Thursday, March 31, 2011


Today is the day, well technically tomorrow, but Stephanie and Justin are heading to the hospital to check in to have the baby! They're going to induce her in the morning, and hopefully we'll have a baby sometime shortly after. It's nerve-wracking heading in to have a baby when it's spontaneous, I can't imagine it being planned and knowing when it's happening, eek! She's been on bedrest for 2 weeks though, so I think she's ready to get the show on the road. Having my own baby, I'm so excited for what's in store for them! It's such an incredible journey, not to mention it's a buttload of fun!! (The baby, obviously not the part about getting the baby here. O.O) We'll see what tomorrow holds, and hold it for ourselves. ;]

The parents-to-be. I'm sure they're filled with gratuitous amounts of excitement. Probably more excitement than their bodies have room for.

Stephanie sent me a picture of the baby's station in her room..yay, babies!!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Here come the solids!

Wednesdays are usually uneventful: I work, we get our weekly truck of freight, and work on putting everything away. It's sad what a routine I have: stock the shelves for cigarettes/candy with what we already have, put away new cigarettes and candy, put away film/frames, batteries, and put security stickers on the makeup and seperate it out. Go me! I'm a creature of habit though, and I hate change, so I suppose it works. Did I mention that I make the same lunch everyday? Bologna and cheese sandwich. Shoutout to my Grandma and Uncle Billy for getting me to love that more than likely disgusting concoction of meat byproducts. =D It's already been 4 months since she died..that's insane. Sometimes when I think of her I picture her sitting at home reading the National Inquirer, and think about calling her, only to be hit by reality. I miss you so much Grandma, I wish you didn't have to go. =[ On a lighter note, Sawyer is 5 months old, which means baby cereal! It looks like glue that would completely clog your throat up, but he seems to like it okay. He acts like he's been using a spoon his whole life, and loves to grab it and "help" you feed it to him. Messy, but fun. =]

He was obviously stoked when we picked it up at the store.

Pretty happy about the highchair, what a fun new toy!

Not too bad, kinda like thick milk.

Andddd, I'm done.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My two boyfriends

With a new set of wheels, and the spending money from the old apartment's deposit, I set out to shop. You have a much better attitude in a nicer car, by the way. ;] Sawyer and I hit up Ross and Kohl's, got a couple treasures, and waited for daddy to get home from work. It's funny how things come full circle; I used to count down until my parents would be off work, and now Sawyer and I do that for Kerry. That little boy's face just lights up when he gets home, and no matter what I'm doing, even if it's feeding him, he's gotta get held by daddy. I absolutely love it. Nothing in this world makes me happier than seeing the two people I love the most, love each other. Parenthood is such a rewarding thing. =]

Snuggling with daddy.

I love them both, even if they are both weirdos...


Monday, March 28, 2011

Pimp my ride!

After playing phone tag with the 2 insurance companies, it was finally decided that the other lady was at fault for my wreck, duh. Both my passenger doors were crunched, so I figured they'd total the car, it was only worth about $1500 on Kelly Blue Book, and it was in worse off shape than that quote. They gave me $2200 to FIX it..FIX IT! They're crazy. I took the money though, can you say down payment? They also set me up in a rental car, a 2010 Toyota Corolla. I was feeling pretty spoiled. I've never had any other car than the one I was in (a 1998 Chrysler Cirrus, by the way). As cool as a new car would be, I was sad to see "Whitey", as it was called, go. I got my license in that car, drove around Colby way too many times, made several TX-->KS trips, and drove my first baby around in it. Change can be good though, right? =]

I'm a spoiled lady. =D

Guess it's time to retire the bouncer? lol


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Birthday Extravaganza

More birthdays. March is just as chaotic as October. In October, there's John (friend) the 2nd, Kayla (sister), the 3rd, Karter (brother..I know, what're the odds?) the 4th, my parent's wedding anniversary the 9th, ours the 10th, Stephanie the 11th, and now Sawyer the 25th. Phew! In March there's Kerry the 3rd, Nita (sister-in-law) the 4th, LeeAnn (sister) the 19th, me the 25th, and Justin the 27th. So woo, Happy Birthday to Justin! He turned 46 today, what an old man. About time to join AARP!! (He's really only like, 24 or something, but we like to make fun of him. =]) I know I worked today, I always work Sundays, but I don't know what else we did. I think this was the day Stephanie and his family made dinner, so we ducked out so they could celebrate as a family. (We later got in trouble for not staying, but we ensure that you'll never be able to call us party crashers!) I think we got him a card about farts though, so that made up for it. =P

What in the HECK mom?!?

Okay..maybe this isn't so bad...

Voila! That's how you babysit on the go! =D


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Final Destination

Since Kerry worked yesterday, today was "my day" with him, since he had the day off. We started by going and picking up my crashed car from Denton, which had a dead battery, yay. =| Once we got it jumped we headed home, and I drove Kerry's car since mine was sketchy. I'm a weirdo and notice strange things (especially after seeing the "Final Destination" movies), and I saw that a truck's bedliner was kind of flapping in the wind. Pretty soon, the whole thing flies up in the air, and in front of me on the highway. Needless to say, I had to swerve out of the way and about had a heartattack, with Sawyer in the car with me again. I swore off driving for awhile. lol We got some MacDonald's for breakfast, and then went to a consignment sale. I love buying stuff for Sawyer, especially when it's cheap, and these sales have fun stuff. He got some fun toys, and some little board books. I think we ended up having some dinner with Justin and Stephanie, who was on bedrest at this point (set to have Jordan on April 1st), and called it a night. Minus wrecking my car and not getting to spend my actual birthday with Kerry, things ended up alright. =]

So many fun treasures. =]

I think they're retarded, but he likes the Sing-a-ma-jigs. They used to scare him, but he can't get enough now. We found a buddy for the one he already has..oh joy.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Happy Birthday to me, stranded at home without a car! Kerry had to work, so I literally did nothing all day. Cleaned probably, woo! Once you hit 13, 16, 18, and 21 (the big ones), there's really not a lot of celebrating anyway. My first birthday with little man though, so that was nice. =] I think he took a decent nap, so at least I got a nap. Oh! Just remembered..not only did he sleep through the night last night, he slept an 11 hour stretch!!!! I made Kerry check on him before he left to see if he was dead. (Joke, I knew he wasn't..I'm a good mom, I promise!) Thanks for the birthday present baby. =D We hung out all day, and when Kerry got home I dolled myself up, dropped Sawyer off with Stephanie and Justin, and we headed out to dinner. Nothing fancy, just Applebee's, but anywhere without the baby is a treat..and weird. lol Since I was pregnant last year on my 21st I didn't get to have a legal drink, so I treated myself to a margarita, yum! I hadn't drank in foreverrr, so I got a little tipsy, oops. Drinking isn't fun anymore though, especially since I nurse Sawyer. Everything I ingest gets passed through my milk to him, so I had to "pump and dump"..not worth one drink. It was nice to get to spend some quality time with Kerry though. Have I mentioned that I love him?? =]

Mmmm, margaritas are delicious!

For a mom, I clean up pretty good, eh? ;]


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Check yoself, before you wreck yoself...

Today started out like any normal day off, lazy. I decided to FINALLY go change my name on my Social Security Card from Skiles to Barnett, and be 100% legal. The office is out in Denton, about 30 minutes away, so I grabbed directions and headed out with Sawyer in tow. I managed to get myself majorly lost on the way there, less than an hour before the office closed. I would've been SO mad if I wouldn't have made it in there! At this point I had my older iPhone, which SUCKED, and wouldn't load the maps, so I couldn't get myself un-lost. I called Kerry, who was at work, and he couldn't talk, so I had to wait around for my phone to work. I finally got myself back on track, and come to find out, the office was right by the freakin' mall which I can EASILY find!! I made it to the office though, and went in and got helped right away. Did I mention that I had put this off for almost 2 years because of horror stories I'd heard about being there all day waiting in line? So there was my silver lining. We got the job done and were leaving, when someone hit me. Yeah, I was in my first ever car wreck. Not my fault by the way. I was FREAKING OUT though..the lady hit Sawyer's door. As if my first crash wasn't scary enough, she hit MY FREAKING BABY!!!! I was shaking, tried to shut my car off without putting it in park, and couldn't hardly focus enough to get his door open. Luckily my car was old and was still made out of metal, unlike the fiberglass crap now, so it didn't dent the door to the inside of the car, so he was 100% fine. Dude slept through it. SLEPT THROUGH A CAR WRECK. Wow. I was a crying mess though, called Kerry who rushed over from Grapevine (probably close to an hour's drive), and we left my car parked at the mall. The lady who hit me had a granddaughter close to my age, and a great grandson close to Sawyer's..she was sweet, but SHE FREAKING HIT MY CAR WITH MY BABY IN IT. It all worked out though, THANK YOU GOD!! Did I mention that God is soso good?? =]

My cute, reliable car.

My poor, poor car.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I think I can, I think I can...

This is where the posts are going to start getting a little sketchy, I stopped writing notes because Kerry said he was giving up on catching up the blog. Sad, sad day. A bunch of people started blogging after us though and they're still going, so I feel like I'd be letting people down if we stop. Not to mention, we write about/put up pictures of Sawyer, and that helps our out-of-towners stay in his loop. So today, we'll celebrate the fact that I decided to revive the blog for you, and that it's 2 days from my birthday. =D

I thought his little chicken legs were funny. ^.^

T.V. babysitter..oops. =/


Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Well this journal entry starts off with a fun gem that I jotted down: "Projectile vomit at 5 am." Pretty awesome if I do say so myself, and a good way to follow up the poopsplosion the day before. I fed Sawyer when he woke up, and we usually go back to bed, but I remember burping him, hearing a cough/choke, flipping him forward to beat his back, and then, "the burp". You know, the burp that hits RIGHT before you're about to hurl..scariest thing ever when it's not you. It's like a roman candle, unpredictable, and you don't want to be at the other end of it. =/ Me, being me, yelled for Kerry when it splatted all over the carpet. xD Man, my husband loves me! <-- Following that, I had written that he does school for fun, which makes him a weirdo. He does..he has chemistry books and a giant calculator that he'll pull out for something to do. I'll never understand what makes it enjoyable, but I guess that's where the phrase 'To each their own' came from. ;]

Mommy's smiley boy. =]

Playing with daddy's snow owl, Archimedes, that's bigger than his head..literally.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Poop Harbor

Today, March 21st, a date which will live in infamy..wait, that's not right. =P I woke up like normal, to Sawyer jabbering away in his crib. Like normal, I went in to get him, and I swear when I walked through the door to his room I heard the "reeet reeet reet" music from Psycho. He'd had a blowout and it was ALL OVER his bed. Sheets, sleep wedge, blanket, stuffed bear, mattress pad..everything. Funfunfunfun. He loves to play in his bed, but I don't like playing in his poop..just sayin'. When he got home from work though, Kerry made homemade chocolate cookies, so it mostly evened out. ;] Yes ladies, I got a man that cooks..good. =D

After all that poop, I kinda had him watch himself..I think I had something similar to radiation poisoning. =/

I still love this little boy though. =]


Sunday, March 20, 2011


If both of us work, usually Sawyer will go to his baby sitter, Stephanie. (Different from our friend, Stephanie, by the way.) She'd promised to pick up a shift for a co-worker a couple weeks back, so she couldn't take him. I don't really know anyone here (sad, because I've lived here longer than Kerry), so Kerry asked some of his old co-workers, and came up with Suzanne. She quit Walmart to watch kids, so it was perfect. She came over to our house (Sawyer's first time at home with a sitter) and spent the day with him. I guess he didn't let her get much homework done, and peed a lot. Yup, sounds like my boy. Haha. We also got back the deposit from our old apartment. Out of probably close to $500, we got back $180. Wow, thanks. Kerry let me keep it though, so I'm now on the hunt for some normal jeans that fit. =] Weight wise I can fit into my pre-pregnancy pants, but surprise surprise, my hips are bigger. Sigh. I'm too freakin' tall for a lady evidently, so I can't find anything that fits. So, I'm still in maternity jeans. =[ Not totally bad though, they're super comfortable, and it kinda feels like wearing sweats all the time. ;]

New onesie from Aunt Nita and Uncle Tatum. I <3 turtles like mommy!

Umm, yeah..he'd just gotten a bath, and then drooled everywhere. Thanks guy, thanks.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fruit salad, yummy yummy.

Today is my older sister, LeeAnn's, birthday. I think she went out to dinner with her husband, so I'm sure she had an awesome day..just wanted to give her a quick shoutout. =] Our main goal of the day was to go grocery shopping, as we'd reached the point where everything that's left in the cabinets/fridge would only get eating if there was an emergency..tuna, ramen noodles (those are always delicious though), cream corn, pickles, and maybe some stale chips. If I remember right we didn't go until late though, so it was even more of a beating than normal. And I'm sure we were hungry when we headed out, so we probably ended up getting more than we needed. The only thing worse than shopping on and empty stomach, is shopping on an empty stomach when you're pregnant. ;]

The boy got hungry, whaddya gonna do?

Sawyer is peekin' atcha.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Go KU!!

Stephanie got out of the hospital today, so we enjoyed some fettuccine at their house. Always a delicious meal, and the boys cooked it, so it was even better. =] We watched some basketball with dinner, and can I just say that my March Madness bracket freakin SUCKED?!? I'm usually awesome at it, and I pick based on my favorite teams, homestate loyalty, and how jazzy the team name sounds. Awesome criteria, I know. I had KU winning, obviously, (they lost, I know..shutup!) and then the other team I picked for the championship game got out in the second round I think. Crap! Oh well, there's always next year I guess. And I'll never stop repping KU, they're my homies! And really, if the president picks them you know you're good. ;]

Gotta start him out early with the gear. =]

A family that cheers together, is awesome. Yes, I made that up. ^.^


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Erryone who seen the leprechaun say yea!

Saint Patrick's Day..means nothing unless you're Irish or in college. I'm neither, so I just make sure to wear green so I don't get pinched. Kerry's partly Irish, and obviously Sawyer got some from him with that red hair, so they liked the day just fine. We didn't celebrate though, I don't remember what we did. We went and saw Stephanie in the hospital though. She was feeling pretty crummy, so they admitted her to keep an eye on her and Jordan. (I haven't written for so long..I'm sure you know she's our pregnant friend?) They were both doing fine and enjoyed seeing Sawyer in his "1st Saint Patrick's Day" onesie that Steph got him, and we got some dinner and ate there with her and Justin. The way home though, wasn't so delightful. It was dark, and I think there was some construction, so we got SUPER lost. Like, half an hour out of the way lost..oops. Sawyer always sleeps in the car, so I guess that was some QT with the hubby. =]

Started out the day in pinching here!

He loves his Uncle Justin. <3


Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Oh goody, another pissed off post. You know you love it. =] Kerry worked overnight again, which I hate. Once you're used to sleeping with someone else in bed, it's close to impossible to get a good night's sleep without them. I usually end up cleaning the entire house, and getting maybe 4 or 5 hours of sleep. Poor guy though, he occasionally gets what he calls a canker sore, on the back of his throat, which makes it hard for him to talk/eat/drink/swallow, and he's in a lot of pain. What a good time for that to hit. I hate seeing him in pain, and I hate not being able to help. =[ They eventually go away on their own, but the waiting game sucks. My rant of the day is about work, yay. I'm not sure if we've mentioned it on here before, I'm sure we have, but we chose to breastfeed Sawyer. (Mostly me, but dad's support is nice. =]) While he's at the baby sitter and I'm at work, I have to "go to the back" as they call it, and pump to keep up with him. Everyone hates covering for me, which is usually half an hour. He's got himself on a pretty set eating schedule, so I keep with that schedule at work. Normally I'm 30-45 minutes late, which throws everything off, and if you're a fellow nurser, you'll agree makes you be in pain. =| On days like this, I usually sit in the breakroom and cry while I'm back there. It makes me feel like no one cares about the good thing I'm trying to do for my baby, or that they don't get the importance that it's his FOOD. I don't know, probably just hormonal mommy, but it hurts my feelings. =[

I love coming home to this. =]

He's the reason for everything I do. <3


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Poop-a-thon 2011

Oh joy, today was my favorite kind of day. POOP-A-THON!! Not me of course, maybe Kerry, but more than likely, Sawyer. There's nothing better than starting your day off with a blowout sale. Take THAT Folgers!! Other than that, today was one of those lowkey days; Kerry was getting ready to work overnight for the next few days, so we kind of hung around the house. Oh! Awhile back we took Kerry's car to get an oil change, pretty routine. I guess while they were changing the air filter they hit some major sensor that reset everything or something with inspection or something, I'm a girl, do I really need to know about cars? and the only way to get it to work again was to drive it. They called and said they needed to drive it around to get it reset, so it'd take a little longer. Okay, so you broke my car, and now you're going to have to put miles on it to fix it? Thanks, jerk. A little later we got a call saying that it still hadn't reset, so they'd need to keep it overnight. So now Kerry doesn't have a, thanks for that too. The next day we went to pick it up and they said they had to put $10 worth of gas into it because they'd drove it so much, how thoughtful. After we got home and looked at the bill they charged US for the gas! SERIOUSLY?? Never going to them again. (At this point I'm sure you're thinking wow, how annoying! Just like infomercials [Which I LOVE by the way!] "But wait, there's more!") Today we got a bill from TollTag (Here they have it set to when you drive through the toll it snaps a picture of your license plate and sends you a bill, unless you have a prepaid thingy in your car.) for $17!! Those idiots not only broke our car, put miles on it, held it hostage, made us pay to replace the gas they used, but knowingly drove it back and forth through tolls all day and had us billed!! You can guarantee that I marched our booties up there and made the manager reimburse us for that. Still not going back there though. (Kwik Car on Macarthur in Lewisville, for you Texans.)

Gee, guess all it takes for a long blog post is someone to piss off Mom! LOL

Guess that was a comfy position for sleeping?

1....2.....3....he's out!


Monday, March 14, 2011

Toes, toes, toes.

I've realized from trying to catch this blog up from almost 2 months ago that I need to be more descriptive with what I write down for the day. On this particular day Sawyer loves his feet..I guess. He really does though, he's always playing with them, and has recently started eating his toes. Sounds disgusting, but for this little guy, it's the cutest thing ever. And honestly, wouldn't we all want to go back to the days of actually being flexible? Guess we're getting old. =/

Gettin' those dino feet, nothin' better.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Time attack

I hate time changes. Unless I gain time. This change stole an hour though, as if I need even less sleep with a baby. Thanks guy who found it necessary to screw up a perfectly good time keeping system, you suck. The rest of the US should follow in Arizona's footsteps and not change. Needless to say, I started off my work day with a decent lack of sleep and customers who think they need awesome toothpaste sales at the crack of dawn. Seriously?? Go to bed like a normal person, weirdo. Luckily Kerry was off though and was able to watch Sawyer so I didn't have to try and get him around before work, those days are rough. To my knowledge they just had a lazy day with Stephanie, made rice krispies and watched movies. Must be nice. ;) Regardless, I love coming home to both of my boys and having a quiet evening after a chaotic work day. Nothing is better. <3

Found him in his crib trying to take flight? Didn't know I was housing a baby bird. o.O

Pounding his sleep. Yes, he is that hardcore.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

So fresh and so clean, clean.

I realize that you can do praise and worship whenever you feel like, but call me old-fashioned, I prefer Sunday mornings. Since I went back to work after having Sawyer, Sunday mornings are 1 of 2 week days they work me. Because of that, we've started to (try) and go to church on Saturday nights. We actually made it out tonight, with Justin and Stephanie, and made it through with no complications from lil' man. (I always get so scared he's going to throw down during church, and he ends up sleeping and then gets completely sucked in by worship. He loves music, and of course all babies love flashing lights and stuff.) We decided to head to Chili's afterwards for a little dinner, and ran into one of my old co-workers from IHOP. Hooooooly crap, this girl is one of those "Darlin', Sweetie, Hun" people, and it's freakin' annoying. If you're old enough to be my Grandma, then sure, call me hun, I'll love you forever. But if you're my age or YOUNGER, you sound condescending and I'll want to smack you in the face. Just sayin'. Oh, and don't ogle my husband, that'll get you hurt too. ;] The food was great though! Corn on the cob never goes out of style, delicioussss. I also learned something of great importance today: Justin's sister Alexis wants to eat my baby because he smells so clean. Great. =/ lol

Nappin' on the couch. It was cold, hence the sock hands.

Little man in a big bed! Love it. Babies in anything meant for adults is the cutest thing ever. =]


Friday, March 11, 2011

Falling in Reverse

Ahh, today was one of those rare days that Kerry and I both have the day off. Usually we'd do something fun like go to the mall, or go see a movie, but now that we're "adults" we do boring stuff: clean. To increase our productivity, we went ahead and sent Sawyer to the babysitters. Mind you we STILL don't have everything unpacked and put away from moving, so that was the goal for today. We did the usual: sweep, vacuum, dust, laundry, dishes, and then unpacking. We have some really cool picture frames (that we have wedding pictures to put in), but they don't have mats for them. I can't find any that fit, and I can't find anywhere with fair prices to get them made. If you have any suggestions, pass them along!! In the mean time, we have empty frames hanging on the wall. Go us!! And of course a cliche adult day wouldn't be complete without a little bit of grocery shopping. I think those trips ruin shopping in's never fun to browse through perishable items. We scooped Sawyer up from the sitters and headed home to eat burgers with Justin and Stephanie. I finally convinced Kerry to use the George Forman grill, so it doesn't stink up the whole house. It's the small victories. :)

Just sleeping on my changing table, nothing major. (He tries to roll off now.)

Playing games with daddy. Hey, give me a turn!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy trails to you...

I'm sure today was a fairly sad day for Kerry, as it was his last day at Walmart #4240, which has been his work home for the past couple of years. He started there as a cashier, then moved to CSM, Department Manager for HBA (Health & Beauty Aides), and then back to CSM (Customer Service Manager). I know everyone is missing him, and the front end isn't going to run as smoothy without him. We still go and visit from time to time to see everyone, so it's not a permanent goodbye. :) Sawyer and I detailed the house, followed by some awesome napping. I think that's our favorite activity together..that, and eating. What do you finish out a champion day with? Crab dabs of course! I'm not sure if we've blogged about them before, but WOWWIE they're amazing! It's crab meat, cooking sherry, dry mustard, bread crumbs, and other things that I'm sure I'm missing, all wrapped in bacon. BACON. Sounds perfect right? But wait, there's more! (Yes, I love infomercials.)Once it's cooked in the oven, you dip the whole thing in butter. AHHHHHHHHHHH, I actually want some now. I don't know how to make them though, Justin and Stephanie keep that recipe as their secret weapon to lure us in. I'm fine with that!

Crab dabs in all their glory. Don't you want to climb inside the computer?

I think he just had crab dabs intravenously.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Turtle power!

Getting back into this whole blog writing business is proving to be a challenge. I think about it all the time, but I never actually get anything done. I'm over a month behind, so I'm going to try and get caught up really soon, I promise!

Sawyer's Aunt Nita and Uncle Tatum found this onesie and thought it was perfect for him. I'm a turtle freak, and I'm using my baby as an excuse to aquire more..oops?

Yeah, that would be my leg, bruises, scratches, and all. Honestly this is one of those stories that you would have had to been there to appreciate the humor. I work at CVS/Pharmacy, and our truck with freight on it had come so I was putting candy out on the shelves. Our freight comes in big plastic totes instead of individual boxes, so I had several scattered about sorting things out. There's a wine rack up where I was working, and I went to step over a tote and caught my foot I guess, and I basically fell inside the tote, smashing my leg, and breaking a bottle of wine in the process. A bunch of old people came running, and my bosses gave me a hard time for not making the wine drinkable. I'm just sad that no one was there to see it, because it had to have been AWESOME!

And yes, I'm extremely white..shut it.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nourished back to life by life alone

It has been entirely way too long since a blog has been written, and as to not disappoint the people I'm going to try and revive it. It's tachycardic, but I think we can make it. (There's some medical lingo for you Grey's Anatomy fans.) =] This next batch of blogs may not be more than a little blurb and some pictures, but hey man, I'm doing my best here..we're over a month behind. Life with a baby gets crazy, and then when you add another baby into the mix (a friends, not #2 for us ya crazies!), a new job, car wrecks, and several birthdays, you're over a month down the road and it seems as though you never batted an eye. I jot down notes, but this far down the line they're not making much sense. Evidently Sawyer only went to the babysitter's for an hour today, we all went to bed fairly early (who knows what time that is..8? 10? Maybe 12? No idea.), and then Sawyer decided to have partytime at 4am. I don't have to have detailed notes to tell me how much that sucked. I'll never know what happens to a baby to spark them like that in the middle of the night..weirdos. =/

It's finally happened..the boy loves to eat so much he's done waiting on us to feed him. If only he practiced this much skill everytime...

Elvis has entered the building. =D It just wouldn't be right for me to not inherit anything with his face on it. Anyone who knew my Grandma would be able to tell you that she LOVES Elvis. This woman had enough paraphernalia to look like one of those creepy stalkers. Although she never acquired a lock of that luscious pompadour...