Monday, January 31, 2011


Today is the last day in January 2011. Isn't it crazy how fast this year has flown by. I guess the days just get shorter and we complain about not having any time. It's at these moments in life when I have to remember the first of the year. That time when every one wanted to make themselves better with their resolutions and think that I can't wait for the first of the year. Time flies by too fast for me to want to wait around for anything. But I also can't complain about not having any time either. I have to remember nights like the IHOP night. Those nights are the nights that we remember all the time. And moments like these are the moments we need to savor.
What happened on the last day in January? Not much really. I worked but Kristin was off and she hung out with the kid all day. There are boxes every where and the house is in shambles because of all the moving that we are trying to get done. Then of course there is the moving and the money for it that we are trying to get figured out. It is crazy to me that they expect you to come up with all the money for a deposit when you are suppose to get that back when you leave and you are staying in the same complex. Either way because of the craziness we gave Sawyer a bath in the sing. He's getting to big for it. Growing boy you know. Love ya!


Sunday, January 30, 2011


Sawyer went to Stephanie's today because we both worked this morning. Apparently nothing of merit happened at work. After work was a different story. Kristin went to pick Sawyer up and the first thing she heard as she was welcomed into Stephanie's house was, "A bird flew into the window today and his brain came out his eye!" followed by, "You wanna see him he's laying out side." It seems that Sawyers day was much more exciting than either Kristin or mine.
To make up for such a boring day Kristin and I headed over to Justin and Stephanie's house for supper. No one really knew what they wanted. Hamburgers, burritos, tacos... wait tacos... yes that's what we want. So after a bit of Sawyer dancing (See video below) we headed to the store to get tacos. The tacos were good. We like to make them with either cheese or beans holding a soft shell onto a hard shell. I can't say it was my idea because I have eaten at Taco Bell before. I will say that the food was good, the company on the other hand. Meh. These weirdos.

So today wasn't as epic as yesterday. It'll be a while before we match that one up to something awesome. It was still a good day. Some times I wonder if we use up to much epicness for one day will the next few days be less epic. Either that or some one else's life is less epic.... man I must be ruining a bunch of people's lives. Hope its not yours. See ya!


Saturday, January 29, 2011


Stephanie and I hung out all day today. Justin's car was without tire so I told her that I would come over and take her to the store when she needed it. By the time I had arrived at her house Justin had fixed the tire on his car and I was no longer needed. That doesn't mean that I didn't stay. I had a Saturday off and there was nothing to do but hang out. So I did.
We went to the store and got all the fun things we could for Stephanie's Sentsy party. Then we cut the fruit and baked the cookies, I made my famous rice crispy treats, and we were ready for the party. All the people came and smelled and ate and bought and it turned out to be pretty neat. I guess it was good to be one of the girls? Nah not really. But it was kinda fun.
Now I want to prepare you for the greatness that happened next. So take a breath, and give yourselves a pinch just so you that you are sure that this isn't a dream. Also a disclaimer: Yes these are true events and everything that happened in the story happened in real life. If your life isn't as fun then just keep reading the blog.
Justin had made it home and Kristin was on her way over with a "surprise" for Justin. When she arrived she was decked out in all emo. It looked like some one had opened up an ocean of black and sadness and dunked her a few times. Because of this emo dunking she was acting a like a child just released from a Barney concert. Crazy!
Her being hyped up got the rest of us hyped up and when we are hyped up you know what it is we do. We go to IHOP. The international house of Performance!!!! Not really we just REALLY LIKE PANCAKES!! This was good because when we got there we found out that they were having an all you can eat pancakes. YES!! So we went in sat down and the server came. He was a smaller dude and we knew that we were going to take a long time to order. Partly because we always do and also because Kristin wasn't really focusing on the ordering. She was more worried about messing with people. Like poking and being annoying. So I kindly told the dude to come back after he graduated high school.... that totally came out wrong. *hits self in face* I really didn't mean to be a jerk to the kid but it happened.
Next we ordered and Justin got the AYCE pancakes and I got the AYCE shrimp. We were both very excited about eating all we could. Kristin and Stephanie got some sandwich. Good job guys.
The food came and with it came the pooping hippo. What!!@#254525~ Not okay Kristin. She took a purple hippo, which I'm sure will some day make an appearance, and started pretending it was pooping in our glasses and then would tell us that we had hippo poop in our glasses. Am I in the second grade? Can't we just eat? What is wrong with you? We have a child! I think all of these things are expressed on the picture here where I am very angry. It almost looks as if I was holding my hand in disgust.
I know that you must think it stops there but it doesn't. No we ate our food and I had a refill on the shrimp twice and the second time, so my third plate, the manager brought it out. I suppose just to see if I was really the one eating it. I could have eaten more but at this point I think we were annoying the natives. You see there was an older lady who had come in with her grand daughter for a delicious meal at IHOP. If you had seen her you would have thought she was forced to take the girl out. She was so unhappy the whole time and we didn't make her any happier with our loud speaking and erupting laughter. There was also a family of five eating. Parents and three daughters. The mother looked like some one had taken her eyebrows and pinned them up a bit to high on her forehead. We received the evil eye from her several times during the meal. Once we had decided that it was time for us to make our exit her high eyebrows followed us to the parking lot where we got into my car. Once all in Stephanie got out again and ran, as quickly as her pregnant body could take her, around the car for a Chinese fire drill. In the spirit of good health we stared at the family through the window as they stared back at us. Then we drove off. And then we drove back around the IHOP so we could wave goodbye to them.
For some reason that wasn't enough of a night for Justin so he started tagging us in places on the way home. One of those places was Marcus High School. The rumor is that we were all streaking through the quad. Sawyer ran the fastest. Yay us! I hope you have nights just as EPIC!!! Ta.


P.N. Tagging is a term used for saying some one is someplace on facebook. Justin said we were at Marcus High School. That's for all you who don't know what tagging is.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Queen Minnie

The two pictures in this blog should have been of Sawyer and Griffen. But as I am aware both Kristin and LeeAnn, when they hung out today, didn't take pictures. So due to their absentmindedness I put up a picture of Sawyer as were were changing him in the car on the trip home from Kansas. Plus a picture of what I ate when we went to Jack Quinn's.
So you're driving in your car and your kid blows out his drawers, what do you do? Well we pulled over to a place that had no gas station or buildings what so ever and then laid down the front seat of the car so that Kristin could clean the dirty mess up while I carefully held Sawyer onto the seat. He didn't really mind it much and thank God for who ever designed the Chevy HHR because it has saved me once again.
Today I worked. And like always while I'm working Kristin is doing other things. At least today she wasn't stuck cleaning the house. Instead she and Sawyer headed out to see Griffen and LeeAnn. First they went for a walk, sounds like fun even though I know that the adults were the only ones walking. Then they ran son errands. I have no idea what I wasn't there I'm only reading what she wrote on the paper. Oh and then they ate lunch. But as I said before no pictures. Hopefully the ragging I'm doing on this blog will help them remember to take pictures next time.
This second picture is delicious. It was my Shepard's Pie that I had at Jack Quinn's. Oh I didn't tell you about Jack Quinn's. Well its an Irish Pub in Colorado Springs. (We don't seem to have any around here so if any one knows of one let me know) The place was dark and loud and my family fits in there just perfectly. Their food was really good even if the bread on the bread bowl was a little dry. Am I right Taylor? Either way it was a lot of fun. Thanks for taking us Mom and Dad.
The last thing that we did today. Taxes. They were fun to get done especially because this is the first year we've had a kid on our bill. Made our return fairly large. Ta ta.


Thursday, January 27, 2011


While we were on vacation our car hit the 50,000 mile mark. I carefully took the picture while I was driving so that I could share it with you. Don't worry no one was hurt in the taking of this picture. Its crazy to me though that we have already added almost 14 thousand miles to the car. I guess we do go on a lot of trips.
Today we had a lady coming over to our house to take pictures of Sawyer. When we got the phone call a few days ago that she was coming we didn't know why they had called us. We were told that it was because they wanted to take pictures of him and that it was the same company who took a picture of him in the hospital. So basically they just want to make money off of us and needed an excuse to come over to our house.
The photographer came over in the midsts of our dirty house. She set up the screen and all of her equipment then started taking pictures. While she was taking picture she kept making weird sounds and telling Sawyer that she could see him. She might as well said that he was king a Persia with all the smiling that he was doing. He takes really good pictures and he doesn't really look like a three month old in them, more like a CHAMP! Yeah you saw that one coming.
I know that all of you who are my friends are excited about this next picture, and if you aren't you will be. This is Ketchup and these are the new packets that Heinz came out with. We received this package from a Chik-Fil-A in Colorado. The coolest thing about the package, other than it being larger, is that you can either tear the top off so you can squeeze it or you could peel the bottom back so you can dip what ever you want in it. I know that there are some things you just don't get excited for and Ketchup, historically, was one of those things. But right now I want you all to get excited because these are really cool.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Today Kristin worked early but I didn't so Sawyer and I got to hang out for a few before I went to work. I did, however, have to take him over to Stephanie's a little early today because she needed to go to her other job. Its a baby sitting job at a church I think. She takes her kids, and this time Sawyer, with her. She told me that the ladies there liked him. As from the past we all know that the ladies like him.
This bath picture is one from last night when he was in the real tub. He didn't really know what to think when Kristin took the picture. You see I know that he's a baby but I would never put incriminating evidence on the internet that would show any of his parts. So when she threw the cloth over him he went from "HI! Hello!" to "What the heck?". Hope he doesn't do that tomorrow when the picture lady comes.
After work today I came home to Kristin telling me that Sawyer wasn't the most pleasant person all day long. Her and Stephanie think that he might be teething. Crazy. I always did wonder why the teeth were one of the last things to come in but it must be because they are the hardest bone in the body.. well they really aren't bone are they. Enamel. Either way that must be what takes them so long. I just can't imagine not having teeth, I would hate it. Have I ever mentioned that the only thing I have ever been afraid of is loosing my teeth. I think I might be over it a little now but I am still very protective of my pearly whites. I need to go brush them.. I'm going to go brush them now. Ta.


P.N. The second picture was also at the zoo. On and Owl bench. Pretty cool.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


There was a lot of working today. We worked like pigs. (Note: The picture of the pigs here was taking from the zoo in Colorado springs and was in no way shape or form referencing the working abilities or attitudes of the pigs. Those pigs live in a cage, don't be mean to them. They don't have to work. They are like the Beverly Hills Pigs) I don't think Kristin is every ready to go back to work. She would stay home 100% of the time with Sawyer if she could. Still we don't know that it is a bad thing that he gets to go and stay with Stephanie. He gets to learn and interact with other people. Some day we hope that she will be able to hang at home though.
Sawyer is growing up so fast already. Yesterday when we gave him his bath we decided that the little sink tub we had was getting to small. So today was his first night in the real bath tub. I suppose we should get him use to it because he will soon have one to himself. Kristin filled up the water and he just played in it for a while. He really likes the water, almost as much as I remember my sister liking it. The thing I think he likes the most though is the towels. He loves the softness of the towels. If all of his clothes were made out of towels he would be perfectly happy. I love this picture of him after his bath. He was just chillin' and licking his towel. \


Monday, January 24, 2011


I've heard it said that the first day back to work is the hardest day, but In five days when I haven't had a day off I'll disagree that the first day back is the worst. I do always like going back to work though, because I know that if I didn't ever work I would just get really bored and probably drive people insane. At least I would drive them more insane than I do right now. Except that the first day I was back at work I am sure that I drove so many people insane. Of course they drive me insane and as proof of that I have this picture of what was up at the service desk when I came back. Thank goodness they decided not to put my phone number up there or else I may have had some really odd calls. Thanks guys.
Kristin was off today, lucky, and she spent most of her day unpacking. I guess that is kind of like work. She unloaded all our suitcases and set them by the door because in less than a month they will all be in a different house. So we didn't pack them back into the closet. (Speaking of which the closet in our new house has more room.)
After all of the work we went over and hung out with Justin and Stephanie for a while. We needed to pick up all the boxes they saved from their move and take them to our house. Justin and I made a trip of it and now the is a clusterbox all over my house. Still we do need the boxes so it is a blessing to not have to go and campaign for them.
Maymie doesn't know what to do with all the mess around the house. She isn't really sure about us moving, I'm not sure she'll like it. Either way we are getting things under way and its going to stay busy around here. Ta


Sunday, January 23, 2011


We traveled. I hate driving. That has to be the most over used phrase in all of my blogs. I guess that means I must be trying to say something.. something like I hate driving please someone invent a teleporter. I would love to just zap from one place to another. Of course then what would I do with all the time that I would save. It would make me feel like Aurthur Weasley. Like I could just excuse myself from the table, go to the fire place, and poof the clock at home would say I was at work. Of course that's not really a clock then, no wonder Harry had trouble with that time piece.
The only thing I could do to cheer up today was to post bacon as the pictures. These pictures of bacon were featured as part of a breakfast at the Barnett house. The bacon was three packets which is equal to three pounds of bacon. All bacon was provided by the Barnett's. Man it just doesn't get better than bacon.
We left on time! Not really but we left the closest we've ever left to on time. I left before ten which would mean that there would be sunshine all the way home. I was so excited that I let Kristin take a nap.
Now for all of you readers who've read almost every blog maybe you remember when we were coming back from my parents house when we went to see them before we had Sawyer. If you are thinking of the bear no we didn't see one. But we did hear the crazy man on the radio station again. You know the one that would talk about all of the songs like they were studies we were doing and that we could get something out of them. Yep that dude was back on. Exciting.
The rest of the way home was pretty uneventful. But when we got home we unpacked and found out that Sawyer was so excited to be back. He was so excited that when we gave him his evening bath he just started cracking up. I mean this guy was laughing like we had ticked the inner most part of his funny bone. It was pretty awesome. You ever heard the phrase I laughed so hard I cried, yeah well he laughed so hard Kristin cried. Seriously. Night. Back home!!!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Whip My Hair

The first thing we did to day was go to a party! Yes it was my grandma Ellen's birthday party. She turned 95 this year and we thought that Driving out to Atwood wasn't to far to see her. Now as we were on our way I would have you look at the picture below to see what we got stuck behind. Its okay being in Kansas but I don't like getting stuck behind tractors. I made sure Kristin took a shot of this so that you could see it. Enjoy.
At the party we got to see my aunts Kay and Carol along with other members of my family that I haven't see in a long time. Then of course there is my Grandma Ellen. She liked Sawyer and he seemed to like her. This picture here is the closest we could do to a generation picture. We'll have to photoshop my mom into it until we all head up there together.
After the party we went back to Colby and tried to get to my friend Bryan's house before his wife left. We missed her by 20 minutes, but she did get to see pictures of Sawyer. I stayed around and played a few games but we had another few Games to go to tonight.
The basket ball games lasted all day and there were two teams playing at all times. We made sure that we swung by the games that Kayla was dancing at and we took a few videos of the dance. The reason that this dance is so cool is because Kayla with the help of Taranie, choreographed it. Here below you will be able to watch the video. Kristin and I are really proud of Kayla for designing a dance and even adding a bit of stomp to it.
Yes, by the way, Hays and Sunrise did play in the final and it was some sick stuff. I was excited to watch them. Both teams were really good but Sunrise took the prized even thought Seth from Hays played as nasty as ever. The kid is good and had the second most points scored in the game.
After the game we went over to Ronda's so that she could see Sawyer. I couldn't stay for long because I needed to get a shower before I went to sleep as we were leaving early in the morning to go back to Texas. I was glad to see ever one but this was the closing of another vacation and we will see you all again. Love you people from Colby and Colorado.


Friday, January 21, 2011


Now this is a bear hug. These are another couple of pictures from the zoo. I always love elephants and I wanted to get a picture with all three in the shot, this was the best I could do. The two at the building seemed to be a bit cold and wanted back inside but the other one was just walking around having a good old time. The other picture is of a bear that we walked up upon while we were at the zoo and I suppose because its large and its an animal but maybe because of the candy cane Kristin wanted to get a picture of it. You hug that big ol bear.
Today we went to lunch with my Grandma Morris. We went out and ate at Village Inn. I haven't been to that place in a long time and I didn't know that it had a remodel. Well I thin it looks good and the food was good as ever. While we were there we did run into Darrel Wark and his wife, whose name I can't ever remember. It was nice for them to see Sawyer, some small place inside me was warmed by that.
Well there was more Basket Ball today. We saw two teams that I thought were awesome. They didn't play each other but I hope they do in the final. The first was Sunrise, which is located some where over by Witchita, and most of their team was from out of the country. I think they had a few players from here but they were all pretty good. They had the tallest player by far. They were from Kenya!
The second team was Hays and they were good but they had this dude who was about 5'10" and he nasty. That fool would shoot three's when ever he felt like it and just take that ball as he pleased. I really hope both teams make it to the final, if they do I'ma watch that.
Well after the game I got in contact with my friend Nathan Reed. Which if you have been reading this for a while you know he was the best man at my wedding. I don't know why he got the title I think I was a pretty good man too but all I got was groom. He and I went out to sonic to get something to eat and drink and get Kristin something to drink along with cheddar bites. Well the cheddar bites didn't make it through us driving around and so all I brought Kristin back was a drink. Really sorry love. I'll not eat your sonic next time.


Thursday, January 20, 2011


Today we had a date with..... my grandma. It was Icy so we waited until we were sure that there would be no slipping and sliding on our part and then we headed out to my Grandma Barnett's house. She had been waiting for us and had started a pot of delicious soup. Cheese burger soup. This is not what you would think. A cheeseburger that splashed in water. No this isn't sponge bob. While we were there we had a good talk and we got Christmas presents. That's always good, I think it was the last for 2010.
Maurice's. It is a clothing shop that seems to only show its face in small towns. We are unsure of the reason for this but there are few to none any where that more than ten thousand people live. Colby is just over six or just under seven so it still resides in the town. Because of this while were were in Colby we decided that we needed to go there. Kristin found some sweet pants that she was really in need of.
Next we went to the Colby Orange and Black Classic. That is a basketball tourny that Colby High School puts on. This was the first night of it and during the half time show Kayla was going to dance. We always do our best to see her dance when we are close enough to see it. While we were watching the game there were some Cheerleaders who were suppose to be watching the game but just so happened to be watching Sawyer. After the game they told us that he was really cute and then I ran into them while I was going to change his diaper and we got a picture. I'm not going to brag but the kid picked up a whole slew of girls before he was one. He's a champ.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I woke up this morning as late as I could, so like eight. The first thing I like to do when I get up is take a shower. I think it has something to do with growing up and taking showers first thing when I woke up. It stuck with me. Well the thing is I went to take a shower and found out that I couldn't take a shower. I was going to have to go to my Grandma's to take a shower. So not thinking the clearest I headed out to the car with a bag of stuff for me to go take a shower. I had everything I needed from shoes to hair straightener. I just didn't have the shoes on my feet. Okay so I need to tell you that last night a lot of ice and wet came down and froze over the car and the street so that it was ice covered. Both the car and the street that is. So let me go back to my story. I had no shoes on and I needed to scrape the window of my car. By the time I was done scraping the window I knew I needed to dig out my shoes and put them on before I got frost bite or something.
It was a pretty easy day just handing around the house and seeing my grand ma in the morning. The streets were slick but they weren't too bad, you still have to be careful though so I did my best to keep from driving.
Well that evening Kristin was getting hungry so being the lovely sister Kayla is she went and found some Ritz crackers. They turned out to be stale so the girls threw them in the trash. I tell you this because we left and then came back later to find that they weren't in the trash. In fact they were in Maymie. I suppose she has never had Ritz before but it really started up a fart fest with her. One that could not be contained. Dear Lord, now we understand why you created dog food.
The pictures are from the zoo in Colorado. This is a large chair that Kristin and I could both sit in. Reminds me of the giants drink. The other is a picture of a furry pig whose nose got stuck in a taffy stretch.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011


What up giraffe? Today was not the day for the zoo but I have a lot of pictures so I'm going to post them as I please. A picture of me with a giraffe behind me and another picture of a naked mole rat queen please me today. I am pleased.
Today was our last day in Colorado and that is really hard for me. I really miss my family a lot and I wish that I could be around them more than I am. So we went to the mall today, and then to the book store. But lets not get a head of ourselves. At the mall we had Mom, Dad, and Braeden along with the rest of the cast. Well as you well know if you have been keeping up we didn't bring our stroller so when we got to the mall we had to rent one. The one we rented was a bit... wrong for a car seat to hold so Brae got to sit in it while Sawyer rode in the one my parents have.
Braeden liked the seat I think. Though I'm not sure if he realized that it was in the shape of a car what I do know that he figured out was where my parents kept their drinks behind him. He's to smart for all these car seats. Some day we'll have to just get him a ball so he can roll around in it. (For those of you who don't know what I mean by this no worries... I'm sure no one else does either.) But the mall was fun and very interesting to shop around in with strollers. Going up and down the escalator was a ton of fun. I'm not sure if it is approved of but when you are already half way up what are you going to do?
After the mall was Barnes and Noble, which I had a gift card to. Sadly I didn't bring it like I thought I did. So I didn't get to get the book I wanted. But I did get to look at the Nooks and I decided I wanted one of those.
After the mall it was nearly time to leave and so we packed up all our stuff and headed out. I did have to take one more picture which I will post on tomorrows blog though.
The trip back to Kansas didn't seem that long and was fairly uneventful. Once we arrived we went to Kristin's grandma's house because that was where every one was sleeping. The other house was getting a new heater and so we had to stay out of it for a few days. It was okay because we got to sleep in a bed still and I didn't feel like I was imposing to much. Also Maymie was real excited to see us. Any time we left to go get something from the car she would come to the door like she was asking to go with us. Night night.


Monday, January 17, 2011


Tatum and Nita left either last night or very early this morning. Which means we spent a lot of the day hanging around the house chillin' out. It was good to have a day to just hang. But my mom had a head ache, so we kind of left her to take a nap and sleep while we went out to the mountains.
We were driving on our way to Garden of the Gods trying to convince Melia that the game she wanted to download on my dads phone wasn't all that awesome and she didn't really want to download it. It was a loosing battle. She made promises to never ask for anything ever again. Until she decided to get rid of the game that was. As we were driving I saw Manitou Springs from the road and told Kristin that she could say that she'd been there. So we decided just to go and check it out.
I know that I have been there before but it was a very long time ago and my concept of things has changed quite a bit since then. The town is a neat place to stop and look at with all of the houses built on top of each other. Of course the streets are very thin and the people, even though all we did was see them, seem a bit odd. Still its a cool place to go.
After getting turned around in Manitou we headed out to Garden of the Gods. We drove up and stopped at what we thought was an information place but it turned out just to be a gift shop. It was a pretty good place with a stuffed bear that stood around nine feet tall. But then it had some really stupid things (Blown glass for 80 dollars) and then some sweet clothes. The best thing we saw was a glass eagle that was... oh yeah... $3,000.00 NOT WORTH IT!!!
The mountains were cool and I'm telling you even with the cold there the sunset looked warm. This picture that I took is just one of many (I'll try to post more on other days) that I took while Dad, Melia and I were walking around. Sawyer needed to eat so Kristin stayed in the truck. We had fun looking at all of the different formations even if they said you can't climb on them.


Sunday, January 16, 2011


Today was another fun filled day. Taylor had to head back to Alamosa last night and today is the last day that Tatum, Nita, and Alex can stay. Its also Sunday so we get to go to the church my parents go to every week. I have heard a lot about the church so I was pretty excited. Well first impressions are a big deal and this church gave a big one. Right out front of the church is a huge statue of David standing over Goliath's head. Any church with that out front is a good deal in my book. I will say that my dad did look under Davids little cloth there to see if he was anatomically correct. Well there is still speculation.
In the church there was an area for babies to go. So we registered all of the kids and put them in their classes. This is the first time Sawyer has ever gone to one of those classes.
Back in service worship was good, very different from what we are use to. There was a choir and then lead singers. They sang some awesome songs even though we didn't know the words.
The preaching was also good. Again it was different from what we are use to but its good to know that there are great churches all over instead of just the one we go to. I think if I ever go to Colorado Springs I'll be attending Church For All Nations.
After church we went home and ate and then got ready to go to the Zoo. Now I have been to plenty of Zoos but this one was something else. The first thing we did was get out of the car. No wrong. The first thing we did was drive up a mountain. Then we got out of the car and went into the Zoo. We had to get a stroller for Sawyer's car seat as we didn't have enough room to bring his stroller. After that we went to look at some animals. The first things we came upon were pigs. I think dad and I are the only ones who stayed to look at them for a minute. Every one else went to the Giraffes. Not gonna lie the Giraffes were pretty cool. And the people at the Zoo hook it up. They give you crackers to give to the Giraffes so that their big heads come down and lick it out of your hands. Its pretty awesome.
As we were walking around the Zoo we saw all sorts of animals. I wish I could remember the Zoo name so you could all go look it up because it was really neat and they had some sweet exhibits. Then there were these monkeys. I posted the video of them I hope that they do some fun stuff in it. But mostly I wanted you all to hear them. They were so loud I heard them on the outside of the building they were in. I also really hope this plays. Okay night night.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

King Mickey

Today was the day you've been waiting for. It was the 15th of January and the birthday of my Grandpa Morris. I think he would have been 95 if he were still alive. This was the day we celebrated Braeden's first birthday. Oh my goodness its crazy that my little brother is already a year old. I can remember last year when he was just a baby small and odd looking. I measured him with my hands and he was about three hand lengths. But this year he is one. Its nice to have a number to your name.
<--This is Nicole. She came up with her parents for Braeden's birthday party. She was his baby sitter in Alamosa. Most of the pictures you see are taken by her mom whose name I can not remember at the time. They are really cool people and Nicole has baby skills of a master. Sawyer was crying and she took him and within moments he was asleep. A master. I wish I knew her secret. My aunt Kay made Braeden's cake and also came down for the party. There were so many pictures to pick from and I'm not a super huge fan of the cake on the face pictures so I got you one with him opening one of his presents. It just so happens to be one that Kay got him. I think. It was some really neat jammies with the feets and everything. I think I also picked this picture because you can see Alex watching his uncle opening gifts.
After Brae's party we had a different party. This one was our Christmas party. I think Christmas should always be a party. This one turned out to be really fun. We ate Lasagna, I at a lot of it. We watched football, always a good past time. Then we did things like have a ginger bread house building contest. The contest was two houses which we split up into teams and built and decorated the houses. Both teams had a challenge as Kristin's team (Tatum, Kristin, Melia and Taylor) opened their box to find the roof of their house had caved in. Nita's team (Me, Dad, Alex and Nita) had trouble because our dispenser for the frosting broke and so we had to put everything on with forks spoons and fingers. It was a lot of fun, and crazy. I remember Melia eating the candy for the other team, you eat it Melia. But they still won. At least that's how the votes were cast.
Up above here you can see the next thing that was up for bid. Yes we had an auction. We used Monopoly money and all had 20 dollars to spend. Then dad auctioned it off. There were some items that went for a lot and others that went for a little. The ball you see above was one of the top sellers with Alex and Melia bidding against each other to the teeth. Another big seller was a lamp that Kristin, Taylor, and Tatum were all bidding for.
It was a really good night. And look we took a really good picture of the family. I wont say who but there was a hook in this picture that we removed.


Friday, January 14, 2011


Pancakes for breakfast, I'm so excited. I didn't bring blackburns syrup though so I was in a little trouble. You see blackburns is a favorite around the house and you can't get it many places. One of the places you can't get it is Colorado. One of the places you can get it is Texas. I live in Texas, they live in Colorado. I'm sure you are seeing the problem here.
Well Taylor spent the night at a friends house and Melia went to school in the morning. Kristin slept and needed to catchup on her sleep so I let her sleep. Braeden did not sleep however and was up with my parents and I eating breakfast.
Later on in the day Tatum arrived with Alex and Nita. By that point Taylor was back at the house. We spent most of the afternoon playing video games and goofing off. It was a pretty good lazy day around the house.
This was also the first time that Tatum, Nita, Taylor, and Alex got to see Sawyer. I think Sawyer was on sensory over load. He was having a good time though as there was always some one there to hold him.
This picture was really hard for my mom to get. She had to jump so high. Seriously though she has a walk way that looks out over the living room in her house so that she can take sweet shots like this one. Sweet right?


Thursday, January 13, 2011


We arrived in Colby very early in the morning. The plan was to stop in and take a quick nap and then head out. So we stopped in and I was sent up stairs for a quick nap and Kristin stayed up all night long. Well when I got up at around eight in the morning we took showers and then quickly headed out again. This time Maymie didn't come with us.
We were on the road with out the dog and Kristin was sitting up front. Of course we needed to stop a couple of times so that Sawyer could eat. Well one of the times we stopped Kristin was in the back seat of the car and I don't know where she was looking but she found a pair of panties on the floor under the passengers seat of my car. Before any one gets aggressive look below and you'll see the panties. They aren't really the type you would think of when you think of panties. They are more like granny panties, pretty disturbing. Neither one of us really knows where they came from as they don't look like anything we've seen before. I assume the dealership stuck them in there for fun.
In the early afternoon we arrived at my parents. My dad has this whole week off so every one but my little sister was at home. I did all the normal things you are suppose to do, like bring up your luggage. Then we hung our for a little while before my mom and I left to go get Melia from school. Her school is about ten blocks from the house so it wasn't a very far drive. We all hung out at the house the rest of the day.
It was pretty late at night, I happened to be sleeping, when my brother Taylor showed up. So we got up, Sawyer stayed down, and we went out to talk to him. I can tell you now that after talking to him I learned that tiki lamps can be used as wands. Also he learned that if you are on the bowling alley all you have to do is raise your hand to let people know.
Tomorrow Tatum comes with his group so we need to get some rest. Night night.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

I apologize for the past two blogs. They were short and didn't have a lot of substance in them. I know that the readers (that's you) really enjoy more action and games and a bit of humor, plus maybe some drama. So I will try to pack more of these things into the blog. Add more substance.
This morning I packed... my lunch and went to work. (hows that for substance?) Work was awesome, because it was the last day I was going to be there for some time. I enjoy the last day the best because when people ask when you work next you tell them the truth. And its awesome.
Here is a picture of Sawyer on our bed. He is camouflaged so you have to look to find him. Its kind of like a game isn't it. (Games! yaya!)
Well I got home and waited for Kristin. While I was waiting I loaded up the car for going on our trip. That was like a jigsaw puzzle with large items. I felt like I was playing tetris with life sized blocks. It was very hard. I had to take part of my car inside so that I could make room for all the stuff we were taking with us.
Kristin was coming home and she was on the phone with me. She wasn't getting here very fast and we were unsure why. Well about twenty minutes later when she came upon the exit to 121 by our house she saw an Epic Wreck. (Action yeah!) She said that the car was wrapped around a pole in the shape of an 'L'. Thats a pretty intense wreck. I'm just glad she got off when she did and not any earlier.
Then we left and drove. Plus we did some Driving. Kristin had to sit in the back seat with Sawyer for some of the trip so Maymie ended up being my driving buddy again. Lots of fun, Maymie is a great conversationalist. (Drama?)


P.N. Parenthesis = humor

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

They Day of five!

Oh my gosh its 1-11-11, Thats just crazy. What could be crazier? Maybe 11-11-11? Who knew? But that date isn't here yet. So lets focus on the one at hand. There was a lot of working done today. Not just at work though but also at home. Kristin was a packing machine today. She packed all our cloths and shoes, hair equipment, shampoo, body wash, toothbrushes and several other things. Sawyer was a packer today also. He was packing his diaper full of poop.
I didn't do much packing. I did lots of blogging and some picture taking. I did some gaming and some working at work. Then I did some eating. This isn't a picture of what I ate that night but I thought that it was worth a picture because it was good and it was eaten a night before. You should all be proud Kristin made this. It was very good but next time I think we'll double the recipe. Then After I was done with all I did I went to sleep and Krstin was still packing. She was even using the bed to put all the cloths on so I fell asleep on the couch. I have to get sleep for driving tomorrow.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Still just pumpin' iron

So today was just a normal day at work except that it was my manager Bea's last day. (Her full name is Beatric which she pronounces Bee-ah-tris. I don't know why.) That of course meant two things. First that the work load was a bit lighter and that there was cake. I like cake, I also like not getting yelled at. Right when I was about to leave they introduced the cake to the break room where they were all telling Bea goodbye. For all of you who weren't there it got pretty funny with the Beatric impression. In all seriousness even with her yelling (Who's on the bowling alley?) she was a pretty good manager and I'll miss her.
I guess that is everything that happened today. That's kind of sad. I mean there was the endless meandering around the house and of course getting stuff ready to go on vacation. Yup, definitely need a vacation. After a while you just miss your family and you need to see em. I guess its like a drug and I need my dosage.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jump start that potato and lets get going!

Did you look outside today? Can any of you remember that far back? Today is the 9th, unofficially. If you had looked outside you would have saw two things. One of them would have been snow, if you looked out at just the right second. Here in Texas snow only makes an appearance it doesn't every really stay. It shows up now and again but doesn't like Texas so not to often.
In every other state in the union (except for maybe Arizona and New Mexico) we commemorate the first day of snow. I consider winter to have begun when those first flakes come down. Then of course you wait until either the grass turns green or the trees get their leaves back. (Is that the plural for leaf?) Well as I looked underneath the snow the grass was still green. So once it melted that meant that winter was over unless we get another snow. My guess is that we wont, so that means winter lasted a whole day this year. Yay!
The snow was fun though, I got to work before it started and left after it was gone. Working and making sure that the parking lot was clean while it was snowing was great. Customers are great at driving. Wrong. Very few people in Texas that are from Texas know how to drive on the snow. Most of them drive faster or slower and they hit the breaks right when they need to stop. So it is my suggestion that you take your thick accents up to South Dakota some time and get some driving time in.
Kristin had a rough day at work. I think the cold makes people who aren't use to it grouchy and so she had some very grouchy customers. (also I think people who shop at CVS are probably just to stuck up to come to Wal-Mart) So when she got off she wasn't in a real good mood. Thank God for a little boy that no matter what can bring a smile to her face.


Saturday, January 8, 2011


As I write this blog knowing that it is a blog written for a past date, knowing that it is the fourth blog that I will post today, knowing that all of you will be reading it, and knowing that it will be filled with things that only people who read it can enjoy (okay that last one was a bit stretching) I think of all the titles that I have had for blogs and how very few of them make any sense at all. Its very exciting. This one is the same as the rest and only has something to do with what I was doing at the time that I wrote the blog. Its surprising that most of them aren't named after games. Meh.
Some days you have a good day and others you have a bad day. Now most of you think that I am immune to the bad days because I am always cheery and happy, or at least that they come around so little that they don't matter. Well I think the same thing for Sawyer but today I can't say was a good day for him. I'm not really sure what was his deal but he wasn't having a good one. He was fussy and grouchy, but we'll still keep him as a show of good faith in knowing that he will be better in the future.
The funny thing about this blog is that today, as Sawyer was being grouchy, I spent most of it writing blogs. I was writing them because I needed to get caught up, or as close as I could, before going on vacation. Which as you can see put me several days behind again. So now I'm writing about writing. That may get redundant. So to keep up good spirits I'll tell you a joke.

Yo mamas so fat, when she goes to the beach the tide comes in!

A 'yo mama' joke not good on the internet? Would have been better in person. Night night.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Writing some blogs, writing some blogs.

Today was a glorious day! I like to say that about every day. Even if they day wasn't glorious. Because I think if you say a day is the way you want it to be then you can look back at it and see that it really was that way in many instances. Then there are days that are just crap and you can't do anything to fix em. But this one really was a glorious day! I mean look at those burgers.
So today we worked, no I worked. It was okay because I knew that after work I was going to grill brugers (Just check those out) at Justin and Stephanie's house. So work passed by with the swiftness of wind and with the pain of a million tiny tacks. You know the pain. Like when you foot fell asleep and you don't want to move it because there are thousands of pins sticking in it but you know that the only way to make it feel better is to walk on it. Like that.
Kristin didn't work, she went to CVS though. She was printing off pictures for Sawyer's baby book along with some card pictures for her family and mine. They were cool little collages of our families. There was only one picture of me, shows where I rank. But just look at those burgers.
Any ways after I was off we went to get Stephanie and then went to Wal-Mart and shopped around for food stuffs to go with our dinner. I guess we didn't really go there first. First we went to T.J. Max, but then we went to Wal-Mart. We stayed long enough that Justin was off when we left and we all went over to their house.
I know what your thinking, "Kerry get back to those burgers!" They are pretty good huh? Well we got back to the house and Justin and I made plenty of burgers. 4 for each of us and 4 for Kristin and Stephanie. So 12. For four people. Yup I make friends like I make family. But just look at those burgers. Yes they were as good to eat as they are to look at and talk about. I think we only burned two of the burgers and we smothered them with cheese so it turned out okay. Lovely.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Copy that Captain!

I know that you are suppose to start the day with what happened today, but last night was pretty awesome. It was the experimental night. We put Sawyer in his crib for the first time. Now I know some of you will be thinking well where has he been sleeping this whole time. Because you are for sure right there is no way I'd let him sleep with me all the time. No sir. Ever since he was born he has been sleeping in the bassinet of our pack-n-play. Well as of today he no longer needs to sleep in that. So I am going to put it up today and our bedroom will get several feet larger. Excited.
Also in news today, poop. Yes sir when Kristin was feeding Sawyer this morning, as every morning, he pooped. I understand that we all need to relieve ourselves at times and pooping does a good job of that. That is just part of the human life, every one poops. (I read the book I know) But that does not mean that all poops are created equal, and I would say that the poop that Sawyer produced today was a step above the rest. As you can see in the picture is smeared up his back and all over Kristin's pants. It was a terrible mess to clean up but I'll tell you the weirdest thing about this poop was that it climbed his back like a vine. He was sitting up when he pooped. How does this poo defy gravity? Also none of it was in his diaper. His butt was in his diaper but the poop some how jumped out without even touching the sides.
After a classy story like that what can I do but tell you that all the best things happened today. I got my oil changed! I get very excited about this because I think that an oil change is just a good deal for you car. Its like your car needs lube and you change it so that their lube is free and clear. (It also shows that there wasn't much of anything else that happened today so all I can talk about was oil changes. I mean it hadn't been done in a while but that is never really impressive. Either way here's a cute picture of Sawyer.) Ta!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Heads down low.

This was one of those days that nothing really happens until the end of the day. But at the end of the day a lot happens so it makes the rest of you day feel like you really didn't do anything. Well since that's how I feel about this day I'll just say that I didn't do much most of the day. I know that there was some working going on and then I went over to Justin's for something. I can't remember what it was that I went over there for but I know it was something and because of that something it led up to us hanging out with them later that night.
So some times you have friends that you know a while and you can hang out with them whenever. With these friends you can say and do whatever around them. But when I hang out with friends of friends I get a little awkward. I feel like I need to be quieter and less extravagant so that I don't make my friends feel embarrassed that they are hanging out with me and these other people. Well Justin and Stephanie don't like that I get very quiet around their friends. I suppose that it is because they know that I'm not really a quiet person. So when we went over to their house tonight, knowing that they were going to have other friends over, I decided to try and just act like me.
Well before their other friends came over Kristin and I did, the drive isn't real long. While we were hanging out before Justin started playing some wii. Well the wii game he played I couldn't tell you but I think that is because he took me into the other room and showed me a jewel. He had a nintendo 64, and on that system he had Mortal Kombat. I wish I could show you the picture of us as we are playing. From what I understand it was like two children staring at the screen intensely playing video games. While we were playing Kristin brought us some Dove chocolate. She said that it was for her grandma's 88th birthday and said we all needed to eat it together. Sadly Justin was playing Mortal Kombat and so he glanced at the chocolate and shoved it in his mouth without thinking about it. A moment later when I told him he wasn't suppose to eat it he pulled it out and waited. Kind of gross but it was respect right?
After a while Thomas and Meredith showed up. These two have been friends with Justin and Stephanie for a while now. They were a nice couple and a lot of fun to hang out with. We ate tacos, talked a while, and played some masterful wii bowling. It was good to meet new people, it shows that we can still be friendly with others. Yay us! Night.