stuff, 6-9 months clear up to 4T, but for that price I can definitely afford to store it for awhile. I want to have clear totes to separate out the different sizes out in, but I haven't found any one sale yet, guess I'll have to wait it out. I'll probably have a lot more to organize this next week too, there's another consignment sale, yay!!! If you think back to my post about the last one, I made a HAUL and that was before we even knew the sex. I'm sure his wardrobe will be close to complete after this, at least my fingers are crossed that it will be. =] (He's jumping for joy right now, or doing a barrel roll or something, he loves clothes. ;]) Kerry got a few soccer shirts, I'm sure you'll hear about them, he's been dying to buy gear to rep his teams the whole time the World Cup was going on, so now that it's over everything is on sale and we can afford it, ha. It was a fun shopping trip for the Barnett boys for sure.
A random sidenote to this blog is the fact that after we went to bed Kerry turned into a weirdo. He went to sleep before the rest of us, Kayla and I were finishing a disc of Grey's Anatomy, and by the time I wandered in there he'd be asleep for over an hour. I just started drifting off to sleep (sometimes a hard feat for the pregnant woman) and he bulldozes his way out of bed and sleepily yells, "I've got to poop." Freakin' zombie. I guess when you've gotta go, you've gotta go? Of course he doesn't remember any of it, or is just denying it. It got put in this blog by his request. What a gem? Haha. Maymie also proceeded to steal bones from some ribs a co-worker of Kerry's made off the counter in the wee hours of the night. Guess it was everyone's night to be mischievous.

All lil' boy's treasures. My favorite is the onsie that says, "Mommy + Daddy = Me". Too much? Hahah. =P


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jim McDougall

Today wasn't anything out of the ordinary, I worked while Kayla did slave labor for me, and then we just hung out. I promise I don't ask her to do anything, but I'll come home to a clean kitchen, loaded dishwasher, and clean livingroom. She doesn't touch our room however, so it's still a trash pit of clothes and baby chaos unfortunately. As a thank you treat for taking care of my house, I took her to see "Nightmare on Elm Street" at the dollar movies, including a trip to Dollar Tree for treats beforehand. The beef jerky from there tastes like dog treats, by the way. Anyhoo she wanted to see that movie because it has Kellan Lutz in it, hunky "Emmit" from the Twilight Saga. Yeah, any of you who were going to see if for the same reason don't, he gets killed within literally the first 5 minutes. It wasn't anything too special, I can remember seeing the other Freddy movies when I was younger, and that type of stuff has never been scary to me. It was pretty gory, but other than that not too impressive. I think she liked it though. By the time the movie was over Kerry was off and so we scooped him up and hit up Steak 'N' Shake. We learned that it is in fact okay to take your baby there at 10:00 at night, which made me happy because I loove me some late night grub. =] Kayla and I decided we needed a photoshoot because we never get any pictures together, and Kerry was too much a butthead to join, so this is what we ended up with. There were a lot more, but you know how silly kids are. ;]

No, we're not wearing the same shirts, and yes, I know she's a mini-me. =]


P.S. Jim McDougall is Maymie's new cover name. For some unknown reason she responds to it, pretty questionable if you ask me.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

X-men creatures and pregnant Ladies! Hello Ladies.

Hello loved ones, lets take a journey. Have any of you ever been thinking of something and then some one comes to talk to you and you forget it? So for like the next five minutes you are doing your best to remember what it was that you forgot, because you are sure that it was important and you needed to remember it. I mean its not life or death by any means but you're absolutely positive it was something that you were suppose to remember. Then an hour later you remember and you realize that it wasn't really that important at all. So you get a little irritated that you just wasted time trying to remember something that wasn't important any way. The next day you wake up and you remember what it was that you really forgot and it was important. Ahhh! The anger scale just keeps turning and turning. Well take a breath fellas that even happens to me. I think my remedy to the situation is to just not try to remember what it was I forgot.
So today I got up and went to work. You know those days when you go into your job and you have no expectations and you leave and you are really happy with how the day went? That was yesterday, I was excited to be at work and it really worked out for me. (And no being excited for work does not make me gay, Justin.)
After work we had a bunch of people over so much so that there were nine people in the house. Two of them being inside the beautiful pregnant ladies in the picture. Either way Alexa and Jason, along with Jaxon, came over in their new SUV. I would tell you what it is but I have no idea how to spell it and I would just end up getting my wife to correct it later and then every one would thumbs up her correcting my spelling. But its nice, what ever it is. Silver, classy and it rides real smooth. I figure if we all go hang out some where they will know that we are the baby train, yay us. Jim and Samantha were also over last night and my nerdiness(is that even a word?) came out with Pokemon knowledge, Brian you would be proud of the monster you created. As a side note we also beat Ultimate Alliance.
So this is the last name we have, the final, and I thought, what better way to finish off the last name than with a picture of my parents dog when he was a baby. I don't know why I thought that but I did, and so now you will bend to the cuteness of this picture! Fpah!
Ryder! The mounted warrior! He is the flying feet of the army. The most feared of the enemy. They strike fast and with power behind every blow. The name Ryder is also cool as heck. It makes me think of some one who was born with wings and flies around with a lance avenging the death of the weak and helpless. Or maybe more like the character Pit on SSBB.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I bank! Avery

So today I had a day off and since Kayla is down here in Texas I decided that it might be fun for us to go to Six Flags. When I was a kid and we lived down here in this area we use to go to Six Flags almost every week in the summer time. At that time there weren't anywhere near as many rides as there are now.
Either way Kayla and I slept in today, and we didn't leave the house until about 1. We made good time, even though I had no idea where I was going. I hate following directions when I have never been some where before. Soon we were pulling into the parking lot with the bald dancing man smiling awkwardly at us. (For any one who doesn't understand that go watch a Six Flags commercial. )
When we went into the park it was almost 100 degrees, a little hotter than what I would have liked. We also found out that we weren't going to be able to take the little back pack we brought with us around because there wasn't any place to store it while we were on some of the rides. So after much walking we were able to get on our first ride, we picked the Tony Hawk one. That was one I hadn't ever been on before and it was also a long wait, not a good start to the rest of the day. Luckily it was the longest we had to wait all day.
Kayla has only been to a theme park like this once before and I hadn't been to one in a long time until a few weeks ago when we went to Sea World with my parents. So running around the park we rode: The Flashback, The Judge Roy Scream, Tony Hawk's Big Spin, Batman: The Ride, Mr. Freeze, Shockwave, Superman: Tower of Power, and the Titan. I really enjoyed the Batman ride, maybe because I liked being inside a mock Bat Cave, or maybe because I really like roller coasters where your feet get to hang down. Either way it was fast and furious, and awesome. Even though it is fast it doesn't go 0 to 70 in four seconds, that one happens to be Mr. Freeze. When we were riding that one it took both of us by surprise because we had no idea that it was going to shoot off at 70 miles an hour or that we would end up going backward during the ride.
I will have to say that by far though the best roller coaster that I have ever been on is the one in this picture, the Titan. A ride that takes you up 25 1/2 stories and then sends you flying at over 85 mph just has to be good, but when you are riding it and it spins you so tight in a circle that you almost black out (trust me this happens to every one who rides the ride), well that ride must be a gem. I will send a shout out to mom and let you know that I don't think you should ride this ride. And folks for those of you who think that my mom is a wuss I'm not saying that she couldn't handle it, I'm just saying I know that it wouldn't be any fun for her. Me on the other hand, I went on it twice.
After a while though we decided we were tired and it was time to head out. Kayla says that next time we should get the Flash Pass so that we can just line jump every one, yay us! I am looking forward to going again, I hope she is. I also wanted to throw in a comment that we heard. There was a mom and her little boy as we got off the Titan and she said to her son, "Are you okay." The poor kid just shook his head, "No." But nothing fazed mom, she was about ready to go on it again with her older boy.
Avery! This is my favorite name that is on the list, which probably means that it is at the bottom. But the name means nobility, and elves council. I guess the name is more like a library than anything else. Powerful and full of what people need to know. A council, some one who is there to help, to explain, and to look at the options from another view. Kristin says that this is a girls name though. But I'm still hoping.


Monday, July 12, 2010

"Hi, my name is Snooki, can I take your order?"

It's funny how similar you are to your family members and how you rub off on each other. I had another day off today, so Kayla's and my agendas were simple: sleep wayyy in, and go shopping. To everyone else sleeping in may be 8:00, or maybe 9:00, but I think we finally got up and ready by about 1:00. Aside from my mom and Karter, that's not uncommon for the Skiles', unfortunately. The mission was to find Kayla a dress for the homecoming dance in the fall since she doesn't have access to shopping in Colby like we do here. (Colby is a tiny town in northwest Kansas for those of you who weren't aware - around 6,000 people compared to our 90,000 here in Lewisville alone!) We headed out to Denton since we've already hit the mall here and the mall in Grapevine. Of course I shopped for baby stuff the whole time and came out with some pants for him (Are baby pants made of gold or what? Those suckers are expensive!!) and still no luck with a diaper bag. =[ Kayla however found a few treasures at Ross, including this ADORABLE dress. Yes, we have the same style, and yes, I'm living vicariously through her since nothing will fit me. =D The next dress shopping trip will be fun, I'll get to help pick out a prom dress..makes me feel really old, guess I'm old enough to be someone's mom though, ha! We ended the day with some awesome Chickfila, and a couple scary movies. As I finish this blog Kerry is on his way home from work to get me and go for a Quiktrip run. I love him. =]

I love vintage, glamorous dresses like this. Sexy, but still innocent at the same time. Shh, don't tell my dad that I used the word "sexy" to describe his youngest daughter. ;]


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fire like Spain!!

Today was a Sunday, as all Sundays the morning comes too early for me. I always need more sleep but am always glad to get up and go to church, at least after I have already been there. Today was one that if I hadn't gone I really would have been missing out. Matt, our pastor, was speaking on the roles of men and women in the house, or more specifically husbands and wives. Kristin and I listen to this type of preaching very closely. Both of us know that we don't do exactly what God wants us to do in the marriage all the time. So in asking God to teach us what to do we learn and grow in him and with each other.
I had today off of work because I wanted to see the final of the world cup. In my opinion that final was when Germany and Spain played but they have to have an official one. The game wasn't as good as I thought it would be but we did get to see some one get Spartan kicked in the chest with some Energy Legs. That was pretty cool. In the end Spain won, the team that I had chose to win the entire thing almost three months ago, guess I was right about some thing. In our bracket contest Justin still won by two points because I chose Cameroon when he chose Japan, I'll get you next time gadget.
This picture was taken today, so its a day early to actually be 24 weeks, but you know I'm not to sad about the timing. Kristin wanted to try on last years swim suit and with our big baby in her tummy she looks pretty good, and very pregnant.
Today the name we have is Embry. I looked it up and it was hard to find the meaning to this name, I guess some where along the lines it came from the word ember. That of course makes me think of Charazard, which is a fire pokemon. Awesome! So our baby could have the name Fire. But not just fire, Smoldering Fire! Thats powerful fire, thats fire that takes out buildings. Thats fire that burns down bridges, that fire that burns Californian forests every year! (Too Much?) Its like naming your child "Awesome" if "Awesome" meant "Pyro", and that would be cool. I really like this name, its on fire!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Following the leader where ever we may go. de dum de do...

I was working a late shift last night and I came in for a very early shift this morning, that is always the best way to start a weekend. But it is a good thing I suppose as I was able to get through my busy day and get off work early. Though I didn't get a nap.
Kristin, on the other hand, worked a little later shift in the day and so it was just Kayla and I at the house. I'm not really sure what we did all day, I think we played games, and cleaned up some. Well I think she cleaned up some, and I played games. The details are sketchy at best.
So today was Germany's last game to play before they went home as the third best team in the world once again. Sadly they are the best team int he world they just had a bad game against a good team, some times it happens. I suppose that is what happened to Brazil too. Either way you can be glad that after tomorrow you shouldn't hear about any more soccer in these posts. Aren't you lucky.
After Kristin was off work we went over to Alexa and Jason and Jaxon's baby shower. Of course every one was present and of course we forgot to take a picture of the shower or even of the present we gave the three. So I posted a picture of the two who are out of the womb. I didn't ask for permission to use this picture, I sure hope that its okay, but I'll take my chances. These are Jaxon's beautiful parents.
When I heard the name Fallon I couldn't help but think of the Fallen. The Fallen is a character from Transformers, and a bad guy at that. Either way when I looked up the name I never thought that I would find that it so bluntly would mean leader. The name also means "of a ruling family." So as I thought about this I realized that this wasn't just some one who was leading people, this was some one who was born to lead people. This was a person who was expected to lead since they were even thought to be around. Their parents knew that when they grew up they would lead people. The power and trust you have to put behind a child by naming them this name is so strong that the child itself has to be just as strong to carry the name.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Bye Bye Bernice! Like bye bye birdie, but not, you know?

Okay so today Bernice and Karter had to go back to Colby, I guess that's what happens when you have a job. I don't think that they went all the way back tonight but we were still sad to see them go. Not having family here really does take a toll on you, but we know that they are still there to take care of us whenever we need them too. Thanks for coming down y'all.
As you can see in the picture we were able to snag one of them to keep as a pet, I'm not sure if she will like the food we feed Maymie or if she can get use to the potty schedule but we'll try her out. Kayla will be staying down here in Texas for a few more days, I'm not sure how many, that's why I said few.
Other than that Kristin worked all day and developed a pain in her foot so bad that she had to go and get an ankle brace, I think I might get one. Or she and I were thinking about going and getting the Doctor Scholl's insoles for her feet. My mom says that the machine told her the same as what the doctor told her so it might be just as good, and a bit cheaper.
Reagan, which was the name for one of our presidents but is also a name that lands on our list of names. I know you miss these when Kristin writes her blogs that actually have substance. The name means the son of a small ruler, which probably would be some one like a mayor or a governor now. So that would be son of a politician. That doesn't sound real good. Luckily it also means impulsive. I know that sounds like some one who jumps the gun, and it might be, but it is also some one who has drive enough to get something done. Its some one who is always moving forward and doesn't look back. Makes a decision and goes. Historically if they make a bad decision then they are rash if a good one then they are brilliant. So close to the same thing. I will make sure to not make a bad one when choosing the name of this kid.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm a baby, but just call me Yao Ming.

It gets hard to keep caught up on the blogs and remember what happened each day, they begin to run together after awhile. Today was memorable though because we had another sonogram, and this time we were in for a surprise. No, they didn't find a 2nd baby, and no, it didn't magically turn into a girl. We ended up with a different doctor performing the procedure this time, this one with more humor than the last, and he kept really measuring everything in detail. Finally he asked the assistant what Dr. Grahm, the previous doctor, had measured the baby at last time, and she replied with "3 days bigger", meaning that technically that would make our due date October 31st. (Pretty cool huh?!) I had asked my OB at my normal appointment what it would take for them to change my due date and she said the baby has to be measuring several weeks off, so I was in the safe zone there. Of course I still bragged that he was such a big baby and that he would be early, but I figured that was probably pretty fictitious at the same time. Finally after processing what the assistant had told him the doctor said "Huh, I'm getting him at about 2 weeks bigger." What?!? Are you serious? He was! All of my baby applications say that he should be "about" a pound by now, but he's already 4 ounces shy of TWO pounds! His little femur is already 2 inches long, that was measuring THREE weeks ahead!! Looks like he's taking after his daddy, if he keeps this up he'll be one tall baby. I was 22 inches long when I was born, and my dad is 6'5", so he's getting height from both of his parents. They didn't say anything about changing his due date, I'm sure they'll leave that up to my normal doctor, so as of now we're still November 2nd, but we'll see what Dr. Herr has to say when we go back on the 30th. He's completely healthy, aside from the fact that he'll be roughly the size of a 5 year old when he's born. ;] We didn't get any fun pictures this time, he had his butt sticking out front, and his head was pointed towards my back, so he was being pretty anti-social. On top of that he was sleeping, and despite the doctor's efforts of punching me with the ultrasound wand, he was lazy and didn't wake up to come see us. =[ Guess he knew it was my day off, so he figured he'd kick back as well. We'll have another sonogram at the end of this month, hopefully he'll be more cooperative then.

Since we didn't get any pictures of the baby today, I figured I'd share an awesome fixture of our summers: 49¢ drinks from Quiktrip. Since my family got here we've frequented there daily I think, if not more than once. Lucky for Kerry and I we have one less than a block from our house. =]


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

You don't say that!!

As Kerry said before, I've had tons of dramatime with my job this past week, so today was a VERY welcome day off. We all slept in pretty late since we were up late last night from seeing the movie, so it started out pretty lazy. Kerry had to work today, so it was just me, my mom, Kayla, and Karter to have a day out on the town. We did what women do best: shop. I picked up some more clothes for lil' boy, and we got some awesome stuff for the bedding my mom is going to make. That turtle bed set that I posted awhile back I LOVE, and my mom is an awesome seamstress so she decided that she'd make a reproduction of it for me. We found all of our fabric yesterday at Joann's, and we were just down to needing the details. I'm not very crafty, so I never realized how expensive the "skeleton" parts of some things could be. For instance, stuffing material is ridiculous. Anyway, anyone who knows me knows that when I get a random idea in my head, I can't function until I carry it out. I decided that even though we were all beat I wanted to go to Babies R Us and look for a diaper bag. (I'm stuck, if anyone has any awesome places to look, PLEASE let me know!!) I struck out on the diaper bag, but I found a clearance sale they were having and we found an actual set of bumpers for the crib and a mobile to tear apart and remake for cheap, plus 25% off!! Needless to say, I got both things for less than what stuffing itself would have been. My mom and I were some happy girls. =] The only thing we still need to find is little turtles to put on the mobile. Again, if anyone has any suggestions let me know! I'm excited because I can send all of the materials home with my mom and she can get a good jumpstart on it. I know her, she procrastinates, and she knows me, I'm OCD and want everything done RIGHT this minute, so I'm hoping that by starting it early we can both get things done in an orderly time window. =]

The bumper pads, mobile, crib sheets I found at Ross' for $5, and the fabric we picked out. I can't wait to see the finished product!!!!

Right as I was about to sit down and write this blog, 4 fire trucks, 3 cop cars, an ambulance, and a fire pickup showed up outside. Literally right outside my house, I took this from our balcony. It was neat because nothing ever happens here, and Karter loves big trucks and stuff, most little boys do. We got a front row seat to the action. Or non-action. All we saw was a bunch of firemen roam around outside/inside the front office with flashlights for about an hour. They took a few ladders in, an ax, and a bunch of pole thingies. Any suggestions? You can guarantee my nosy butt will be making a trip to the office tomorrow to find out details! lol


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Grady, lady

So today was another lazy day, have I ever said how much I hate having two days off at a time? I really don't like it, I mean it seems fun at the time but then I know that tomorrow I'm going back to work and I have to work for a long time until my next day off. I guess its okay because I didn't get my laundry done yesterday.
So we started today by doing some laundry. (I hinted toward that in an earlier sentence.) Kristin went to work early so Karter, Kayla, and I had cereal and donuts for breakest. Then we spent most of the morning just lounging around playing video games. I thought that this picture showed perfectly what a boy does and wants to do. He was very intense in the game, though all he wanted to do was run into things. Someday I can see him being a great demo man.
Kristin was off at three, she is working longer shifts now because at her job several people quit. Its good for us because we get more money but I think her back is taking the toll. We goofed off most of the afternoon around the house and then when it got to be about seven we decided to go down and BBQ. Its odd every time we want to do that something goes wrong. We were hoping to get some swimming time in but when Kayla and I went down to start the coals we found all of the pool gates locked. I of course have no problem jumping fences and since there was no sign over we went. Once inside the area we did see a sign that read, "Pool Closed". So I guess there was no swimming but of course it didn't say pool area closed, so we were still going to BBQ.
After the BBQ we decided to go see the movie How to Train Your Dragon. Kristin didn't really want to see it but the rest of us really did. It turned out to be a really good movie, now I have to go and get the books.
So that name we have today is Grady. I looked at this name and I totally thought it was going to be something like, son of O'Grady or something. Come to find out this name mean Noble, or a man of high rank. It is a name that people with power would give their children. Its Gaelic of course so I like it and it sounds very modern, yet unique. I think since looking it up that it has grown on me a bit, but it kind of sounds like a chubby kid with his head phones in too. I'm not sure which is stronger.


Monday, July 5, 2010

At least its not Huckleberry

Today was the first of two days off in a row for me. I was able to sleep until my little head wanted to get up, which was until nine I think. I went running, I ran a good two miles and kept it under twelve minutes. Of course I came back into the house and probably woke every one else up with my unbelievably loud breathing. Sucks to be you.
After that we lounged around the house all day until Kristin left for work and then the rest of us got ready to go and spent a good portion of the afternoon shopping. We went to Ross and found Kayla some cool cloths though did not arrive at that same conclusion while we were at TJ Max. How Max are you TJ Max, not Max enough. We did come to the realization that chartreuse, I hope that is the right way to spell it, is a bright yellowish color with just a splash of puke. It is also one of Kayla's favorite colors.
After Kris got off of work we quickly went to JoAnn's to see if we could find fabric for the bed set that Bernice is going to put together for us. Though I wasn't much help we did come out of the store with a good supply of fabric, should turn out to be pretty cool. Just you wait until you see the picture of that.
One more stop before we could go home was Wal-mart. We needed to pick up some stuff to BBQ with and we needed a new T.V. stand. The T.V. we have is far to big for the old stand. So out with the old and in with the new, I think we like this stand a ton better any way. It was fun to build, makes me wish I had my own work shop.
The name we have today is Sawyer, which simply means woodcutter. Not much to it really except that it comes from one of the greatest heroes in American Literature. Tom Sawyer was the clever boy who got other people to do his work and make them think that they were having fun while doing it. That's my kind of guy. Sadly this isn't the only place we found the name and isn't the real reason its on the list. It comes from the show Lost, Pauline if you read this then this is your shout out point. One of the characters is named Sawyer, he's also really good looking. I wonder if that's some of the reason Kris likes it. I think so far this is her favorite name, but we'll see if she continues to favor it all the way to the end.


P.N. "Edward and Bella's life is way more interesting than Rob and Kristen's is." Kayla, "It also doesn't involve magical creatures."

Sunday, July 4, 2010

"I'm clingy" "You're not a fabric"

Today was a good day, it was hard to wake up because I stayed up late last night talking to Kayla and Kristin. I should have taken the time to get more sleep, but I'm off tomorrow and I'll get sleep then. Today we had to get up earlier than we do on most Sundays because we had two extra people in the house needing to get ready for work. Kristin was gracious enough to get up first and let me sleep in just a little bit.
After that we took the three visitors to church, which was good, and then we ate lunch at Applebees. At the restaurant the waitress seemed to have a hearing problem and would not done well if it had been my side of the family here instead of Kristin's. You see Karter and I went to the restroom and so every one else was getting drinks. When he and I returned all the girls had ordered tea and the two on my side had sweet tea. So when the waitress asked what I wanted to drink I told her, "Not sweet tea, I'll have coke." She brought me regular tea. To say the least it was an interesting meal.
After the meal and before I had to go to work we took a short trip to Grapevine Mills mall. I don't remember much of the experience except for Karter and I were walking around arguing about bathrooms. We did return the backpack diaper bag to the mall and got a better look at the blanket set we like for our kid.
Speaking of kid the name for today is Grayson. The name has several meanings but they are all from england. The first meaning is that it is the son of a gray haired one. Which could mean that it was given to a child of a wise man or a very old man. The second is the son of a steward. So this would be the son of some one wise and respected amongst the people. The final meaning is the son of Gregory. This name is very cool and kind of sounds like a last name brought back. I like it. The only thing that bothers me is that if you look at the meaning right it could mean that it was the son of a Greg that was gray haired. The son of Old Greg! I'm Old Greg!


P.N. For all of you who have no idea who Old Greg is look it up on YouTube. But don't say that I didn't warn you if you find it disturbing and a bit tummy gurgling.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

She be a grape.

Okay so today started out a little weird. I thought that I was suppose to go to work at 10 but it ended up that I wasn't suppose to be there until 2. I only found that out after I went to work at ten. Ah me. I guess we all make mistakes and need to be reminded of humility.
It turned out to be okay because I was able to go back home and listen, since we don't have cable and only ABC shows the games on Saturday, to the German vs. Argentina game. Oh Fabjuous Day! Germany beat them 4-0, and that made my day unbreakable.
After work tonight I got home to find an infestation of people! But I realized it was only family, so we were safe. Bernice, Kayla, and Karter came down for a week or so. Karter was asleep when I got here and Bernice had already headed over to LeeAnn and Harry's for the night. Kayla was still awake, guess some one likes me. Just kidding Bernice.
Holden! The name comes from a phrase meaning hollow in the valley. It seems to be another name that is very secretive and as it were its very unique. Other than secretive it can also act as protective. Because a valley is a terrible place for a fight because you would always have the low ground. But the hollow gives strength and an advantage to those fighting. The valley can also be desperation and the holden can be the last glimps of light, the one thing that keeps some one holding on.


Friday, July 2, 2010


So today started with a huge surprise in the soccer world. Brazil was playing the Dutch and they took the game. That puts Brazil, which is ranked at the best team in the world right now, out of the world cup. It just goes to show that this world cup has had some major losses and upsets. The other game ended poorly if you ask me. It was Ghana, the last African team, playing Uruguay. The game was tied at full time and it was even tied at the end of extra time but there was still a free kick left to give and then the game would be over. Well the free kick was given to Ghana and the ball was headed in and the keeper blocked the ball. The ball flew up into the air and one of the Ghanians brought it down and shot it into the goal. It would have made it all the way through but the other team had a hand ball and punched it away. The penalty kick was given but lost and then Ghana lost the game in PKs. It was a poor loss but I have faith that Uruguay will beat the living daylight out of them.
Next up on todays list was our doctors appointment. We went and found that there was only our doctor working today so it was very slow at the office. The appointment went well and we have another ultrasound next week. From there we did a short shopping trip. Kristin wanted to find some storage that would fit underneath his crib and I kinda needed some new shoes. The big ones int he picture are mine and the little one will be his when he comes out. I have no idea if my feet were ever that small, believe me my dad will tell you that they were never small. But if they were just imagine how much he will have to grow to be my size! I thought the picture was a cool idea and decided to put it up here.
When you use a skilled weapon like the bow and arrow you have to know much about it, especially if you want to be good at it. In this case many people might speculate that the most important part is the strong straight shaft of the arrow for accuracy, or the sharp point, perhaps the feathers at the end that help the arrow fly straight, or the strong bow that sends the arrow flying. After looking at what might be the best piece of the equipment we have to understand that it is nothing without the man holding the weapon. The name Archer simply is that, a bowman. If we think historically about archers we would see that it was because of them that we have the structured world we have today. They were the first gunman, snipers, and special operatives. If you were good at a bow and arrow you could feed your family, and protect them. It was because of these powerful people that Attila was able to be the ruler he was. They are always the strongest and smartest men on the battle field. They are quick and brave. There are names that have meaning, but this one has a history.