Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Beautiful Baby Name

Okay so this morning I had to work fairly early but we had a doctors appointment first. The only reason this really mattered was because the doctors appointment was so close to the time that I worked that Kristin and I had to take two cars to the appointment. It was actually kind of fun because I was behind her by about five minutes and it was interesting to see if I had better traffic so that I could catch up to her. I didn't but had the race been longer I would have.
We went to the doctors appointment and saw the doctor as usual and everything is fine. I even learned our nurses name is Sandy, easy to remember because its Daniel Hackers moms name. Yes! But while we were there we realized that we have the busiest schedule we have ever had before. Yes ladies and gents this is even more busy than when we got married. We have to go to Kansas, then we have doctors appointment galore along with appointments for Maymie, birthing classes, and a hospital tour. My manager is going to hate me.
We went and had a nice breakfast at McDonalds and then I went to work. After work I came home and we picked up the house a little bit. We organised the babies stuff into a pile in the corner and went through the cloths that we got from my mom and dad. Of course Kristin and I are now trying to plan the house around the baby looking for room in places there really isn't much room while also preparing for his arrival. She started sorting and washing the cloths (putting the socks in a delicates bag, pretty good idea mom). But when we were all done and we still had a bunch of stuff just sitting there with no room for it we decided that we were going to have to clean our the storage shed and condense the boxes and get rid of things we don't need. (terror music insertion) Don't worry we aren't doing it until tomorrow.


P.N. Oh and I have twice forgotten to tell you the one name we have picked out for the baby. I bet you have been so mad at me. Either that or you were scanning those last few post trying to find it hidden in there some where. Well I guess that's what happens when you go on vacation for a while, you just forget things. Barnett.. thats the only name we have picked out. How mad are you all at me? Some were deep inside me I have a heart, but some times it doesn't show. Bye

Monday, August 30, 2010

Jaxon Bleu... no wait Andrew

So today we were back at work. Of course we are getting the "how was your vacation?" and "I can't believe you went to Colorado without me!" and "How's the parking lot look?" To which I smile and reply, "It was good I'm going on another in a week and a half." and "I got pictures for you wanna see em?" and "There are two cart pushers out there and I just checked it looks fine." All in all it was a pretty chill day with me working the cool mid shift.
Kristin worked a bit earlier than I did but that gave her time to come home and sleep. She did sleep but she made sure that the house was organised as well. She put all the baby stuff in the corner and unpacked our suit case. She left Maymie's full as we know we would have to drag all the stuff out and pack it up again here pretty quick. So that stuff she just set in the corner along with all the other stuff that we are taking to Kansas.
But really the coolest news was that this little dude in the picture made his appearance. Jaxon Andrew. Alexa, whose large pregnant belly has also been featured on the blog, went into the hospital to have this guy on Sunday night and Monday afternoon he was here. We went up to the hospital to see him and to congratulate dad and mam. There were other visitors while we were there along with nurses running in and out of the room for foot monitors and baby feedings. But Jaxon's a champ and withstood it all. Here's to you kid!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Five Hour Power

So you know when you go home to see your parents and you are loading your car back up after the visit. Well when you are doing that you are of course taking some of the stuff you left at their house until you could move it in with you and you guess that now is about the right time to take it with you. You know when you have done that about eight times you realize that you probably have to much junk. Especially when you are going to have to come back for more next time. Of course most of this trip was getting the stuff for the baby and that did take up a bunch of room, plus we took a few of my boxes home. (Yeah Harry Potter books!) Needless to say that car was a little fuller then when we started the trip out and poor Maymie was packed in the back with the rest of the baggage. I'm a little scared that it is going to happen again when we go to Colby.
Either way we packed up all our stuff the night before and only had to take a few things out to the car when we left. At 3 in the morning. It was my idea, my plan, I guess but I knew that we needed to get a good night sleep at our house because the next week there was a lot of working with only one day off a piece.
So our car ride was really quick in the morning and the first six hours slipped by quickly. I did my best but I still had to scramble in the back seat of the car for a 5 hour energy. I lower my head in shame at announcing this but it was a twelve hour drive and I was running on only five hours of sleep. We made it to Amarillo before Nita went to work and we had lunch with Tatum and her at Fizzolies. I hope I'm spelling that right. After that we went to their house and took showers and were quickly on the road again.
The rest of the tip seemed like it was taking a little longer than it had when we left. But considering that the whole thing is twelve hours I guess it would seem like a longer second half. We stopped at the gas station that Kristin found her prizes of gum at and got some more, I took some rock candy this time around. Then we preceded to take a wrong turn on the final stretch. It took us an extra thirty minutes to get back to Lewisville but we made it. The rest was a quick black our for me.


P.N. Kristin is going to post yesterdays post but she said I could start writing the rest of them.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Over the river and through the woods...

We started out the day with more cleaning, but this time it was shorter lived and we treated ourselves afterwards. Kerry's dad had the day off, so we decided to round everyone up, minus Taylor..he did have to work, and we headed up into the mountains. I'm a very traditional mountain lover: postcard worthy, snow-capped, admire from a distance type of thing, and I must say that as we entered the state and I saw that they just looked brown and plain, I wasn't too impressed. I'm not sure which one it was, but our destination was decided to be one of Alamosa's campgrounds, which didn't sound impressive either, as any campground I had ever been to was just a few picnic tables and trash barrels. It was quite a trip to get up there, and I think I was a Goldilocks in this situation: less pregnant would've made me more nauseous, and more pregnant would've made me go into labor, but where I was was just right. It was super bumpy and bouncy, and a little scary at times because as you wound up the mountain the road got narrower and narrower, especially when passing someone. We finally made it up there though, and it was pretty cold (of course we all forgot jackets). We'd cheated a little and got Subway to have on our picnic, so we went out to sit down and it started raining, making it even colder. (The mountain experts [the parentals] said that farther up the mountain it looked like they were about to get snow..insanity!) Despite the cold and rain, we set out to explore our surroundings, and boy was it worth it. Not sure what river/creek/whatever it was, but there was a really pretty little stream running through there, freezing water, but it was neat to look at. Parts of the water had what looked like sulphur deposits in it, making it look all swirly and rainbow-ish. As a side note, for awhile now we've been wondering what exactly sulphur was, so I'll inform Kerry, and anyone else who reads this. Straight from Wikipedia, ahem: Sulfur or sulphur, is the chemical element that has the atomic number 16. It is denoted with the symbol S. It is an abundant, multivalent non-metal. Sulfur, in its native form, is a bright yellow crystalline solid. In nature, it can be found as the pure element and as sulfide and sulfateminerals. It is an essential element for life and is found in two amino acids: cysteine and methionine. Its commercial uses are primarily in fertilizers, but it is also widely used in black gunpowder, matches, insecticides and fungicides. Elemental sulfur crystals are commonly sought after by mineral collectors for their brightly colored polyhedronshapes. In nonscientific contexts, it can also be referred to as brimstone. Anyhoo, our little getaway up there proved to be a really nice getaway, and not icky, brown mountain. It's very serene up there, where all you can hear is the sound of the water and that empty silence. The only bad part of the trip was when this pregnant lady had to use the outhouse..not fun. I'm always afraid there's something living down there! (Too many movies, I know, I know...) We got ice cream (Dairy Queen ice cream!) on our way back, and it was a delicious ending to a fun-filled day.

A real live Amish guy!! I've never seen one before, so I snapped a picture and probably ruined his life. =/

This was my "belly" picture for week 30. I feel as big as a house, but it was really neat to just be squashed by the greatness that our has God created.


Friday, August 27, 2010

What do you have in your mouth now?!

Today marked the first full day of vacation with no driving, which we were super stoked about. We slept in until about 6:30 (7:30 central time, remember, we're on mountain time now), which is really surprising, especially for those of you that know how I like to sleep..until dinner time. Melia had school though, and as everyone is making me aware of lately, babies don't sleep in, so pretty soon the whole house was up and buzzing. We both felt rested though, so it wasn't too bad. Once everyone was off to where they needed to be, we helped Kerry's mom (and mine of course, but if I were to call her my mom, that would make this a confusing reference, seeing as my mom is in Kansas, ya see?) clean the house, so I stuck to the kitchen where mostly everything was at my waist level, so I didn't have to bend over. Kerry was sent under the house though to pull some of his boxes of treasures out of storage, so he ended up with dirt boogies. TMI I know, but I just think dirt boogies sounds funny. (Yes, I just lol'd as I typed that out.) Meanwhile, Maymie had been getting dog whispered by everyone in the house, and was actually having awesome manners, so she was allowed to be out and roaming about. She was happy to be out of the car, and not have to be in some sort of box. She had to go right back in though, because after Melia got out of school we met up with some of their friends and got snocones. I got Tiger's Blood which was stinking delicious (someone want to get me one now? =]), but we had to wait for foreverrr to get them. I about had some pregnancy rage on the lady ahead of us that was doing Lord knows what, but the important part is that we finally got the goods. We had some yummy leftover pizza dinner after that, and it was a good end to a good day. =]

Hide your kids, hide your wife, 'cause Kerry's creepin' in yo' closet.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Elk, Falling rocks, and Bears, oh my!

Do you ever wake up and not realize where you are? That happened to me several times during the night. Once I figured out that I was on a couch in a 1st floor apartment in Amarillo, with Kerry 5 feet away, all was well in the world again. =] Tatum had to be to work at 6 or 7, I forget which, so Kerry, Nita, and I slept until 8, and then got up and got ready for the day. We headed out to eat an early lunch at Tatum's Subway, and then we (minus Nita of course!) left on our 2nd leg of the journey to Colorado. Daytime driving is much easier for everyone I think, so this part of the trip seemed pretty normal. Once we finally made it into CO, we started noticing signs everywhere, you know, the once with pictures of what to watchout for. "Watch out for deer", "Watch out for elk" (which unless you're used to wilderness, you'd think was just a bigger deer), "Watch out for bicycles", "Watch out for falling rocks" (???), "Watch out for bears." Wait, did that just say bears? Really?! That's freaking awesome. Obviously the signs got weirder as we went on, and we (okay, only me) was looking in every direction just waiting for something to magically appear in our path like the signs promised. Even in the desolate areas, you're lucky to see some deer, usually the animals are smart enough to stay away from the road, or only come out at certain times in the day, but much to our surprise we look and see a dark figure moving across the road right in front of us. Could it be? Yes, a freakin' bear just ran out in front of our car. EPIC WIN!! We were going 65+ miles an hour, and he was booking it, so we didn't get any pictures sadly, but it was still pretty cool. After all that excitement, we finally made it to his parent's house in Alamosa, and were able to have the evening to hang out before we had to turn in for the night. We both needed to catch up on sleep, and with all the adventures in store, it was a necessity.

This was our bed for the duration of our stay there. Easy setup/takedown, and it got the job done. And the answer to your question is yes, I did end up in the crack between the bed and the couch, many times...


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Go West Young Man, Let The Evil Go East

So today turned out to be one of those massively long days. Kerry had a longer shift than I did, but we both got off at 7:00, so we met up at home, scooped up Maymie and the rest of our luggage, and hit the open road. The drive honestly wasn't too bad (of course I was only a passenger), time seemed to go by pretty fast. I'm not much of a night driver, I'm either blinded by all the lights, or my eyes trip themselves out because of the pitch black. Either way, not much help at all. As a passenger though, these problems don't bother me, so I always make my main focus to stay awake and keep Kerry alert. Usually we just talk or listen to music and talk, so either way we just end up having a blabfest. It's a test that we pass everytime; we never run out of things to talk about, especially with the upcoming arrival of our little boy! He was a pretty good passenger, didn't hurt me too badly aside from a hard jab here or there. Much easier to travel with him at this point I'm sure. =] Anyhoo, there were lots of stops (for me of course), and we found a cool gas station (not sure where it was) that had a bunch of random kinds of candy, and I found some of the different fruit flavored Super Bubble gum, yumm!! I munched on that to stay awake, and Kerry had to break down and drink a 5 Hour Energy. I don't think he really likes to take them, but boy do they help. Our destination for the night was Amarillo, TX, where Tatum (our brother) and his fiancé Nita live. (I don't know whether the girl version has 1 or 2 E's, I'm sure Kerry will correct me later.) We finally rolled into town at around 2:00 in the morning I think, and we were ready for a break. We stayed up and talked for awhile, but Tatum had to be up early to open his store (he's a Subway store manager) so they went to bed, and we crashed shortly thereafter. Kerry slept like a dead person of course, but I woke up everytime Maymie let out a little "brrrf" at the neighbors. I'm sure I'll be enjoying some sleep in the car tomorrow. =]

Everyone else was awake, but of course she had had a rough, long day, so she needed her Zzzzz's.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Swiper no swiping.

You ever had one of those days that when you went to work you really just didn't do much, or at least you thought you didn't do much? I think that was the case for most of us today. We had such a strong weekend and were running around so much the past four days that today really felt slow. Even though we were short handed for most of the day and I was on a register for the last hour I never really felt busy. Just means that the front end CSM team gained a level and we are ready for the next boss! (Insert nerdy level up music)
After work I cam home to a list of stuff that needed to get done before we leave tomorrow. Things like hanging the cloths, doing the dishes.. and catching the blog up. Yeah I know the last four were written today and I am sorry. But it was a rough weekend, to that we can attest these failures.
Well I got all of the stuff done before bed. (not presently but I'll finish the shirt hanging in a moment) I found that there are certain things that I don't have to do since I got married. Like pack. I don't have to pack, and the reason for that is because she doesn't like how I pack, which is okay with me so long as she packs. I'm sure this will raise problems when we have our own diaper bags. Because I know mine will be set up logically to where I know where things are and I'm sure that she is going to mess it up just one time and I wont be able to find anything. But I am also sure that I'll probably pack her's the wrong way or not at all and she will be missing something she dreadfully needs and it will be all my fault. Oh how I can't wait til he is here.
Speaking of this is week 30. That means only ten weeks left. Oh and we have one of his names picked out and I'll tell you what it is next time I post. Course since we are leaving tomorrow we haven't any idea when that is, but be you prepared. Love all!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Manic Monday!

Six o'clock already? I was just in the middle of a dream. Not really I was up and at work pretty okay time today, at around 10:30. At work today I got to work with this guy. He's a guy I've known for a while, I can't really think about how we became friends. Its kinda weird actually. I mean this will be my second year at the Wal-Mart here in Highland Village and he's been working for the store the whole time I've been there. I was a cashier and then turned CSM which I suppose is when we started talking but we really didn't hang out until we started working out which I have no idea when that was. But I remember going to his birthday party last year. I remember working out and just joking around at work. Being the fastest team at reseting the self check. (Challenge us) And other stupid things at work. Oh and his names Jim.
This summer we kind of got hooked on playing Marvel Ultimate alliance which might just be an excuse to hang out but you know we do what we can. He's a person I can tick off and be perfectly honest with and he'll know that its just me and who I am. He's a really good friend of mine and his birthday is not today, but it could be tomorrow. Happy birthday Jim.


P.N. Oh and Jim and I did hang out today and played Ultimate Alliance. SO there.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday sunsleeeeeeeeeeepppp

Look at her folks, the most beautiful person I know.
Today we have a confession to make. So lets get in the box with the preacher and let it out because we know every ones listening any way. We didn't go to church this morning. It was a discussion very late last night and it went something like this. "Is it bad that I want to skip church tomorrow so I can catch up on sleep." and I said, "Some times church needs to be skipped to catch up on sleep." (Hangs head in shame) I was really tired, and so was she, and we are driving a really long ways this week, and we haven't had much time off... okay don't complaining. You can now all point and scold.
After we got up, refreshed I might add, it was about time for us to go to work. The end.

Okay so work was hectic. I know that at CVS there were a bunch of people that were shopping but not really for back to school items. (Oh man I'm using retail terminology) At the Walls though they were. Every one and their dog was shopping for back to school items. (No seriously there was a guy with his seeing eye dog there.) Some of them I don't think were going back to school, others I know hadn't been to school in fifty or so years and some I don't know if they ever went to school, by the looks of their manners I'd say no. They were loud, rude, pushy and ticked off. My kind of people. But I wasn't inside with them, I was pushing carts. For three hours. You know when you see some one really hot, like me, and you think you'd like to date them, like me, you ask em out? Well get your mind out of that pit cause I'm married and that's not what I meant. I was sweating so bad I had salt marks on my shirt, not fun.
By my lunch time I was so tired I was about to fall asleep. Jim to the rescue! He had two five hour energy drinks and I was feeling that 2:30 feeling and he decided to share. Now I have never had a 5 hour energy before in my life and I wasn't really sure how my body would react to it. Well it works to say the least. I don't think that I have been that annoying to every one in the entire of Wal-Mart that fast every before. I mean we got all our work done but I'm pretty sure I was making customers, if not associates, poop their pants. Just saying. They work.


P.N. I will be using those on our trip this week.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tax Free huh?

I was up at five this morning. That is a very early day for almost any one. I know that farmers and my parents are up at 5 in the morning but you know that most people just sleep later. I sleep later, I sleep at least until seven if I can. Kristin, if unwatched, will sleep until eleven if she can. Maybe our baby will be more like her but I doubt it, most babies wake up pretty early. Why then was I up at five, well its because I went to work at six. I went into work on the second day of tax free weekend at six.
Tax free weekend is a holiday that the government came up with for no good reason. I guess they wanted to help out the poeple of the USA and let them not have to pay tax for one weekend. Last year I can remember there were several things other than school supplies that were tax free. This year on the other hand there was a list that covered a whole page full of things that were tax free. Things that included Depends and Diapers. I know that should have bought some but I just couldn't bring myself to hold diapers for two months.
Kristin and I both went in early today and had the morning rush. We found out that people sleep past five in the morning and aren't out buying school supplies and depends early in the morning. Really the biggest part of my morning was before seven in the morning when we were trying to clean up the mess from the night before. It was quite the party. I walked the isles of the school section and realized that its no wonder that my parents home schooled. There is just way to much junk that these kids in public school need. I mean a highlighter that has a cone tip? really? Either way the picture is Maymie looking at a lizard friend of hers that plays on the window at night. So tired.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Freakin Fridays!

This Friday was a glorious day. We were all off. When I say we I mean Kristin, Justin and I, Stephanie had a short day. But as things go the way they do Kristin was asked to work this morning and as gracious a pregnant lady she is she obliged the gentleman who ask it of her. So early in the morning she departed to go and work a quick shift and then we had business with Justin and Stephanie.
Kristin was home at around two and we lolled around until we were able to leave at near to four. Stephanie wasn't even off work at the time so it was okay with us. Still as we were on the road we stayed on it until 5. The traffic was bad and some of the drivers even worse. But we made it over to their house and were greeted only by Justin.
We hung out at their place and ate pizza. We watched a movie and then finished up with the Roast of Dave Hasselhoff. All in all it was a pretty good night..

Oh yeah, and they are having a baby! Yep we have been hiding our surprised faces for nearly two weeks but now we can say it out loud, or type it on our blog. This above is a scan of an alien spaceship flying through the atmosphere. Funny thing is it could probably pass for that. But it is their baby, well the picture of their baby at.. I have no idea how many weeks. But the kids in there, and I won't announce the sex, we'll just have to wait to find. out.
We are very excited for Justin and Stephanie to have their baby. I'm sure that every one will tell Justin the same thing that they told me but its not true man you don't put on sympathy weight. Good luck my friend.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Punched! But not with fruit..

Thursday, what an exciting day. Today is the day we went to go get a ultrasound. It was an 11:15 appointment and of course we were up early, well I was up early taking a shower and getting ready and by the time the appointment rolled around we were at the doctors office. Today as we walked in there were a few people there and we have noticed that lately there have been more people than when we originally started to go see the specialist. But no worries to us because they are quick and we don't every have to wait very long. The only thing today was that when we walked into the waiting room and there were kids.
I know when I see kids in a quiet room, like waiting room or a bank, I hope, and try to speculate, that they are pretty good and well behaved kids. Well as it is no intention of mine to give you a boring recollection of the events I'm sure that you have now come to the conclusion that they were not at all the best behaved children. First while we were sitting in the waiting room, fourth in line, they were pretty quiet only speaking to their mother. Sadly the quietness did not continue and we were soon in the midst of a playground. The older of the two, who was a boy, was running and climbing on the furniture and then jumping off of it. The escapade continued for some time.
We were soon to find out that the doctor was unable to take us at the time but would sacrifice his lunch hour to see us because he had to run down to labor and delivery. We were quite alright with that assuming that he wouldn't be too long. It ended that every one but the lady with the children left to go get something to eat. Now I don't try to speak out against other parents, wait that may not be true. I try to watch other parents and I think that maybe this lady had some different kind of idea. Instead of telling her children what to do and what not to do she would suggest something else for them to do when they were being bad. Plus at the height of their "excitement" she gave them candy to keep them quiet. We soon found out that they had not yet reached the height of their excitement. (I know some of you are sitting in your chairs reading this and saying, "Just wait til your kid is born." But I'll tell you I was never allowed to act like that in public.)
It was a cool hour and forty-five minute wait we had after we arrived before we were able to see the doctor but when we did we were excited. First because we are always excited to see the little fellow dancing around and we are interested in his size and the Amniotic Band. Well the doctor did a very thorough look and could not find the band. Now to God be the glory for the things he does and to me be the glory for mine. I don't get much glory. We also found out that he is still showing two to two and a half weeks big. His head is three. Sad news still as this was our last ultrasound we are to get before he is born. Now I guess we have to wait like real people. But we are glad to not have any more because that means he is doing well. Ta.


P.N. The picture is of our Doctor Dr. Herr. She is the one we see regularly.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Today was an interesting mess. Work was odd because I never felt as if I was there but I always felt as if I was making all the mistakes. Perhaps I felt as if the mistakes that were being made wouldn't have been if I hadn't been there. Some days like that I just feel like I should have stayed home.
Yesterday, though I'm posting today the picture, I met Jude. He is a young man that was born to one of the girls that I work with. I have been talking to him for a while now but yesterday was the first time I was able to see him. Most of the time I was talking to him he was in his moms tummy so it was only in passing. Luckily when I met him I kept myself from slipping into a Beatles classic. I wont lie I really wanted to sing it.

Well I worked pretty early and I got off pretty early while Kristin had to work a mid. This gave me time to mess around until she got home but when she did we knew it was business time. We were out of many things and we had very little to eat. If any one knows me they know that me without food is a near tragedy and me and a pregnant Kristin without food is almost the Apocalypse. So we went to Wal-Mart and what did we see? This sign. We bake to much. Not baked, just bake, like this is a constant thing that is going on. I don't know maybe they always bake too much, but if they do I think they need to slow down on the baking. I'm just glad they used the right too. Oh and for any one who wonders no this is not my store.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oh the webs you weave..

First of all I want to talk about the pictures. I never get a picture on here because most of the time I am taking the pictures. Its cool with me but today we didn't have a picture and I was off all day and Kristin went to work at fourish and well you know this is what happens when I hang out with myself. I get the music going and some major rocking out going on. It helps when I am making food for work the next day and when I'm ironing my pants. I know that these aren't the best picture of me, my mom is probably just sad that I didn't put a good one of me on here, but you know its the best I have right now and its more recent than yesterdays news. Thats pretty recent. This one of me yelling is pretty special...
We were awoken this morning for to early at nine in the morning. We had a doctors appointment and we set it for 10:15. To be true to the fact I set it for that early in the morning. Little did I know that this would be one of my days off for the week and we could have slept in and don't it a little later than we wanted to. The appointment went well, the babies heartbeat was good. The only thing the doctor really said to us was to make sure we, well Kristin, was feeling the baby move. Dr. Herr said that if we were worried that he wasn't moving enough Kristin was to eat something to wake him up and lay down. While doing this she needs to feel the baby move ten times in two hours. More like twenty minutes.
After the appointment we went shopping, we really didn't have that much to buy so it was pretty boring. But then we came home and Kristin took a nap, I joined her for the last portion of it. But she was called in early tonight so I was left along for far to long. Luckily I got a nice phone call from Justin and Stephanie. We played with the face time on our phones, and we had a little fun not actually talking to each other. I would write things down on a piece of paper and communicate that way. It made me feel like I was twelve again and had just gotten to use my first video camera for messaging. Oh what a distance we've come since I was twelve.
The title of this post is.. well look at it... but I named it that in remembrance of the poor spider that use to live on a tree outside our house. This dude, who Kristin affectionately called a tarantula, was about the side of the bottom of a glass cup. His, or probably hers, web was stretched between two trees. It was probably about four or five feet at the widest part. I'm pretty sure the dude was hunting for birds or cats or small rodents because there was no fly that could satisfy this things hunger. But sadly, or not, the day the lawn men came to blow the leaves away the spider was blown away as well. I thought maybe a few days later it would rebuild its web but I haven't seen it since.
Kay bye.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Week 29!!

Alright so this is day one of week 29 and that's all I have to say about that. Other than that it was just a working day. Kristin got up early and worked until 1:30 and I went in at 12:30 and work until late. It wasn't all that exciting at work except that we were really busy and we are short some cashiers. But you know what doesn't hurt us will make us stronger? Also at work we had a sweet surprise. Our friend Ashlee had her baby Braydon and today I got to meet him. Its always fun meeting new people, and you know I get to say I knew him before he was a month old. Sweeter still. (I'm going to try and put a picture of him on here but I have to ask permission first. So check back.)
Kristin has been having some cramping and other pains, also she can't really move without waddling. All of this and she texted me telling me that when she got off work she'd go home and take it easy. But I don't really think she did. When I came home the house was clean and the laundry was already started, so pretty much she didn't slow down at all. But we didn't do much tonight. We just hung out and watched 10,000 B.C. I thought the movie was pretty cool but Kristin didn't like it at all. Course she thought it was going to be about dinosaurs and it was nothing about them, there weren't even any dinosaurs in it. Now some of you are probably going to argue with me, or at least try to tell me that there were saber tooth tigers in it, which there were, but those aren't dinosaurs. Trust me I know, I wanted to be a paleontologist.
Yeah when I was a kid I really liked dinosaurs. I think the magic was in the fact that they were huge lizard like creatures, but mostly huge. I just always liked big things, I still do, but the dinosaurs were enormous. I mean these things could step on us like we were rats. There wasn't really any stopping the young mind from wandering to the thought of these creatures that were as big as houses, and God said we were dominate from the beginning. Wow.
Well the house is clean, I'm getting tired, and the dishes need started. Guess its time for me to stop rambling and go to sleep. Night knight.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

So you think your unborn baby can dance?

SPOILER ALERT!! If you watch "So You Think You Can Dance" and haven't seen the finale yet, I'll ruin it for you, stop here. Or if you've never heard of it, or don't care, read on! =]

Do you ever feel really lazy, even though you get a lot accomplished? I worked an early shift today, and of course Kerry is closing, so I came home to an empty house. Yes, Maymie counts, but all she wants to do is eat or sleep, so she doesn't really count in this instance. There were a million and a half things to do, but I decided to watch So You Think You Can Dance on Hulu instead. It's a competition style show about dancing, and they have all different styles on there. For you critics, yes, dance IS a sport, and the winner of this competition is going to be on a Gatorade campaign as an athlete, so in your face. (I took dance for 13 years, so it really pisses me off [pardon my language] when people don't recognize it as a sport..I mean, REALLY?!?) Basically, it's the American Idol of dancing. It was down to the final 3, Robert, Kent, and Lauren, so it was pretty intense. They re-enacted all the best performances from the season, one of them being a number in which one of the dancers is now out on an injury. They just scrapped it huh..nope! They got Ellen to fill in! I love Ellen!! That was pretty epic, but they had to get on to announcing the winner. Robert got 3rd place, which was predictable, and Kent got 2nd, making Lauren the winner. This girl was freakin' amazing, she literally nailed every style of dance they threw at her, including some crazy Tahitian hula type stuff. Pretty good show, glad I was able to watch it on the computer since we don't have cable. After I got done with the show I did all my chores, laundry and dishes, and then I started catching up on the blog. We're really sorry that we get so behind, it just gets chaotic, and then no one wants to write a novel when they come home from work completely beat. I personally will try and get better at keeping up, and I'll try to get Kerry to do the same.

Random sidenote: I just felt something pretty gnarly. I've gotten used to the baby kicking, at this point it's just like "Oh hey guy, what's up? Being crazy, that's nice.", but this was weird! My stomach kept getting hard, and I could feel him in there wiggling around, so I figured that he was probably arching his back out and that was the hardness I was feeling, so I used 3 of my fingers to kind of poke around and try and figure out what he was doing. Weirdest thing I've felt thus far: it was either a foot, or a joint! SOSOSO weird to feel someone pushing back against you! Now I'm on a manhunt to track down that little body part that was jabbing me, I want to try and figure out exactly what it was. Sneaky, sneaky baby. x]

So Maymie pretty much thinks she's a people I think. She'll go through spurts where she thinks she's a little dog, but today was full out human mode. She started out the day under the covers with Kerry, since she can't sleep on the floor, and I caught her over on the couch earlier resting her head ever so delicately on the pillow. Really dog, really?!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Werewolf? Therewolf!

We both lucked out and had early shifts today, so we made plans to go to a friend of ours' show. He plays drums in a band called Werewolf Therewolf (http://www.facebook.com/werewolftherewolf), and they were playing in a show with a bunch of other bands at Hailey's in Denton. Third String Productions was putting on the show, and if you're familiar with the local scene at all, they're the company you want backing you. They've brought in a TON of big names, none that any of you would probably recognize so I'll spare you ;], and these guys made it on to one of their shows! They needed 40 people to show up for them, and they went well past that..they get to be on Third String's Halloween show, Monster Mosh II now, yay!!! Needless to say, we won't be going, but we wish them the best of luck. Anyhoo, we headed out for the show at about 10:00, and they went on at around 11:15. I love going to shows, but this was a beating. It was so humid and hot in there, it was ridiculous. It wasn't as smoky as I thought it was going to be, and there was easy access to water. =] I sat down most of the time, and oddly enough the baby didn't move around during the music, it was when it would stop that I would feel little bumps here and there. Guess he wanted more rock, or cowbell. ;P Did I mention the part where everyone in the building stared at me the whole time? I guess pregnant girls don't go to shows? I cleared it with our doctor and she said it was fine, as long as I was okay, so I was down. I'm sure everyone thought I was a terrible person and mother, but oh well, a little (or a lot) of public embarrassment never hurt anyone! It was fun to see him and see how the band has grown, but I really don't miss going to shows that much. Funny how your priorities change so quickly, not to mention my body can't handle it anymore, too much standing, and not enough A/C or water. This was however my first outing where I didn't end up with XXXXXXX all over everything, I got a wristband! Yay for being an adult. =D

Tried to get a shot of the band, but it was pretty dark in there. =/


Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th, dun dun dunnn..

Today was the rare and elusive day off..for BOTH of us!! We didn't have any special plans other than sleeping in, and a text at the buttcrack of dawn kind of put a dent in that. I was going to schedule us hair appointments, but they said Corrina wasn't going to be in on Friday, so I was going to wait. She texted me that morning and said she'd opened up her schedule though, so I called right away to make sure we'd get in. Our appointment was at 11, but she's a workaholic, so we had to wait while she finished up with another client. It worked out okay though, because randomly, VERY randomly, my sister LeeAnn and her mom were there! LeeAnn's in-laws showed up, so she decided to sneak out for a haircut. I'm sure being pampered and relaxing for a few hours was nice for her, seeing as Griffen is only 3 weeks old and I'm sure she's been busy non-stop. They got done a lot sooner than we did, and they peaced out to go run some errands, so we were left to entertain ourselves. Poor Kerry sat there for forever, good thing he had his iPhone to keep him company. I let Corrina go wild with color, I'm pretty much a blank canvas when it comes to that. We decided on a dark purplish plum color for a shadow underneath, and red/blonde pieces everywhere. It looks AWESOME, but I haven't gotten a good shot of it yet, I'll make that a priority, I promise! While my color was setting, Kerry got his cut. She always gets it just right. He told me afterwards that he told her to make it chin length, but she wouldn't do it because she knew I would be mad..you go girl! It's so nice having someone that knows what you want without you telling them. I got mine cut afterwards, and she started hacking before she even knew what I wanted. What an artist. Both our styles turned out amazing, and it felt good to get beautified. Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in one more time before I have the baby, but we'll see. We finished out the day with some Whataburger, and watched some Grey's Anatomy. It's funny how lame we are, but I absolutely wouldn't have it any other way.

The artist at work. I have a tonnn of hair, so that took a good while. We went at 11 and left at about 4. hahah


Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's a blimp, it's a whale, no..it's just a pregnant lady.

More boring work, it seems like that's all our days consist of. Today was a rare occasion though, Kerry worked early and I had to close. Granted, my closing only consists of 5-10 versus his 2-11, but it's still brutal on me. I don't need special treatment, don't get me wrong, but I can't runrunrun like I used to. I'll just get myself waddled to whereever they have me working on something, and someone will "Excuse me, do you work here?!?" or "Helllllooo, can somebody PLEASE check me out?" and I'll have to waddle back, without getting anything done. It's frustrating first of all, because it shows how sickeningly spoiled the human race has become with wanting everything nownowNOW, and that pregnancy really does slow you down, whether you want it to or not. I still hustle my butt off, and very rarely leave without getting my projects done. It's nice feeling like I'm a valued asset to a team, and that I'll be missed when I'm gone. The girls at work always give me a hard time and tell me that I'm not going back after baby is born, but the bills won't quit coming. I'll take 6 weeks maternity leave, and then either find a daycare to put him in (SO not thrilled about that, I don't trust anyone with my dog, let alone my child), or try and find someone we know to watch him. In a small town like the one I'm from, it'd be easy to find an older woman to watch him, but here it's harder because I don't really know any older people, and most people here aren't fully retired, so they still have a job to attend. We're down for any suggestions or recommendations of anyone who would be interested in providing childcare, paid of course. =] Anyhoo, after I finally got off work we decided to go swimming because it's been so stinkin' hot here, over 100 everyday, and we've been in a heat advisory for the past week solid. The water was really warm, but it felt good on my back. Kerry thinks it's funny that I can't really swim anymore, or float, but I still get my water aerobics on. ;]

I look thrilled, don't I. I look like the Kool-Aid man in a jumpsuit. Kerry just loves taking unflattering pictures of me, love ya hun!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Super Shopper

Being married ensures that you have a "roommate", and just like when it's a non-spouse roommate, when they're gone and you're home alone it can be boring. I got off work at 7, and Kerry had to close, so I went and visited him at work afterwards and did what I had said would be light shopping. 2 hours later, and I'm still there. Don't ask me how I can take so long to buy $20 worth of stuff, but I definitely make it happen. I was on a mission to buy supplies to make a goody bag for a friend, and I swear I lapped that store a billion times. I'd check off something on my list, and then look down and the next thing was clear on the other side of the freakin' store. I know I know, you'd think I'd learn to write my lists by aisle, but I do it as it comes to me. On big grocery trips Kerry's in charge of the list/crossing off, he can get the job done. All in all, a pregnant waddler making her way through Walmart isn't a pretty sight, and it doesn't bode well for my back. Once I finally got everything bought I went home to assemble the goods and bake a little, it wasn't too much longer before Kerry got home. I love feeling accomplished when he comes home. He normally doesn't say anything about what I've done, but I know he cares and appreciates it. I try and keep up the house and cleaning side, and he picks up where I leave off on finances. We've got a pretty traditional marriage, and we're both content with our roles. I'll never be one of those power women, I'm perfectly alright with "belonging in the kitchen" and him "bringing home the bacon." He takes care of all of us, and that's all that I ask. =]

You can tell that Maymie misses her Daddy while he's gone, she's all over him when he gets home. She doesn't particularly like to share, but she doesn't mind. =]


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

28 Weeks!!!!

Yesterday marked 28 weeks for us, and that means we're in the third trimester, yay!! He could officially survive in the outside world now, not that we want him to yet. Kerry gives women in general a hard time for saying "I want this baby out", but it's not that we want them out. I want him to stay in and cook until he's done, but once he's done there's no point in him being in there, right? We don't leave a cake in the oven longer than it's supposed to be, because it'll burn. Granted, a human isn't going to burn inside my "oven", but knowing how big our families are (Kerry is 6'3", I'm 5'11", his dad is about 6', and my dad is 6'5"), it wouldn't surprise me if we end up with a tall stinkin' kid, and he's already over 3 pounds, so I'm guessing he'll be a good 8 or 9 when he's born. Point blank, a big baby doesn't sound like fun times for me. I'm sure you'll say that any baby process doesn't sound like fun, and you're right, but I'd like to get it over with while it's still manageable, if you know what I'm saying. I'm totally down with keeping him in there another 10 or so weeks, but I really hope I don't make it to 40. That's the point where you get the "Oh honey..." from older, experienced women. Let's not go there. Either way, he's learning all sorts of stuff these days. He can open his eyes, and he can react to bright lights near my belly. Kerry put a flashlight on me the other night and he started moving around like crazy. Kerry thinks that he was trying to chase the light, but I don't think he's like a cat with a laser pointer. ;] He can also "breathe" amniotic fluid, and his lungs are preparing to take their first breaths of real air. He probably still looks a lot like a wrinkly, old grandpa, but as he puts on weight he'll get cuter and cuter. We're really enjoying him moving and being crazy, but the heat (and my bones/muscles, for that matter) are taking a toll on me. This little boy will prove to be worth every ache and pain in the end though!

Ripped straight off Google for your viewing pleasure: a computer generated image of a 28 week fetus. Looks a lot like a newborn if you ask me? But we think he's probably that cute, if not cuter right now anyway. =]


Monday, August 9, 2010

Register! Register! Re.. okay only twice

So today was my day off, yay me. I think all of the posts I post that I have the day off start like that. I need to come up with something new or else you are all going to think that I'm pretty boring. I also noticed that I start a lot of paragraphs with the word 'okay' and I'm pretty sick of that. I guess that I'm going to try my best to mix it up a little, from here on out that is. I'm not going to go and change anything I've already written. But days off are pretty easy.
I ran, and I ran well. I know that most people don't get the feeling that I get when I'm running. If they did then most of the world would be runners. When I'm running and I can feel my legs are ready to go, my breathing is steady and I don't even feel as if I'm using my muscles then I know I'm having a good day. Today was one of those days. It just started out right as far as running goes. I of course came home and went to take a shower, I assumed that the best time to take a shower was when you sweat. My shower was cold though and Kristin says that negates any opening of the pores I had going while I was sweating. Yay me.
Registering for having a baby is pretty fun I'm not going to lie. We went out to Babies'r'us (with the 'r' reversed) to set up the first registry. BRU was my request as Kristin said we were only going to register at two places and one of them being Wal-Mart I was allowed to pick the other. Since she wouldn't go for the Bass Pro Shop I selected BRU. We went in and sat down and was handed the stuff by the smallest little old woman named Bettie. She helped us with ideas in the beginning and put an enormous amount of diapers on the thing. (Apparently a kid goes through around 2000 in their first year.) Then she handed us the gun, making sure we knew which buttons were hers and which were ours, and we were off through the color coded store to sign up for anything we could ever want.
You might say that I went "hog wild" as we walked through picking up almost anything so that we could add it to the list of stuff we might want. I'm very glad that I married a lady with enough "Oomph" that she can take people laughing at us. But we, as comical as we are, walked and wobbled through the store and collected the amount of items adding up to 151, some of them repeated, for our unborn child. It was a lot of fun, I think for both of us if not more for me than for her. I was also pleased to find out that she and I have nearly the same idea for what kind of toys we want our child to play with. Basically nothing annoying.
We also did the Wal-Mart registry today and fixed some small items on the internet. We haven't yet put the grandparents on there but rest assured Mom's and Dad's you will be added. Though the I looked and there isn't really a place for all of the kids great and great great grandparents. For all of you wondering he will have a total of 10 Grandparents when he is born. Four being our parents, three great grandmas and three great great grandmas. Blessed is the word you're looking for. Love you all.


Sunday, August 8, 2010


Okay so today is Sunday and no we weren't able to go to church today. (many sad faces inserted here) The reason for that was because I had to work this morning at around 10. When I went into work I found out that there wasn't a cart pusher on the lot at all until 11. So we went outside and checked at 10:30, there were suppose to be Lawn and Garden associates helping us out, and this is what we came upon. Looks pretty treacherous eh? Well I called Edwin outside to help me out and we were sent back nearly two years in time when we use to push carts outside because the cart pushers sucked and we were the best cashiers there were. (Those were the days) But we had to get it done quickly because we figured if any manager so much as peaked their head out the door then we'd probably hear it. Though if it was Jared he might of just shook his head.
Work was pretty fun today. Except that no one told me I was going to be a motivational speaker to these guys. We are suppose to be suggestive selling credit cards to people ( I know some one out there is ticked because they hate credit cards. My question to you is: do you blame McDonalds for your weight?) but none of the cashiers want to sell them. Well almost none. We have a lady whose name is Brenda and she does sell credit cards, she sells em fast and hard. Now if only we could get the rest of our cashiers to do it. (For all of you cashiers who are reading this I appreciate you're selling credit cards. Unless you just don't try at all, but for those of you that are trying thank you so much.)
The evening was pretty chill after I got off work. Kristin and I sat back and watch Zombieland. Did you know that there were two movie in 2009 released that were called Zombieland. The one the USA released and then there is a foreign film, from France no less, released. I'm sure most of us knows what went on in the US version but the French version is about.. well here's what the website says: A resourceful funeral home director opens his doors to the curious masses and turns his parlor of death into a tourist attraction, offering visitors a menu of authentic frights. It's the creepiest game in town … if they can make it out alive.
Interesting right? Well I don't know but I'll probably never see it. Night Night.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

I like to dip my chips in dip..

Okay I know that the blog this past week or two has not been as often updated as it should be. I suppose as the writers it is our responsability to write. I know that some people are really interested in the blog, and others are probably just bored. But for the both of those people I promise I'll do a better job of making updates so that you don't have to wait a week to find out what happened. I regret, however, that I probably wont be writing blogs for the past two days, and that is sad. August 5th and 6th will be sorely missed. I'm sure there were things that happened on those days that we all really wanted to know about, me too.
Okay so this blog is awesome for me I think. I like that we are using it almost as a journal and that I can trust you with my deepest secrets. HAH! But it will be fun to look back on this and read it some day. Especially if we keep it going for a long time, which is the idea. Speaking of it going for a long time folks we are over 100 posts. Yay! That means for all of you who have read those you probably wasted almost three hours or more of your time. Jokes on you!
Okay so today I switched from my closing shift to my opening shift, which was really nice. Because even though I got off an hour late I was able to spend the evening with my lovely wife. Once she got off work at five we decided we needed to go shopping. Of course we went back to my Wal-Mart so that I could show her all the work I did on the spice mod. That was not fun people. Either way shopping was fun, we bought chips and pork rinds. I also think we are getting pretty good at shopping with wic. We kinda know what we can buy and it helps out. Though I'm not sure if it could ever take the place of actually buying food. I hope that no one ever has to live off of it.
We got home and ate some frozen pizzas, or cardboard pizza as they were always called at my house. I think its because they are thin as cardboard, but some people say its because they are really cheap. And yeah they are really cheap but I like em, probably cause its like a really big lunch-ables pizza. But Kristin didn't feel great so she had to lay down, I tried rubbing her back but it didn't really work. I'm just hoping she feels better tomorrow.


P.N. So on my phone I have a book reader and I downloaded Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. If any of you have read it I'd like to know what you think of it. And if you're reading anything right now you should let me know.

Friday, August 6, 2010

All Summer Long!

Okay well I know for a while you have heard about how Kayla and Kristin(mostly) were going to Quick Trip on a daily bases and getting drinks. Well some days they were going twice and I was going once, I think the record was three trips in one day. Can't be sure about that. Of course if you had been on any of these trips you would have learned about our friend Chase. He's the good looking dude in the picture. Well Kristin and Kayla affectionately call him the Hulk, has something do with his muscles. But he always recognized us when we went in to get drinks. I know how embarrassing that is but what is worse is that I took a picture of him.(but we'll get to that.) So we were in quick trip after a hard day of work for some one other than me and there he was, taking peoples 49¢ once at a time and all summer long. So when we went up to pay and got the other dude in the picture checking us out I was disappointed (Its not that I didn't like the guy, I mean he kinda looks like Justin Bieber but it wasn't Chase). SO I had to wait until Chase was done with his customer so that I could kindly take his picture. Sadly its kind of blurry but its the best we have... For now. Okay so for any one who is a Chase fan, which you should all be, here is the link to his fan page. How awesome is that.
Okay so Jim also came over today, its been a bit since he and I were able to hang out. There has just been a lot of vacationing going on. But we were glad to get some UA2 on while we can before school starts. I think that once it does start I"m going to have to force him to come over so that he can take a break from classes. Maybe I'll bribe him with a visit to Chase.
I have no idea if any of you have ever been on WIC or ever plan to be one WIC but if you do let me know so I can laugh at you. If you ever go on the program you'll understand what I mean. Have you ever seen National Treasure? Well the part where the two characters that hook up and know all about history are getting served because they don't know the significance of daylight savings time, thats how I feel every time I shop for WIC. I think its because I check out the items every day but I have no idea how to shop for the stuff. Its like reading an encoded message. I'm not Reed Richards, I don't decode things. But thank God for free decoded food. =)


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Over Due!

Okay so I know that if some of you are avid readers you're going to be like, "what just happened?" because I posted the 7th before I posted the 5th. I may have even said in the 7th that I wasn't going to write the 5th or 6th but Kristin told me I had to, so here is my attempt at trying to remember what went on during those days. (Whats really funny is that I'm trying to write three at the same time so this might turn out interesting.)
This morning I wanted to get up, and get out of bed. Well no matter what I tried Kristin was not letting that happen. She said that I was sick and that she was taking care of me so I wasn't getting out of bed until ten. Now for any one that knows me real well they know that it is hard for me to even sleep in until eight. So to try and sleep in until ten was super hard, I don't know how I managed. I mean I'm glad she made me do it, I feel better by far because of it but man it really was hard. I know its not every day you hear some one say, "I wanna get out of bed."
So Kristin went into work the other day and happened upon this frame. As you'll notice in the frame the certificate was given to her on the day before her birthday... in March. So it just now going up is a little late, but they say better late than never. Unless its a heart transplant, because if you're late you might as well have never been there. In this instance its okay to be a little late because it shows that you are trying your best. Right? Well Kristin is just glad that she can prove she is certified. Me too.
So glad Kris made me sleep this morning as I was suppose to work from 2 until 12. Quite a long shift but really its mostly just late. Of course this week I had over time and was able to cut around 45 minutes off and leave early. I think I still picked up a minute but I hope they don't get mad at me for that. If they do I guess they shouldn't have me stay late all the time.
At work we have really been coming down on, well the work I guess, but some people aren't doing their jobs as well as they should and its hard to work with those kinds of people especially when they are your managers. So please pray for me to be kind and not proud. I really might need it now.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lazy daze of summer

Days like today are just those lazy, lazy days. Like Kerry said before, he's sick, so he's not being super productive, and let's face it, unless I have motivation I'm not very productive either. We both slept in this morning, and he woke up feeling pretty icky, so he just played on the computer, and I got up for a brief period of time, and then went back to bed until it was time to go to work. Poor guy has to close tonight and work 2-11, but I lucked out and only got a 4 hour shift today, 2-6, so after I got off I went up to Walmart and sat on his lunch with him and tried to make him feel better. We got him some good medicine, so I'm hoping that that, combined with a good coma sleep will have him feeling better tomorrow. If not, I might have to convince him to stay home. He's supposed to work 3-12 tomorrow, and I know there's no way he could last until midnight if he feels the same. He's never ever sick, but when he is, he does it up good and just feels terrible. My wife/mommy skills kick in, and I do my best to nurse him back to health, we'd be lost without him. I'll pump him full of medicine when he gets home and send him to bed. He's not getting up before 10 tomorrow unless there's a fire. ;] In the meantime, Maymie and I are making a night out of movies and sandwiches, only not really any sandwich for her. So mostly sleep I suppose, since she's had a rough day of sleeping..? That makes sense. At least she's in the air conditioning all day, this heat business is really getting to me. Not only do I sweat like a man now, I feel drained the second I step outside. Here's hoping to a cooler, more healthy day for our household tomorrow. =]

I think that in her mind she's a cat? Or at least a small lap dog. Once my belly got too big for her to sit with me ( I never said we didn't do it to ourselves. ;]), she started sleeping at my feet, underneath the computer desk while I'm on here. In the wintertime at least I'll have a toe warmer? =] P.S. Excuse her red devil eyes, the camera wasn't good to her.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Glucose drink is NOT the drink of champions...

Today was my infamous glucose test to test for gestational diabetes. I didn't have to fast, so I ate some cereal, and we were on our way. I pee before we leave the house to go anywhere, it's just inevitable, so on doctor's appointment days I always drink a bottle of water on the way there so I'll be able to go for them when I get there. Once we get there I go back and they tell me to drink the sugary drink for the test, which is supposed to taste like "flat orange pop" according to everyone else, and it comes in other flavors, but I get stuck with orange. I'm an idiot and chugged that stinkin' water right beforehand, and now I have 5 minutes to chug this crap, great. Not only that, but whenever I'm super sick I take the Tylenol cough syrup, which just happens to be orange, so the whole time I'm psyching myself out and feel like I'm chugging cough syrup. =[ Not good times. It didn't help that Kerry was there the whole time telling me he could do it faster, when I still got it down in half the time. Jerk. Hah. I finally got it down though and went back to see Dr. Herr for my normal appointment. This whole time I thought that him being 2 weeks bigger would get my due date changed, but she said that the first ultrasound you get is the most accurate at dating the pregnancy, and that their measurements can be off by up to 15%. That being said, my due date is still November 2nd. =[ I don't think I'll make it that long just because he is bigger, and I think he'll make his escape before then, but we'll see. She said that I've probably got 10-12 more weeks to go, 12 more weeks putting me at 39 weeks at delivery, but we'll know more as it gets closer and we see how my body decides to handle things. Him and I are both doing great, measuring how we should. (Hearing that you're on track when you feel like a blimp is a ray of sunshine. =D) Our appointments will be every other week now, so we'll get the details worked out as we get closer. I asked about induction just for it's convenience so my mom could plan, but she said she won't induce before 39 weeks, and not for a big baby. She straight up told me that I could easily push out an 8 or 9 pound baby, but that doesn't mean that I want to! Haha. I'm excited to get a plan worked out as we get closer, I can't wait to have him here!! But he's not done cooking yet, so I'll leave him be. That buys me a bit more time to prepare and make sure everything is perfect for him. Anyhoo, the appointment went good, and I had my blood drawn after an hour (and have the bruise to prove it), so hopefully we won't hear anything back from it and I won't have to go in for the 3 hour version if I fail. =/ Right now I've got "bigger fish to fry", I've only got about 2 more months to finish planning for him!! We're making trips home to both parents houses to get supplies, we need to register for/take childbirth classes, get the house ready for him, pack all of our bags, and just take a big freakin' breath before we jump headfirst into this adventure!! My nesting is in high gear, and I'm making lists like crazy. Please pray for Kerry. ;]

Umm, pretty self-explanitory. That drink is the devil.

My current stack of craziness. I went calendar crazy last night, and now I'm filling out a "Pregnancy Planner" to try and prepare. I LOVE ORGANIZATION!! =]


Monday, August 2, 2010

At least you're not an elephant.

Today marks week 27! That means we have been at this baby thing for 189 days. In that time many number of animals would have already had their babies. In only 164 days a monkey would have had their kid. About now that monkey would be bouncing off the walls and running around leaving his little monkey messes where ever he went. Yes sir I am glad I am not having a monkey.
While pregnancy does many things for girls as far as making them huge and feel bloated and swollen. Makes them hungrier and more hormonal. They also get excited and feel the baby inside them and think about it all the time because the child is with them all the time. It does things for men too. Now most men it makes them panic about money. Wonder if they are going to be a good dad. Think about names for the child that they probably wont get to name any way. While making room in the house for the kid.
Now I'm not saying I'm immune to those thoughts but I will say that I also get caught up on other things like, what if Kristin was an elephant? How long would her pregnancy be then? Too long is the answer to that. An elephant can take up to 640 days. That's nearly 20 months of pregnancy. No wonder elephants come out so large eh? The animal closest to us in a sense of pregnancy time period is the orangutan. The orange monkey looking creature. Apparently there is only one of these guys in the jungle where Mogli lives and he has the desire for mans red fire, thats whats bothering him. He wants to be a man man mancub... Must stop.
Either way these little guys come out covered in orange hair from head to toe. Now I now that Kristin would like a red headed child but I'm pretty sure that this little dude, no matter how cute, is not growing inside of her. Sweet Dreams


Sunday, August 1, 2010


Okay so for the first time in a long time, and I mean really long time, I don't feel good. I mean like the I don't want to get out of bed, my head hurts, my stomach aches, my throat feels like there are fire ant running up and down it and I think the next time I sneeze all my teeth are going to fly out of my mouth. But of course you know I am never going to miss church or call into work. So today I made sure that I got up out of bed and headed to church.
At church today we got to do something the Kristin and I really enjoy doing, even though I had very little hand in it. But our church is collecting school items for kids going back to school and asked every one to bring a back pack full of stuff kids would need for school. So we were so ready to bring that to church with us that we forgot it before we even left the house. Its okay though because I got it on my way to work.

Today for lunch I had salad. I just felt like I needed a salad, I think it might have something to do with how I am feeling but a salad sounded good. So we went to ihop, the place for salads. I was the one who picked thought so I can't really make that much of a stink about it. While we were there I noticed that it has been a really long time since we have just had a really good waiter. I mean other than the girl at the magic time machine I think the waiters we've had lately have been a bit off kilter. I may be wrong about it or I may just have a very high standard of service. But I thought that the one that we had today was good, but not very interesting. Which I guess in the book it doesn't say anywhere that you have to be interesting.
Okay well I'm off to save the world and drink NyQuil. G'night