Thursday, September 30, 2010

Is it really October?

Another early morning of work. I got up this morning and left at 7am and it was cold. I always have my air conditioner on in my car around here but today I was chilling so I had to turn it off. I'm just hoping that means that there will be cooler weather to follow. Of course we are in Texas so I don't know if that is really going to happen.
I guess because of Wal-Mart it has seemed like fall for about a month and I feel like Halloween is tomorrow when I know that it is still weeks away. The store is starting to control my feelings for what I think is going on around me. I feel like it should be much colder and the leaves should be turning a orange and brown tinge. I'm even starting to get that fall attitude that I have. Usually its very quiet and I just listen to things, but that's only when I'm by myself.
Work was work and Kristin was off, so when I got home and saw that she was ready for the day at 5 I was very impressed. I'm not saying that Kristin is lazy but when she has a day off she does a good job of resting and hanging out. I do the same thing I just get up earlier. When I got home we left to go back out shopping. We ate at Red Robbin and then shopped at Target and Wal-Mart. Peaches were 25 cents a pound. Pretty good if you ask me. We left and went home and with no more Grey's to watch we went to bed pretty quick. Tomorrow is going to be another early day.


P.N. Last year at this time I can remember getting ready to get married. I was still here in Texas and Kristin was either in Kansas or about to go. I was still working and had about a week or so before I was leaving for Colby.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Writers box...

Today the morning was much the same as yesterday morning, so if you want to know whats going on then you can go back and read yesterdays. No I will not type it out for you today, not at all.
Kristin didn't have to go to work until late so she made me wake her up at twelve, but I wont tell I lie I kinda wanted to watch Grey's Anatomy so I woke her up earlier. I guess I'm a sucker for a good medical show, plus I really like to see it when the bodies get cut open and worked on. That's not gruesome is it?
After watching three different episodes of Grey's, and many searchings about the characters on my phone, er the phones, Kristin went to work and it was time for me to get down to business. I hadn't written in my book since I got done with the first chapter and decided that I was time that I wrote the second. So I did what all good writers do, I got in my writers box and went to work. (A writers box is a space where the writer feels comfortable and can write without distraction.)
My box is fairly distracting. I sit at the computer desk playing loud music, some times mellow and some times hard but always loud. I drink milk and water and juice but I always need something to drink. I need to be playing a game or watching a movie in between writing many words on a page. I also have to stand up and walk around plus a good out doors atmosphere is good for it. I had many of these things and was able to push out another chapter in my book and hopefully I can get another done next week. Its fun to write thought so I think that its a good book. But I don't know.
After seven Kristin and I were getting ready to leave to go to Pearla's going away bash. We went with Justin and Stephanie. It was at an English bar over here and the moment I walked in I decided I liked it. They show soccer games. I think that I'll have to go to the place when my games are on. It'll be great. Well we weren't able to stay for very long and Justin and I had even less time because we had to go and get his ID. It was a pretty good night though, but I had to get to sleep so I could get up early the next day.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Summer nights.... er fall nights?

This is the day that the Lord has made and I will sleep in and enjoy it. That is a direct quote from the bible of Kerry. You can enjoy the scriptures of Kerry any time I quote them, for it is I only who knows them. So we slept in, and a good sleep it was. I slept until 8:30 and then got up to run a good run. I ran the good run and I kept the faith, and then my legs hurt.
This day was short lived as far as interesting things. I mean last night at least Maymie hit her face against the crib. Oh, we didn't tell you? Well you see I was getting ready to get in bed and I threw my T-Shirt over Maymie. Smartest dog in the world turns her head really quick and smacks it hard against the crib, poor puppy. But I laughed pretty hard and had a good time at my dogs expense.
After my shower today I caught the poor delusional soul drinking out of the bath tub. She thinks she is so thirsty and needs every bit of water she can get. I'm afraid that if we went to the lake she would explode from water. Now that would be something to write about. Today though, there wasn't much. Just work really. We are getting ready for the Holiday season, plus it was Pearla's last day today. We will miss you, we will miss you.


Monday, September 27, 2010

It's the final countdown! *Doodoodoodoodoo*

Today marks the beginning of week 35 for us. Not only do I only have 5 more weeks left (if he decides to cooperate and stay in the whole time), but next week will be the start of month nine. Dun dun dunnnn. That's right folks, I'm only 2 short weeks away from being "full term." That means that if he does decide to make his appearance, his little body will be completely ready and capable of functioning on it's own. That is both freaking exciting, and terrifying at the same time. Of course we can't wait to meet him, he's literally been in the making for 9ish months, that's almost a whole year! That's quite awhile to wait to be formally introduced to someone, especially after all the hype that has gone along with all of this. I'm not scared of the actual process, there's no other way to get a baby out other than cutting, and that's not an option for us unless it's medically neccessary, so there's really nothing to be afraid of otherwise, it's gotta happen! I'm just worried that I won't pick up the cues that my body is giving me and won't know that I'm in labor. Everyone says that with your first child it's a really long process, and I'm good with pain and don't think anything of getting cramps or backaches. Afterall, I've got a full size human inside of me, why wouldn't I be in pain? Lately I can't tell the difference between braxton hicks ("practice contractions") and him moving, so I kind of feel left in the dark about what I should be watching for. Whenever I ask my doctor she always just tells me that unless they're stopping me in my tracks and making me wait it out, then I shouldn't worry about it. I guess in my head I'm thinking that I'll barely make it to the hospital in time, or I'll go to work not knowing what's going on and have to leave mid-shift. A lot of women tell me I'll know when my water breaks, but I'm not wanting that to be a public show for obvious reasons, and I don't know a lot of people who have had it happen naturally (without a doctor's assistance). Basically, I'm hoping for a "Here's your sign" type of thing. =]
Once again we both had to work, but we got to hang out with Justin and Stephanie afterwards so all was well with the world. Kerry has been wanting to have a Harry Potter marathon of all the movies before the first half of the last one comes out in theaters, but instead we had to settle for Shutter Island. I think he enjoyed it; Stephanie and I had already seen it in the theater, and Justin had the ending ruined for him by someone so he basically made fun of it the whole time. Thanks Just, we really enjoy having you around. ;] I convinced everyone to get Sonic though since I wanted a drink, so the experience wasn't that bad. If I've learned anything in these past few months, it's that food can fix anything. =D

Here I am with only 5 short weeks to go. Sometimes I feel small and wonder where he's hiding at, and other times I feel a lot like Shamu. (Thanks MOM! lol) I think today was more of a "Kool-Aid Man in a prison jumpsuit" kind of day.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Can we get a Swiffer?" "Why?" "Because it's pink!" =]

So I know that everyone reading this will be like, "WHOA, Kristin is writing again? Are pigs flying? Did Lil' Wayne get released from jail? Is OJ really innocent?", and the answer is yes, not quite, no, and of course not, silly goose. I'm sure anyone who has been pregnant before can sympathize with me that the last 6 weeks is pretty brutal. Even if you haven't been, I'm sure you can at least agree with the fact that carrying around an almost 2 foot long, 5-8 pound human being inside of a tiny sac in your abdomen can't be very fun, or comfortable. Pretty much ever since we got home from Kansas I've been "out of commission", but even more so over the last week or so. My feet are like, 4 times the size they should be and hurt really stinkin' bad to walk on, I've got baby's body jabbing out and poking me everywhere, I'm tired all the time, I have to pee every hour on the hour, and to top all that off I still have to work. [End Whinefest '10.] I'm extremely grateful to have a body, despite all it's pain, that will safely and effectively carry a baby to full term, and I'm definitely beyond blessed that He chose me to be this little guy's mom. I'm also very lucky to have a reliable job, even if it isn't so fun to go to sometimes, and the salary that comes with it. Most of all I am completely and utterly, beyond words, blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life that puts up with all of this and keeps me afloat when I can't quite do it by myself. Kerry has been so good with keeping up with this blog, because frankly, I've been unmotivated to write anything. I come home from work, and I either have plans to do something to prepare for the baby, or I just want to sleep, so it's easy for me to put it off and say that I'll do it later. Did I mention that I'm the world's biggest procrastinator? Because I pretty much am. Especially with school and writings of any sort. So thank you Kerry, for keeping our blog alive and well for the internets to enjoy.
Today wasn't really eventful, we both had opening shifts at work, mine shorter than his, so when we got off we just wanted to relax and chill, so that's just what we did. I put on my best "puppy dog eyes" face and got him to give in to ordering pizza, so we had that for dinner and watched the newest episode of Grey's Anatomy. Can I just say that I love that show? And that it's weird, because we're getting the seasons on discs through Netflix and working beginning to end, but also keeping caught up with the recent episodes through Hulu. Doesn't make much sense does it..neither does anything else we do. =]

I have a Sunday ritual of buying the newspaper and clipping coupons, and after having a bunch of good ones expire I decided to organize them so that I know what I had. I got baseball card protector sheets and organized them by category to make all of them accessible at once. Yes, I'm the biggest dork I know. =D


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Aww dang! I'm tired of people bumping into me!

Yesterday my friend Jill came into town for our baby shower and as she is one of my closest and oldest friends (boy that sounds like I'm old doesn't it.) she stayed a little longer on Saturday, today, so we could hang out. But before we could get together this morning she had to get her tires changed. You see when Jill comes to see me it is always an adventure for her. Much of the time she gets lost, or we get lost, or she runs into something that she really doesn't want to get involved with, or she loses the tread on her tire. Yesterday she lost the tread on her tire. I know that God made us friends so that he could see how funny it was to get us together.
Well changing the tires happened a lot faster than we'd both thought it would so she and I went out to breakfast at Cracker Barrel. It was a good choice, pat on the back Jill. The only thing we didn't realize was how busy it was going to be on a Saturday morning. Its okay because the genius who thought of putting a convenience store in the middle of a restaurant made us happy to walk around and look at random stuff. We found some cool and some odd things, and a CD of the singer Mandy Barnett.
After eating we went back to the house so I could do my hair before we went to the mall. In the mall way went to build a bear, which is always fun, and then to Forever 21 where we found some really interesting things. I don't think they had as cool of stuff in that store the last time I was in there. Well once Jill had her fill we decided to check out and went to the register. We stood behind a loud lady on her telephone and her daughter. The little girl was no older than five and was dancing around her mother. Her mom kept yelling at her to hold still. The lady behind the counter took quite some time to check the woman out and the little girl just couldn't hold still. Her mom yelled at her once more and then the poor thing had an accident all over the floor. Jill and I were astonished at how mad the mother was and when she told her friend what had happened her friend just said, "huh," and went on. Needless to say Jill and I were first responders on the clean up. No worries we just stole the towels from behind the counter and covered it up.
From there we went to a book store. For Jill and especially me that is like candy to a child. So we stayed in there until Kristin was about off work and then went home so we could meet her for lunch. Once we were all together we went out to eat at Panda Express. I guess today was not a good day for me and little girls because at Panda we were eating our food and I guess the chairs have a metal piece on them that makes it easy to clean, but I kicked that piece off my chair and it clattered so the whole place heard it and there was a little girl who I scared so bad she started crying. After that Jill needed to get on the road. Its always an adventure with you Jill.
After Jill left Kristin and I had some errands to run and we decided to run them. We went to a different mall and then to Michaels. We got ice cream at the mall and I guess I didn't know that it was a race because Kristin was owning me? Once she finished her treat she said, "I win!" Of course I replied letting her know I wasn't trying to beat her. "I was!" She said with a mouthful. She was overly happy about the situation. Good for her.


Friday, September 24, 2010

I want the gold, show me the gold.

Today I was off, Kristin was off. We thought, okay this is good we don't have to do much until this evening. WRONG! Had to get up early and do a little run this morning, not true, ran a good six miles today. Came home and took a shower while Kristin was out getting her hair done. Well her hair was not done when I was finished with my shower so I went out to get the cake. I drove over to my Wal-mart and picked up this square cake with teal like frosting and green dots and a green bow on top. All in all it was pretty cool, plus it has sweet frosting. While I was at the walls Justin was getting off of work so he followed me back to my place. Before we were back we found out that the hair dresser had messed up Kristin's hair and she needed to redo it when I got back.
Into the bathroom with a cup to wash out all that hair spray I went while Stephanie, who had showed up before we I had returned, took the cake and was on her way over to LeeAnn's house. We took care of the hair and then just as Kristin was finishing up we set out over to LeeAnn's. So much for doing nothing.
LeeAnn's house was decorated, almost. Justin and I hung one more pretty before we got started. It was a lot of fun with burgers, veggie straws (?), and cake. Of course as you can see at the top picture that we had gifts and those are awesome too. We got a ton of stuff such as: Boppies, bottles and stuff, mirrors, diapers, turtles, onsies (I am not sure if this is a real word, nor am I sure if this is how this word would be spelled if it were or is a real word. Don't judge.), a pirate duck and Captain Calamari. Pretty awesome. So in tradition we took this picture, and I put a hook in it. Of course Justin didn't put a hook in it but don't be upset because in all the others we took there were hooks. There may even be a hook in his pocket. No one will ever know.
The night was really good all in all and we are so glad for all of those who were able to come. Thank you so much Stephanie and LeeAnn for putting this on for us, you have no idea how much it means.


Thursday, September 23, 2010


There wasn't much to do at work today but wait around until the department managers got the reports they needed to get done taken care of. So, even though I came in early, I couldn't help out or do much of anything. I know it kind of makes me sound like a poor manager but I did get what I needed to get done done. Later on in the day we did work, but that was only after we'd found out what our inventory was. It was good.
After work we went out to look for things for the two girls throwing the shower for Kristin. We've never really dealt with this kind of thing except for weddings so we didn't really know what kinds of things we were suppose to be looking for. Ross was where we went. You know to me Ross is like a continuous garage sale. Sometimes you go in there and you feel like it was a waste of time and there was nothing worth getting. Sometimes you feel as if the stuff in there is gross and shouldn't be sold. There are other times that you go in there and you just can't believe that they are selling things for the price that they are. Of course you must have everything on the shelf. For this reason we all keep coming back to Ross, no matter how it gets. But we didn't find anything for the girls here. We had to go to the mall. Its okay, I'll deal.
Shopping with Kristin has changed since she became pregnant. She can't stand for as long and she has to go to the bathroom like a million times in an hour. So really it's more like shopping with a little kid... wait... good prep eh? We found something, and we also found out that my friend Jillian is coming tomorrow for the shower. Pretty awesome, both the fact that she is coming and she is pretty awesome.


P.N. Don't judge Kristin, neither one of us looked good while we were out, she was just the one in the picture.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

All who see leprechaun say yeah!

Every inventory I have been involved in has been rather uneventful. Much of the time RGIS is just running around doing what they need to do and we are just walking around helping customers or doing nothing much at all. But this year it seemed like there were a whole lot less RGIS people there and that they were a bit more unorganized. I'm pretty sure I saw them doing very little at times, but I don't know what they are doing so I don't say anything. The good thing is that I love calling them Regis. First of all because it's not their name, but also because they make it a great point to correct you by saying RGIS several times and then some of them get upset to the point of an outburst. Love it. Plus today we got Panda Express.
Of course my day was crazy before I ever got to work, I guess that should have been some expectation of what the day was going to bring. You see I got up to go to work at nine and I was getting everything ready. I took a shower, ironed my pants, made my chicken, drank some milk, brushed my teeth and picked up my cards to go to work and could not find my chicken. I searched and I was so worked up about it that I was going to make myself late. So I called Kristin to see if she had taken it and hadn't told me. No luck. I searched every where from the fridge to the dryer. The dishwasher, the toilet (Hush), bathtub, closet, cabinets, every where. I still couldn't find it so I called my mom to help me look. Mom is awesome, the microwave.... that's where it was... awesome.
My day ended with the return of an item that we denied the return on the day before. Its crazy these people how they run in rings and get stuff for free and return stuff they steal. Kristin also had a crazy customer. Apparently there was a guy with painted fingernails who she said was some sort of cross dresser who she had to deal with. I guess he was in there to pick up some flyers he'd made for a fetish party, sounds weird. He was pretty upset when she told him she had to have a release on the pictures even if he'd made them, he took the pictures and walked out. Of course Kristin can't chase him. Must of had his panties in a bunch.


P.N. The picture is of the three girls because they have been working hard to get this shower thing on the road.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

You're getting my red mark to come out!

When you get up in the morning and you check your banking account and the first thing you see is a negative sign you never feel good about yourself. But most of the time when it happens you probably are going to get mad. I know I was when I checked the account this morning. You see Kristin and I are very meticulous when it comes to buying things. We know whats in there and how much is coming out. The problem is when companies who take money out of your account every month stop taking money out and you have to pay it with a card and then they go back to taking money out of your account. Well that can make for mistakes in your pocket. But no worries we aren't out of money. We have money set aside for when Kristin isn't working and we have to have money. Well we just dunked back into the that account and pulled some out, not much, and walked around hoping they wouldn't charge us an overdraft fee. Thank God they didn't.
Today while I was running I thought of a good idea for a charity, tell me what you think. You know the Livestrong shirts and the events that all of these things put on, be it a marathon, walk-a-thon, or a bake sale. Well I thought of a charity called I 4 Cancer. What this charity would do is give money to many different types of cancer but you would be able to do what ever you want for it. Like if I was running I could get a shirt that would say, "I run 4 cancer." If you were eating or selling and doing anything you would be able to put that on the shirt and any money made would be given to research. So what do you think?
I closed this evening and man I don't understand why some nights there just have to be crazy people trying to return crazy things. Usually those types of things happen all in one night. Well tonight I dealt with customers who called me a liar and returned items worth half a grand. I just don't know how they think they can get away with that. But I guess it is time for all that to happen again, we are heading into the holiday season. Isn't it nice for this to be the first holiday spirit I see. Wonderful.


Monday, September 20, 2010


I sometimes think Monday is the best day of the week to be off. There are great things about every other day of the week but Monday is just coming out of the weekend. Now I suppose for many people they think I'm crazy because weekends are awesome. Not at my job, so I was so glad to have a Monday off.
Kristin was working this morning so I spent a lot of it trying to catch up on the blog. Since this is being written nearly a week later I know that I didn't get caught up. I can tell you though that I am getting closer to getting caught up. I knew that when we decided to undertake this blog that it would be a lot of work and you know I think its been pretty close to worth it. We also really appreciate every one being so patient with us.
Since I wrote four blogs I decided that I could take a break from blog writing and try some other writing. You see I have been talking a lot with a gentlemen who works overnights about writing. Both he and I write and are pretty good at it. So we decided that we need to write a book a piece and make them fairly short. Well we set goals for ourselves and keep bugging each other about it and lets just say that I haven't really started anything. So today I sat down and wrote most of the first chapter. Its pretty good if I do say so myself. The only thing I'll say is its called Oak House, and thats all.
After Kristin got off work we headed out in her car to go and get it cleaned. We did the same for her car as we did for mine and ran it through the car wash. Its the first time the we had run it through a car was and it was the second time since she's lived in Texas that it has been washed. Once we got out of the car to vacuum it we saw the the antenna had popped out of its hole and was laying horizontally across the trunk. Don't worry folks we just pushed it back in place and were good to go. One more thing off of the list. And we learned to never take Kristin's car to the car wash again.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dallas Freaking Cowboys!!

Sunday, church. We were excited! We were ready! We hadn't been to church in a while because of all these trips and our work schedules. Today we would also miss church but this time it was the Dallas Cowboys' fault. We drove to church at the time we usually do, twenty minutes early. But this time as we drove up the parking lot was already full. The people directing traffic said that we could go down and park at the other building and they would shuttle people over to this building. But you know there was a time before we missed church because there wasn't any room in the sanctuary. So because it was so full we weren't able to go. The reason it was so full was because there was a Dallas Cowboy's football game at 12 and no one could bear to miss even part of it. Dallas Freaking Cowboys.
Well even though we didn't get to go out to church we did get to hang out with Stephanie and Justin. When they came over to our house we hung out for a little while because no one could decide where we were going to go eat. So I changed my clothes and got ready for work and we went out to eat. It was the first time we had to take three cars to go some place. Justin and I would need our own to get home once we were off of work.
IHOP is fond of our foursome and we are of IHOP. But I'm telling you that I felt a little gay going in there today because I was wearing Wal-Mart clothes and so was Justin. We matched, and Stephanie made sure we knew it. Yay us.
After IHOP I went off to work while these three went to go do baby shower stuff. As you can see they did more goofing around than baby shower stuff. Either way it ended up being a pretty good day. Justin won the picks of the week and the Miami Dolphins won this week also. Plus the Patriots lost and that means that the Dolphins hold the number one spot in their division. Oh and the Dallas Cowboys lost... hahah thats what you get for not letting us go to church.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'll know my name as its called again..

This champ was up very early in the morning. This champ went to work at seven in the morning. This champ walked in and went back to the HBA bins and showed those bins why he is called a champ.
No but seriously I did. I went and worked through eight bins in HBA today and knocked out about four total bins. If I'd have had another person to help me we could have killed every bin and probably done a lot of the wacos. (For all who don't know wacos are boxes that hold all the loose freight that wouldn't go out on the floor.) I think that those bins looks pretty good after I was done with them. I know that the front end on the other hand was very short today as I wasn't up there and neither was Edwin. We were both in the back working through freight and he was fixing labels on the bins. Ahh yes inventory affects the whole store.
I came home and knew that this afternoon was going to be a tough one for the champ. We were cleaning the bathroom and giving Maymie a bath. Well the first thing we did was clip the furry things nails. She has needed them clipped for a while I just haven't gotten around to it. Then we cleaned her ears out and then there was the bath. I will not tell a lie. I didn't help, but I asked if I could help. I guess if Kristin said that I could I never heard her from the bathroom. You will all think I am terrible because when she was cleaning the bathroom I told her to call me when she was ready for my help. She didn't call me, I'm sure she didn't. I went in there to check and see if I could help and it was already done. So I'm sorry to all of you who think I should be a better husband, I tried.


Friday, September 17, 2010


Early this morning we had to get up and go to the Doctors. This time it wasn't Kristin's appointment it was Maymie's. We were taking her in to get her heart worm test and to get medicine for heart worms. We didn't use to have to give her any meds for heart worms because the medicine we were giving her for her mange was just a stronger more concentrated dose of what the heart worm pills are. While we were out Maymie did a pretty good job being calm until we were criticized by the guy at the clinic. He said that the excited way he called her was a better way to train your dogs. Good for him.
Kristin was scheduled to work at 12 and I was scheduled off. But yesterday Amanda, one of my managers, asked me if I would come in and work. I told her I would and that I would work from 12 to 6. That was the same schedule as Kristin, so at around 12 we both went to work. The reason Amanda had me come in wasn't because we needed more CSM's in the building it was because inventory is next week and we needed to get the back room as clean as we could. So like a champ I went back there and helped them work all their freight out of the back room. Beatrice also asked me if tomorrow I would come in and work the HBA bins instead of being up front. I get to come in and leave earlier, champ!
After we got off of work we came home and decided that we needed to get the bedroom shampooed. The poor dog had to go and hang out in her crate the whole time we were moving things and shampooing the carpet. Then we left to let it dry and I'm sad to say came back and set it up the same way we left it. But I'm telling you all the carpet is pretty awesome. You can't see a difference in many areas but you sure can tell a difference when you are walking on it. I hope our kid appreciates that.


Thursday, September 16, 2010


So first things first this is a picture of Kristin at my Grandma's house. I know its not as recent as it should be but I thought it was too good a picture to not put up here. Kristin you, with your hair and the sunlight off your skin, are the most beautiful person I know.
Today was a pretty crazy day. Kristin went to work early this morning and was saying that she was having some back pain. I told her to sit down and drink lots of water to see if she could get it to go away. Well it didn't. It stayed around for most of the day and I had to go to work before she got off. So I was texting her on my breaks and what not making sure she was okay. I told her if the pain continued then she should probably call the doctor. Luckily when she got off work and was able to lie down and rest for a bit the kid either got off her back or her body stopped tensing up. Alls well ends well.
It kinda makes you think about stuff when something like that happens though. Things like that happen all the time and they don't always go away. Some times they progress and the baby comes and other times they just continue to hurt. So we thank God that the pain went away and that the baby is still playing hide and go seek with us. We are excited to have him but a few more weeks of waiting wouldn't hurt us or him a bit. Really I guess God is the only one who knows when he'll be here.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Kristin and I didn't have to work until later in the day so we did our best to sleep in. I woke up first and went running, its been really hard to run and today was no exception. I think it must be because of all the time I took off of it the past few weeks but it really makes me feel as if I'm going backwards.
Kristin and I both went to work later and Kris got off early. Tonight she had a quick breast feeding class at the WIC office. She said that it was short and didn't tell me much else. To me that says that there wasn't really much going on and that they didn't help much at all. But what do I know, I was suppose to go but I didn't get the day taken care of. Not really sure what happened there but I'll have to make sure to do better in the future.
After she came home and once I got off work we packed the diaper bags with all the stuff we might need to have if we have the kid with us. I'll have you know I did my own diaper bag and picked out my own clothes to put in it. Kristin said that I should have picked different clothes because I picked the only cute pair of pants he owns. I don't believe that to be true I just think she's jealous of the outfit I picked. If I were her I'd be jealous too. I'm sure you can tell which diaper bag is mine and which is hers. Now for those of you who are saying to her that we are having a boy I want you to know that the child will probably never carry the diaper bag and won't have any problem with his mom having a girlie bag.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Today before I went to work we had a Doctor's Appointment. Right now everything is fine. Kristin is weighing what she should and measuring how she should. This is the last time we will wait two weeks to go to the doctor, all the ones after this next visit will be every week. We also talked about making sure we have phone numbers in our phone for the office and what to do if we think that Kristin might be going into labor. I have it now and I sure hope Kristin does.
We went to Ross, this time a different Ross, and again looked for tops for her and pants for me. I did find a pair of pants to wear. This is a rarity for me probably because I'm really picky but I think it has to do with me being very awkwardly shaped. I'm tall and thin and they don't make a lot of pants for people like that. Kristin didn't fair as well and couldn't even find the maternity clothes.
After that I went to work and Kristin went home. She spent most of the evening washing sheets and covers for the baby bed making sure that all of his stuff was clean and ready for when he gets here. Many people continue to tell us that no matter how much we plan we won't ever be ready for when he gets here. We plan to prove them wrong.


Monday, September 13, 2010

33 WEEKSS!!!

Okay so thirty three weeks. That means so much around here. I know for all of you who are parents you were probably thinking the same stuff we are right now. Like, man we have to get the house organized. Oh my goodness he could be here in just a few weeks. Alright so what is our hospital action plan? Where do you want to eat cause I don't want to cook.
All of these things are running through our head. So today we started working on some of the stuff we need to get done before the kid arrives. Don't any one tell me that we have plenty of time because you haven't seen Kristin's list.
So after work we both came home and started dragging things out of the living room. We were shampooing the carpet with the shampooer that Kristin's parents lent to us. So we vacuumed and peeled the paint off the bedroom door as we were moving the couch into it. You wouldn't believe that every large piece of furniture we own can fit into just our bedroom. But since it was all in there and Kristin had just shampooed the carpet we decided to go run errands and see if we could stay out long enough for the carpet to dry.
We went to Ross and looked for shirts for Kris and pants for me. Didn't find anything. We took a stroll through Babies'r'Us looking for the containers to hold baby wipes. We found two cool designs one for mommy's diaper bag and one for dads. Then we went out and ate.
The trip was long enough for the carpet to dry so when we got back we were all ready to move stuff back into the room. We rearranged so that we had more room to put up these awesome toys for the kid. The bouncy chair and the swing were both my little brothers, but mom was lovely and let us have them. They actually don't take up that much room and I still think we have more room in the house than we did before. I also think that Maymie thinks we have more room. But she didn't like where we moved her box to. Too bad for her. Also Justin said that he thinks we need to stop moving our furniture around. Wha...wha...wha..


P.N. I love the word shampoo and all of its shampooiness. Most of the time you look at a word and know that is how it is but with shampoo you never know. Is it shampooer or shampoer or is that even a word? Did I just get shampooed? I also love that it has the word poo in it.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

No one knows my name....

Pictures of driving home are mostly of the dog in the back seat of the car looking very angsty. I know you have all seen them many times and I know they are cute. But today I decided to let you glimpse these two beautiful pictures. The first is Nathan and the second is Kristin and Kayla just before the Homecoming Dance. Oh doesn't she look pregnant and doesn't she look pretty?
Today we left pretty early in the morning and showed up at home at around eight. I know we were both bushed but we did what we always do once we get home from a trip. We went out and shopped. I will say proudly that we didn't shop at my Wal-Mart because that would have been embarrassing. On the other hand at the Wal-Mart we did shop at there were carts all over the parking lot. So as to keep our car from getting pummeled by the string of loose carts, I took some of those carts and set up a barrier around the car. Not the whole car just the side that was unprotected by another vehicle.

So we shopped, we are still trying to get the hang of this WIC business. I kinda feel weird walking through the store with a guide in my hand of what I need to buy and how much of it I can get. I feel as if I'm on a strict diet or like I am in a shopping class. You need to buy this but not that, eat this and not that, cook this and not that. Wait isn't that a book?
Either way we left the store and came out to the car and noticed that the barricade I put up was housing two carts. Which means that I probably did save our car from getting hit. Either that or someone just got lazy and saw all of those carts there so just threw them in.
I love living on the second floor. I think the higher up the better. But there is one thing I do not love about living on the second floor. That thing is climbing those steps millions of times in one night because we went shopping and we needed to also take our luggage up the stairs. I hate you stairs, I hate you luggage. But you are a necessity. Thank you for you luggage and stairs. Or else I would have to only wear one pair of clothes on every trip and learn how to jump very high.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Recap.. If I missed anything.

So this past few days we were able to hang out with a bunch of people that we hadn't got to see in a while. So it might take a day or two for me to get the pictures caught up to currents. Thats why this picture here is one of my Grandma Barnett. Those are the donuts we brought and that is her famous coffee drinking sitting style. The style is coveted amongst coffee drinkers every where.
Also while we were back we got to hang out with the Higerds. That includes Bryan who I met at Wal-Mart and am the reason that I are attached to Kingdom Hearts. Will, who is Bryan's cousin and the best Dani California singer I know. I was actually lucky that will was there, he was only able to be in town for two weeks in between trips over seas. Justine, who is Bryan's wife and had some goodies for Kristin (Thanks!) and all the other Higerds that were there. Who were Bryan's sisters, I'm pretty sure. We stayed up to late at their house playing Scott Pilgrim, which is awesome. Bryan and Justine were going out to Denver for a Anime Con. Pretty awesome for them. It was sweet pictures they sent back to us, even Kristin liked them.
Today though was the Home Coming dance. So instead of filling the pictures up with todays stuff I put a picture of the best float from yesterday up. It was pretty sweet with the two cars smashing into each other. Nice stuff guys, who I probably don't know, wait I do know some of you. This evening I also got to hang out with one of the coolest guys I know Nathan Shotgun Reed. The best man at my wedding and also a nerd. He knew what a Yu-Gi-Oh disk was. Boo ya! We stayed up way late watching watchmen, which answers the question of who watches the watchmen, we do. All in all it was a pretty awesome trip up to Colby. I guess we'll see if tomorrow will be a pretty awesome trip back.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Grandma Parade!!!!

Today we got up pretty early to see these three little pigs go to market. This is something that my brothers will appreciate. This picture is a three pig matching set. Two of the pigs are glasses the other is a pitcher. I can remember growing up and always seeing these at grandma's and drinking even milk out of them occasionally. They were pretty awesome and I just thought that it would be cool to get a picture of them.
Along with the pigs we were at my Grandma Barnett's house (GB affectionately). There we saw her and her new dog Ricardo, or something like that. I can't really remember the little things name but he was a cute little bugger and only broke the rules once while I was there. So I suppose him and Gizmo will get along and be best of friends.
GB was good. Always busy that one. She showed us pictures of her granny camp that she had this summer. I can remember the first of these endeavors as it was with me, my two brothers, and two of our cousins. I told grandma that I was surprised that after the torture she had with us that she would still be doing something like this. But she does and she is a champ at it. She took pictures and wrote down everything that went on, even the bad stuff.
After the visit with GB we went to see my Grandma Barnett on the farm. She had no idea we were coming but had tomatoes waiting for us. She is turning 94 this 15th of September and we made sure to wish her happy birthday.
Sadly we had to run back to Colby for the Parade! We watched as the dance and the floats went by and I remembered what it was like to be a kid and try to steal every piece of candy that we could off of the ground. Today we were not as successful as we use to be, mostly because we were taking pictures and videoing the show. Its okay though because there was a little dude who made sure to fill his pockets full.
After the parade we hung out until the game. I can remember a day when I would have paid not to go see a Colby eagles game but today was not that day. Today the eagles took the field to face the eagles. No not a typo. But the eagles won, well the Colby eagles won. It wasn't really much of a game for the other team but we enjoyed watching it. Plus I made sure to get a picture of babies first football game! YAY!


P.N. I will announce that I did not wear either orange or black. And all of you eagle fans can just get mad at me.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I dunno if we'll get to sleep...

WE ARE STILL DRIVING! I used a five our energy at about 2 in the morning and it didn't really do me any good. Yep I'd say I was driving about to fall asleep for several hours before we got to Russel and decided that we should pull over and take a nap. I know I probably should have stopped earlier but the thirty minute nap was fine and we made it the rest of the way to Colby. It isn't really that I was tired it was more that it was dark outside because when the sun rose my energy came back.
So we pulled into Colby in just enough time to see every one before they headed out to school. Once they did we went to sleep. I want to thank Bernice and Frank at this point because they lent us their King sized bed for the time we were their. I think it had something to do with Kristin being pregnant and we really appreciate that they did.
After sleep we woke up, seemed like the natural thing to do. We took showers and then went to the High School to eat lunch with Kayla. Today was nerd day and we found out many things. Such as every one in Colby can dress up as a nerd. Also that I was the only one at the table we were at who knew what a Yu-Gi-Oh disk was. Awesome! not really
Today we also got to see, and receive, what my Grandma Morris had been working on for the baby. As you can see in the picture its probably the best blanket every made that had turtles on it. We are actually floored about the blanket as it looks really good, really good, and it will go well with the bumpers other blanket and the mobile that we are going to have for him.
Okay so I have only had three hours of sleep since yesterday at 6 in the morning. I'm not really sure what the rest of the day consisted of. g'night.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Beginning of the last trip!

So this morning I got up very early and headed to work. I should send a shout out to lance for switching shifts with me so that I could go to work early. Thanks man. I really needed to go to work early because we were leaving for Colby tonight. I know its getting close to the point in time where Kristin shouldn't be traveling. Haha. Yeah like we ever follow rules. We just knew that we wanted to go see every body and this was the second part of that two part trip.
After work, which went by really fast right up until the last hour I was there, I came home and started loading up the car. Kristin was going to stay at work until 7 so I would have to wait until she came home before we could leave. Of course that means I had plenty of time to load the car and try and lay down for a nap. Well the nap only lasted thirty minutes and then Kris was on the phone with me on her way home from work.
Don fret folks we gout out of here just a little before seven thirty so we made great time on leaving. I would love to tell you that the roads were clear but as is usual when we travel they weren't. It was pouring rain. This was the kind of rain they talked about in driving class when they told you that you probably shouldn't be driving unless you really needed to. As I was driving into Oklahoma area is when it really started coming down. It was much like cats and dogs pounding against the wind shield. Of course there were some advantages to driving in the rain. There were very few other drivers on the road and most of them weren't driving very fast.
The rain only lasted a little while through Oklahoma but made our trip a lot longer. But I'm not going to lie I would rather be in the car with Kristin than any other girl in the world. She was a champ and just let me drive right through the rain without to much fussing. Plus the frogs we saw jumping out in the middle of the road were pretty awesome too. Of course we are still driving, ten hour trip... yay!


P.N. The picture is of a mailbox that we saw at a Wal-Mart we stopped at, I thought it was cool so I took a picture for the blog. YAY!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pretty Rain Drops

I just sat down to the computer and realized that I only have one blog to type up. I'm real excited. I like being caught up. I just hope we can stay that way for the next four days when we go to Colby.
So today was the start of some major rain in our area, or in all of the middle of the USA. It started raining in the morning when Kristin went to work and then let up a bit. The minute it let up and the sun peaked his head out from behind the clouds our apartment complex had the guys start doing some lawn work on the lawn. Like mowing right after it rains. Now maybe I just don't know that much about lawns but I thought you weren't suppose to mow after it just rained. Plus it really sucks mowing when the ground is all muddy. Well as you can see from the picture the rain started pouring down again and all the guys just dropped when they were doing and ran under the balcony. Come on guys! Its just a little water.
I was off for most of the day and Kristin didn't work real late. Tonight we had the hospital tour, so that when we have the kid we know where every thing is, and we had plenty of time to hang out before going. We were hoping to take Justin and Stephanie with us so that they could see the hospital too. Its not where they are delivering but we thought'd it'd be fun. But Stephanie was bombarded with work right at the end of her day and was unable to make it to the walk.
The tour itself was really interesting. We were able to see the delivery room and the NICU. Then they took us up to the rooms you sleep in until you leave the hospital. I've been in those twice before so I'd seen them before. She explained to us a few things about birthing and then we left. Well I guess she handed us the registration papers and told us about the emergency entrance if labor starts after 10pm. But other than that it was pretty short.
Afterward we met up with Justin and Stephanie. The six of us went to eat and then to Kroger to find some folders. Of course then we came back home and had an odd dance party with many weird booty shakes and well we found out just how comfortable we are with one another. Those lunatics left and Kristin and I packed up our stuff so that tomorrow we can leave on another long trip. Oh the drive. I feel as if I talk about the drive more than the trip. I can't wait for the trip though. Should be fun. Hope we keep up on this. Bia


Monday, September 6, 2010

Ahhh my eye!

My mom has a problem. She buys shoes for my little brother all the time. He has lots of shoes. Lucky for me that my mom has this problem because now we have lots of shoes. Well I don't have lots of shoes but he does. I mean look at this pile of shoes. There are a lot of shoes. I'm not going to lie to you and tell you my mom bought all those shoes but I"m pretty sure that she bought most of them. The only ones I'm sure she didn't buy are the ones with skulls on them, those were Kristin's purchase. Now we just have to hope that the kids feet will fit into the shoes.
So I was looking at the blog info an there is over 125 blogs. That means we have been at this for quite some time. I wish I could say that we've updated daily but we only know trickery enough to make it look like that. Today I can say that this blog is up to date, except for the blog that Kristin still hasn't finished like seven days ago. But if we have typed over 125 blogs with evey blog having about 500 or so words in it that means....(carry the one times five... to two too and seven....) It means that there is around 62,000 words on this thing. That's not quite Harry Potter but its a good sized childrens novel. So thank you for reading, its been fun typing, and posting pictures. But wait if a picture is worth a thousand words.... nice..
Today work was busy, people were busy. They all have to go back to school tomorrow from their busy weekend at the lake. Parents are running around crazy and children are probably at home sleeping. At least they were nice today. Saturday all the customers were mean and rude even when you were trying to help them. Today they were nice and work, no matter how busy, was pretty fun. We came home and hung out and watched some of the Tenth Kingdom. Which if you haven't seen the movie you need to, its a good one. Its also ten hours long. Kay night night.


P.N. This makes my ninth post in a row, can I get a shout out for Kristin! She has been awesome writing up little ideas of what the blogs should be about and helping out with the pictures. I just wanted every one to know that I don't ever do this alone.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Weekend!

Okay so I was thinking, "what is Labor Day and why do we have it?" So I looked it up and found that we treat it differently and probably more wrongly than we should. It became a federal holiday very quickly after workers were killed by the US military and US Marshals. President Cleveland pushed it through quickly after this happened and six days later we had a holiday. So basically the holiday was a gift from the US government because the Unions, mostly the Central Labor Union of New York, were expressing how the government killed workers in a riot. Now I'm not one to make some one look bad but doesn't it really sound like either they were trying to save face over something they shouldn't have done or they were trying to make amends with some one who had no right saying they were doing any wrong. Maybe thats just me.
So this picture is the first of two shoe pictures. I decided to set our sandals side by side and snap a shot. Thought it was cool but then a little scary that I was that small and now look at my feet. Huge. I kind of like all the shoe pictures we've taken because I like shoes and because there are only two pictures of my feet when I was a baby so hopefully this will be incentive to take foot pictures.
Well I guess I haven't really talked much about today but thats because there really isn't much to talk about. We spent most of the day at work her inthe morning and me in the evening and work was pretty slow. We are hiring a bunch of new people for the holidays and so there are a lot of new faces to meet. Also we found out that one of our CSM's is moving soon. Perla we are going to miss you when you leave.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Is that you John Wayne? Is this me?

I got off at eleven I went back in at six thirty. I didn't sleep, I didn't sleep, I didn't sleep. I got off at eleben I went back in as six thirty. I didn't sleep, I didn't sleep, I didn't sleep. I gof leben, I wen bakn as sis firty. no sweepin.
Of course working that kind of a shift I told myself and Kristin that I was going to come home and take an afternoon nap. I didn't, I think she did. But I didn't. I wish I would just listen to myself.
The rest of the day would have been filled with errands. But we didn't have any. THis week we are going on another vacation so we really didn't have much to get from the store or many things to do around town. Kristin's feet hurt if she walks to much so she doesn't really feel the need to get out and go shopping. I guess we did put the mail in the mail box. Well we are trying to send out the invites for our baby shower. So Kristin starts stuffing the letters and sealing the envelopes when she realizes that she never put the registry cards in the envelopes. So we did end up going out, I think we ate some where but I"m not sure where, and we slipped into CVS on the way home to get some tape. Because we didn't have any apparently. That's why the invites are taped, if you were wondering.
The picture that I have put up today is some cloths that Sona, a cashier that I work with, got for us. Classy classic and this kid officially has more cloths now than he ever will. Maybe. I don't really know about that because Kristin and I are excited about dressing him up. Okay ta.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Blah blah blog!

For some people Fridays are the end of the week. They are the beginning of the weekend and they are the time where people relax because they don't have to work again until Monday. Well I am pretty sure that Fridays will never be like that for me. I will either be working or going to school and then when I get out of school my job will need me to work on the weekend so Fridays just don't have the glory for me as they do for many people. But the one thing that I do love about Fridays is that at work we get to wear jeans! I love jeans. Thank you Chris for reminding me that today we get to wear jeans.
But I don't go into work until later, like 2ish so I pretty much just have been hanging around the house and cleaning as best as I can. I made the bed and I cleaned the toilet. Okay I confess the toilet didn't really take that much effort, I squeezed in a little of the cleaner and then I just let it sit for a few hours, bam! Its clean.
Then of course there was the blog writing. We went on a tiny vacation to Colorado and then had many blogs to catch up on, I am still catching them up as we speak, in fact today is not today, its another day. I pretty much didn't do any of that today. Oh but I did decide that we aren't going to stay in this apartment after we have the kid, though I don't know when we'd be moving but this house is just a bit tiny, like our vacation. I like it but my books are falling off the shelf and there furnature is just to much. Its almost like we are a storage closet rather than a house. So with two people and a dog its pretty small and we are sure that with another person it'll be even smaller. (That of course is a figure of speech as there will be no change to the house when the child is born but the space in the house will be filled up more.) Many glad tidings, speak to you tomorrow.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

I choose you picachu!

I was lucky enough to get scheduled an early shift at work again. That put two CSM's there very early in the morning with another one coming in very soon. This made the day interesting and gave Lance and I the initiative to do some extra work. You see at Wal-Mart we do a full store inventory once a year and ours is coming up on the 24th of this month. (Did I mention I love September!) So he and I got down and dirty and just started scanning all of the items on the front end. We zoned up real good and found tons of little treasures underneath the counters. Digging in the dirt Lance made a statement I thought was probably true. He said, "People are worse than rats." He meant at being clean. I'm telling you I don't know how a rat cleans but it was nasty under those counters.
Kristin finished up the baby loads of laundry and then folded all of them while organizing them into their little totes. We hope that the kid is able to fit into all of his cloths, but who knows he might be as big as I was. Just know that after he is born there will be a ton of pictures up on here of him. We will do our best to put us and Maymie in the pictures too but babies usually take the cake.
Cleaned the house again and Kristin got ready to go over to LeeAnns with Stephanie. The two girls left and took the dog crate with them. They had a long evening talking about babies and being pregnant. While I was left along until Justin came over and hung out. He and I decided we needed something to eat and that we might just want to tempt death so we went to get food from Churches Chicken. I had no idea how good grease tasted until I licked it off of the chicken from CC. Amazing and totally unhealthy.
Well the girls made it back and caught us in on our gorge fest. We finished eating and they got to work on the invites again. Seems like all they do is work, but I think for girls they enjoy that. I on the other hand did have to calm Kristin down as she has been going about 90000000808 miles an hour for the past few months and its starting to get to her. I told her that I would help her with anything she just needed to ask me to help. I also offered up the help of Justin and Stephanie, sorry guys I owe you like fifty. But the night ended well with the cards almost being ready to send out. Pretty successful day if you ask me.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Showers of Babies!

Ahhhhh! Real monsters! Not really, and if any of you catch that reference many props to you. But really we are going to have to clean out the closet today and go through all of our boxes! Ahhh. But not yet, I have to go to work. Enjoy world, waiting as I work through the day, enjoy. I'll be back for you boxes.
Okay so work took a little longer than I thought it would and so I was only barley home in time for us to clean out the closet. Stephanie and Justin were coming over so that Stephanie and Kristin could make up the baby shower invites. And of course we needed to get all of the closet cleaning and house cleaning done before they came over.
So we went to the closet outside and pulled all of the stuff out of it. There was a lot of stuff! We drug it all inside and started going through it marking off things that we needed and things that we needed to get rid of. I went through my old boxes of stuff and found letters from girls that I use to know, yes some from old girlfriends, and Kristin was kind enough to tell me I could keep them if I wanted to. I didn't for all of you girls out there who think I'm an awful person. I wouldn't want to make you mad two blogs in a row. (Fond memories of that name I revealed eh?) I got rid of a lot of junk our of those boxes and then of course I kept a bunch of junk out of those boxes. I need some of that junk, so we put it back in the box and packed it up. I think we got rid of about 50% of stuff or at least condensed it down that much smaller. I'm sure if you look in the picture here you will see that some of the things we are getting rid of are the television Kristin had, and we are taking LeeAnn and Harry's dog crate back to them.
Well after we had started loading the closet back up the rain came down. It came down nicely at first and then it started to pour. An awesome shower of water covered the ground from our house to Justin and Steph's. Which made it hard for them to drive over here, so did stupid drivers. But they made it here and Steph and Kris went to work on the baby shower stuff while Justin and I went to work goofing off. It was a good evening. I think we ate stuff but I"m not sure what and then they went home, but I'm not sure when. I know its not a fufilling conclusion, but I'm running on like no sleep. Night Night.