Sunday, October 31, 2010


I am dreaming. My sleep is sweet and undisturbed. Then out of nowhere Sawyer blasts a fart most unbecoming. I am away that the gastric intestine of a person indicate that they have to release air when it gets to backed up. But I would argue that it does not need to send some one back into battle, or startle a dad into waking up. Its no wonder he can sleep through anything. I hope that he doesn't ever have a blockage... the pressure build up would be enough to shoot out Augustus Gloop.
Well we are slowly but surely getting use to having a baby at home. I did realize the other day I was wanting to go do something and I had to rethink it because he was here in the house so I couldn't just leave. It does give you a good feeling to be there for him all the time but mostly its just great to have him. This is probably what they mean when they say that giving is better than receiving. Also to answer the question that is burning in all of your minds: no he does not keep us up all night long. He usually sleeps and we wake him up to feed. That still sounds like we are raising an animal and not a person. Oh well I guess that's what some people think it is.
Sunday is a day of rest, so we rested. We did our best to rest most of the day. We did a good job of it. Of course I had to go up to Wal-Mart so I could see Justin dressed up as Brad. This year the associates weren't allowed to wear costumes but Justin did get to sneak this one by because he dressed up as our store manager. Pretty clever. If I had been there for Halloween I was going to try and get all the CSM's to dress up as managers from around the store. Alas I had a baby and all was good.
While I was out, because I went to eat lunch with Justin so it was a bit more than an hour, Kristin was home by herself for the first time since she had Sawyer. It was a good experience for her because she'll have to wing a lot of it as I go back to work in a little more than a week. When I got home we started watching "No Ordinary Family" we liked it. Its kind of like heroes but with a family twist, I guess we'll see where the show goes. Hopefully there wont be a writers riot to ruin it.
Well mom told me about these two kids in the pictures. The bottom one is my brother and I when I was 9 months old. The other is Braedon at just about the same age. When you look at the picture you can sure tell that he and I are related. It almost looks as if we could be twins, but we are 22 years apart. Crazy. Now if you'll remember the picture I showed you of Sawyer and Braedon looking very much alike. Just think of what those two will look like is several years. They may look like twins. Okay night.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Done blasted his face!

In the middle of the night some people may go walking in their sleep but if its me who is walking int he middle of the night its not to the valley of dreams. Its more to the valley of diaper changing. I don't know if I should call it diaper changing. Changing sounds like I am being proactive and offensive, but in this quest to keep yonder child bottom from reddening up I put on more of a defensive display. Such as last night when I stood up, very tired, and took the kid to the changing table. I think of that table more like an operating table. I carefully get all of my tools ready and then progress with all of the defensive activities. Even when I do everything right things don't always go as planned. I took the diaper off of his bottom and started wiping. I pulled my hands away to re situate the wipe and suddenly there was an explosion. A blast of yellowy excrement shot, not slid, out of my kids behind. I was shocked, probably because I was tired, so much that I threw the wipe behind the crib and jumped back. Being a dad is awesome!
We needed to make sure our house was in order. Kristin and I are pretty clean people but also we are very organised people and right then our house was not organised. So after we got up and Sawyer was asleep again we knew we just had to clean the house. It was pretty easy going because he sleeps through anything and we got it done in only a few hours. Thank goodness.
Kristin and I are not yet experts on children and perhaps we never will be but we think that so far our few days as parents we have done a pretty good job. The only thing we need to make sure to do more of is sleep. Sawyer will make sure that he gets as much as he needs but we run around trying to take care of him and live our lives the way we would have without him and it just get tiring. More for her than for me but I still get a little tired too. So we've decided to take our lives into prespective and pull out of it what we don't need to have in it. Don't worry we are still keeping the blog. But we probably wont be able to go out as much or run around doing all the things we use to do. Now before we hear all the told you so's that you all want to say to us while shaking your 'wise' heads please don't because we already knew this to start with. There are only a few things that we have had questions on and luckily we have our moms that, between their eight kids, have gone through just about everything. Kay night!


Friday, October 29, 2010

Which baby is yours?!

So Wednesday night Bernice and Kayla stayed the night to make sure that we were able to take care of the kid. Well more to say they stayed to help take care of him. But being at home we didn't need near as much help as we needed in the hospital and taking care of Sawyer came pretty easy. We would set an alarm for when it was time for him to eat, Kristin would call me to wake me up and I would change his diaper. She would feed him and we would sleep. It was a lot better than the hospital.
The sun came up Thursday and we got out of bed. Bernice made breakfast and Sawyer was just as he always was. I don't know that he does much right now but I'm not a baby expert. I was glad Kayla and Bernice were able to spend some time with him as I know they have a lot going on and can't always make trips down here. I think we'll be making one up to Colby and out to Colorado in the middle of January. Until then those folks are going to have to keep up with Sawyer on the blog.
Friday morning. Bernice was at LeeAnn and Harry's last night so it was just the four of us at my house. We all decided that we'd like to go to Sawyers first doctor appointment. We were really pretty excited about our doctor because he went to the University of Kansas Med School. That's really where I'd like to go. Dr. Smalley also had a baby this last week. When we met him he approved of our name and checked out the kid. There isn't anything that is wrong with him, really the only thing that was worth noting was the doctor getting Sawyers poop all over his hands. "Thats a nice yellowy stool. Good job mom."
From there we went to Wal-Mart and I showed the kid off again. Then we had a test we needed to get done at the Hospital and Kayla was about to leave. We took the kid in to get his foot pricked and then home it was to wait until Bernice came to get Kayla. When Bernice came over she brought the mobile she made for the bed and now Sawyers bedding is complete. Hopefully he'll be in the bed some time this week. We just have to wait and see how Kristin is feeling. It was sad to see the two Kansans go home but we know that they had to. We'll see them pretty soon I think.

P.N. Okay so I want every one to look at the pictures closely and tell me which one is Sawyer. Because he isn't both of them. One of the kids here is my little brother and the other is my kid, can you tell which is which? The first time I showed Justin he didn't believe me. Good luck.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Well its not a house in the Hamptons.

Hello Blog, its me. I know you missed me, but I'm back now, and I'm here to stay, for a while at least. As you can tell from the wonderful people who have helped me keep up with the blog the past few days have been pretty crazy. Going into the hospital on Sunday was almost like walking into a book. I didn't know what could happen or what would happen but I was really interested in the ending. So today I'm going to do my best to catch you up on the hospital stay, or at least some of it.
We had the baby and from there we waited a while and then went up stairs to the recovery. The recovery room was smaller than the delivery room and I followed the baby to get his bath and all the nasty things that the nurses do to babies when they are born. Still having no name the nurse just called him baby and measured him and stuck him with needles and then gave him his bath. We went back to the room fed him and then it was about time to go to sleep. So it was about 6am.
It was only a few hours later when the nurse came in and checked on the baby. She was a pretty crazy lady but also very nice. She helped us with him and Kristin's nurse helped her out. It wasn't much time later when people showed up to visit, I think I was still asleep for the most part. I may have only been faking for part of it though.
The visitors came for the rest of the stay and the nurses pretty much had a routine down with us. Not going to lie it was my first stay at a hospital and I didn't like it very much at all. I thought that it was a bit bothersome and pretty uncomfortable. Wednesday we went home after we were woken by one of the doctors and then waited until Dr. Herr could see Kristin. But when we left we were glad to be leaving.
After that we went to Wal-Mart first thing. Just making sure this guy knows how many people have been waiting on him. Every one there was glad to see him(except for Tyler) and I'm not going to lie I was glad to show him off(except to Tyler). We finally got home from there and at some chicken from Churches. Delicious. Sawyer didn't have any, at least not directly, but he thinks it smells pretty good. I had to set up his bassinet thing in our pack'n'play. Then we went to sleep. All five of us. Night.


P.N. I will talk about today in tomorrows blog because I think this one is now long enough and I don't want to add another day onto it. kthanxbia

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Epic Tales of Greatness! More like, Great Tales of Epicness.

The past few days have been tremendous. I have been witness to see some extraordinary changes to the dynamic of relationships. The relationship between husband and wife has added another life in the equation and now it is Dad, mom, and child. The relationship of mom and baby has changed because now he is here for everyone to see. I could only imagine the difference between having a baby inside you and holding a baby in your own hands. The relationship between dad and baby has changed too. That relationship before was with a baby that you know is in there but, you can’t really feel yourself. Sure you can feel the baby kick but, that is a small substitute to feeling every single movement the baby makes and the connection the mother gets to have. When the baby is born, it is the first time the dad can hold the weight of the baby. For the first time in the relationship, the dad holds and keeps secure the health and life of the baby. Amazing changes that we anticipate but, (I am sure) can never fully understand until the magic moment happens.
In case you’re wondering, my name is Justin. A few of you may not know who I am (although I have been mentioned a couple times by the “blogmaster”). I work with Kerry and have been friends with him for a little over a year. Stephanie (my wife) and I have been hanging out with these Barnetts since the announcement was made. Between trips to Ihop where “whisper yelling” is made acceptable and running up the escalator the wrong way to try and make the baby come out, we have enjoyed the friendship and hilarious moments that will be captured in our memory (or on the iphone).
What I am still trying to get a grasp on is that Big Ole Baby Barnett is here. I mean Trogdor is here… I mean, Leonidas is here! No, no, no. Sawyer is here! How epic is that. With a name that strong, we can all be sure that there will be epic tales of greatness or more like, great tales of epicness. The baby Sawyer has a small legend that needs to be shared already. The 1 day old Sawyer is in fact, the youngest martial arts student I have ever had and, on his first lesson, he kicked my arm and left a nice, gigantic baby foot bruise on my arm. That bruise may have already been there but, that is beside the point. The point is Baby Sawyer has kicked a master of martial arts and he won. Truly Epic! Chuck Norris needs to keep tabs on this one. Sawyer may be able to kick and break the fist that his hiding inside the beard of Chuck Norris by the tender age of 3. In closing, I have enjoyed the opportunity to share my thoughts and hijack this blog. The Momma Barnett and Lead CSM Kerry will probably regret letting me do this but, sometimes “IT’S NOT FAIRRRR!!!!!” or however you sing it. I am happy to be made involved in the life of the legend, Sawyer Avery. He is way too awesome to describe and even has better hair than me. The “New Jersey Blowout” doesn’t even stand a chance. We will be here for whatever you need and, I am sure I speak for more than myself when I say, we are so very proud of all 3 of you. With all the love of friendship can hold, Thank you! Good night!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Grandma Barnett

As I sit to write a blog that is mine, but belongs to someone else, I think about exactly what to say. This is much harder than you would think. I blog, but just about the pictures I upload, not the events of a day or night or both. Kerry asked me to be a guest blogger days ago…and I mentioned I wanted to be able to put the baby’s name on the blog…but alas, since Justin is a much faster blogger than I he got that honor, however, my blog will be placed before his, just written after.
To begin this story we must start on back up a day. We left for Alamosa directly after church picking up a U-Haul trailer on our way out of town. We had to go and finish cleaning the house and organize the storage shed and bring back the rest of my furniture for my scrapping/play room. I guess since this is K & K’s blog, I should get to that part. While I was cleaning the empty kitchen I got a text from Kerry stating they were going to start Kristin on Pitocin and his texted didn’t seem very I called. He was bummed and a little cranky to say the least, perhaps because this little bundle of joy wasn’t here yet…so I called and talked to him. There seemed to be plenty of people there to help out with all that needed to be done. We finished up at our house around 10:30pm (mountain time) and headed to some really good friends house for the night. Braeden didn’t seem to sleep very good, so I was up many times during the night. If it wasn’t Braeden it was praying for Kristin, she was on my mind most of the night. (plus every time Todd moved I felt like I was going to fly off…gotta love blowup matresses!)
At about 3:20 Kerry called and he didn’t talk much, but I heard enough to make me feel like I was in the room. I heard a little baby boy just crying and crying and his mommy kept’s ok, you are ok...I could see the whole room in my minds eye...what a precious experience. Kerry’s comment was “can you hear him?” He’s big! After what seemed a life time they called us with his name...Sawyer Avery Barnett, born at 3:14 am on October 25, 2010. Sawyer weighed in at 8lb 5oz and was 20 and 3/4 inches long. What a blessing and miracle you are little boy. This Grandmom from Colorado sure wishes Dallas was closer to Colorado Springs!

Love you! Mandy

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The pictures say it all.. mostly

Today I got up and went to work and I am telling you that for some reason it was a long day at work. Maybe I just had a rough night because of all the walking yesterday or maybe it had something to do with how much I really wanted to Kristin to feel better. I know that I sent her a message asking her to go into contractions so that I didn't have to go back to work. But I stayed most of the day until she did have to go to the hospital. Once she was there I left work hoping to not come back for a few days.
I went to the hospital to find out that the doctor said that they would keep her and they would start her on pitocin. The next thing that you can do it wait. No one really know how long anything is going to take because every ones body is different and every one takes to things differently. So we waited.
When I say we I mean that there were more than just Kristin and I there. Kayla and her mom had come and were hanging out with Kristin when she decided she needed to go to the hospital. Justin and Stephanie also came with us. We were very blessed to have such a large support group to help us even though all we did was wait. Though I will say that waiting sucks. It really does. It makes things go by so slowly. I can't imagine what was going on it Kristin's head when I knew that in mine there was a lot of curiosity. I was curious about the room and all the of the little gadgets and monitors and all of the thingamabobs. I was curious about how Kristin was feeling and I was curious if our baby would come today.
I was there most of the time except for when Justin, Kayla and I went out to get something to eat. We went to Chipotle, a place Kayla had never been before. They serve huge burritos and we brought those fat sacks back to the hospital with us. None of us wanted to miss anything. After we got back Alexa came and hung out with us.
Well it was lat into the night and Kristin was feeling the contractions but not to the extent that you would think she should have been feeling them. The nurse was checking on her and making sure she was comfortable. As we waited I started to notice that Kristin wasn't feeling as good and so I made sure I was sitting there with her giving her anything that I could. After all she didn't want to have any sort of dumbing meds.
As it got later we decided that it was time for every one to leave so that we could spend the rest of the night without as much chaos. Kristin's mom stayed with us but every one else left at around 1 am. When they left I knew that I was getting tired and so I asked Kris if I could take a quick nap so that I would be alert when she needed me to. I laid down on the floor in the corner and took a quick snooze but when I woke up Kristin was sick and her contractions were terrible. I knew that I didn't need to sleep any more until she was done with me. I held her hand through the contractions and I blew on her face for a bit of light wind so she could have some relief. Pretty soon Doctor Herr arrived and it was time to push....


P.N. So just so every one knows for a little while we will be having a few guests blogs so that we can get situated... hope you like em.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday, Sadder day?

So Dr. Herr went on call today at seven in the morning. I know that doesn't mean she will be there but she will probably be pretty close. I think that she has to be withing thirty minutes of the hospital, and on a Saturday that means she can't be in Dallas. I'll bet she is at home watching television. I wish I had been.
Kristin went to work not feeling great but she was scheduled and so decided to go. Her mom and sister are coming in tonight so she'd be okay with them helping her out and fetching things for her. (that was a joke) Work is hard for people, that's why it is called work, but its even more hard for people who have elephant feet. All day long Kristin didn't feel good and had some major back pains that had been lingering since the night before. Well I told her that she needed to call the Doctor and so she did. Dr. Herr said that she should go into the hospital and check to see if she was contracting and her cervical area stretching.
I took off from work to go with her and we slipped into the hospital to see what was going on. When she was checked there wasn't anything more than there had been the day before. So we waited an hour, and walked, to see if we could get things going. Well and hour passed and she was checked again and still nothing. So we went home with a quest to see if we could get her contractions started.
So tonight we hung out with Justin and Stephanie. They came with us to the mall where we walked down the up escalator and up the down escalator. Also we walked around the mall for quite some time. When it closed at nine we went to Wal-Mart and walked some more. Hoping that did the trick we came back to the house to greet Kayla and Bernice. We hung out for a little while but it got late and nothing was still going on to terribly so we went to bed. I sure hope tomorrow brings something.


Friday, October 22, 2010

There will be lots of ick and yuck first....

Get up get ready, get up get ready, get up get ready... wait you have to actually do it you can't just thinking it. Okay getting up getting ready, and then going to the doctors. And we did. Of course we had to get gas and then eat a little something before we went. Plus the lights never go our way when we head over there. But its okay because we made it in time. Besides I think Dr. Herr was the only Doctor there today, so she was pretty busy.
When she did get to us we were taken to the room by a nurse we didn't know, sadly. We did get to see Sandy though. But she was just as busy and Dr. Herr. So we waited for the doctor, I farted in the exam room. She came in after a while and checked Kristin out. 5cm! Plus she is on call at the hospital this weekend. We are really hoping but you know anything goes when it comes to babies. When Kristin told her that she thought he might fall out she said, "Oh you'll see lots of ick and yuck first, then he'll come." She also laughed with me about a dead frog... saying it like that makes both her and I sound heartless but we aren't, so don't think we are. It was funny at the time and the way it was.. I'm not explainig myself.
After that the day went by quickly. We went to Wal-Mart and made sure to buy all the stuff that we needed for the weekend. But we had to make sure that we didn't buy things that would go out of date withing a few days because we don't know what will happen this weekend.
Well we made it a week and I was trying my best to make Kristin's last meal, though I didn't know when it would be, a great meal. I figured that it could be any time so I would do my best to make all the food she ate within the next few days great food. So tonight I wanted to make her some fried chicken. I hadn't ever done it before and so it was a new experience to me. I took the chicken and soaked it and battered it and then egged it then battered again and then fried it in a pan. And yes I wore that apron. When it was all said and done the chicken looked great but the instant potatoes didn't. They didn't taste good either. Sadly neither did the chicken. I expect that it had something to do with the amount of seasoning that I put in the flour.... mom says it wasn't enough. So next time I will probably over due it but I did my best, I just hope Kirstin can eat one more meal to see if I can make it better.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Epouta quoi la séisouso

Some days you get up in the morning and you go and check facebook first thing. I don't know why, you don't know why, we all just guess its because we want to be connected to every one. Who know that facebook would become something we would all want to be a part of, or at least most of us would want to be a part of. But this isn't about facbook, no this is about faces, and the faces on facebook. When a person puts their "profile picture" up on facebook they are making a statement. Some peopel are going to say, "No Kerry they just want a picture up so people know who they are." That's not true. We all go through our pictures and pick the one that we think would be the best be it for any reason at all. I know I try to pick mine to be funny, because I like to be funny, I also think people need to laugh. What I don't get is why people put pictures of their angry faces up. Do they think its sexy? Do they think we are all just going to look at it and go all Tyra Banks. "Oh girl you look fierce!" I have never understood why we would ever put anything that would make us look mean up on facebook. I mean I post pictures like this. Ones that have a huge zit in them so to torture the people who do glance at my pictures by forcing them to look and a large bit of acne. To bad I don't have any of my younger pictures. You know they use to call my face Acne Acres? Haha, thats a good one. Now before you all say it yes I know I put that one picture of me yelling up, but I was in a pink bathroom, so no it wasn't mean.
Today was quick, mostly. I went to work and so did Kristin. We worked. It was over, we came home. Wow. Hahah. No there was more to it than that. We came home and worked on cleaning the house a bit and then went out for supper. SUPPER. I decided that it would be nice to take her our just in case we did go to the doctor tomorrow and she says that we need to head over to the hospital. So we made our way out to the Outback. They always have really good food, and Kristin picked there if you believe me. We are trying to make it more of our routine to stay withing fifteen minutes of the hospital. I know that might seem a bit extensive but I can't deliver a baby. Either way we got home and stayed up for a bit just hanging out and watching movies.
I've realized that just before we have the baby we've slowed down a lot. Like within the past few weeks we've come to a screeching halt. I think its Kristin's auto safe to keep her from loosing all her energy so that when she needs to push she can. I am always amazed at how God created the human body. Kay so no baby yet, night night.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

lol clouds dropping ells on us...

I struggled through the weekend and Monday and Tuesday. Its been a while since I've worked four days in a row. I know that sounds wishy washy but our bodies get use to it. I guess I shouldn't let my body get use to anything. Pretty soon it'll be 48 hour shifts and several hour surgeries. Who knows, that's years away. But if I'm looking forward to that then studies should be nothing right?
We spent most of the morning sleeping and playing around. I made biscuits and gravy, it was pretty awesome. Kristin went to work and worked until tenish. Wow what a boring day! Yes that's right there are the rare days when very little happens here at the Barnett house. Rare indeed.
I just wanted to take this time, because we didn't have much going on today, to talk about our kid. Well not exactly him, because he gets talked about a lot, but mostly the community that he is being born into. So really this blog is about all of you. I know that when you were a little kid you heard people say that they couldn't believe the things that happened these days. You know with all the sex, drugs, and murder that's going on just outside your front door. These old people going around saying that they can't believe what parents have to raise their kids in the world today. Of course when you are a seven year old you think, lets play trucks, when you are thirteen you really begin to wonder what you are going to have to raise your kid in. Then today I look outside and I say yep that's what it is, that's what I'm raising my kid in.
So why is it that we do it, what is the reason we push to have kids and raise them in this messed up world? Well its because we were designed to do that. Its one of the first things God told us to do, might have been the first. "Go forth and multiply!" So either he was a really big math buff like myself or he wanted us to populate the world. We know that its not easy to make it in this world where every one is trying to get something from you. I know that even though there are all these arrows shooting at me from every direction that there are also people with shields protecting me in all directions. You all of you. You are the people I see daily and I talk to all the time. My family. Kristin's family. Our friends and all the other people who help us with what he have. You are the people who God has placed in our life and you remind me every day that He is here with me so that I don't have to worry. So that I know that I am not of this world and neither is my kid so raising him in it wont be a problem. I am so excited about him coming and so ready to meet him. I know that all of you do, or at least most of you do and the others just act like it. Thank you for being there. Thank God for being here. He is my strength and He has sent you to help. My kid is so lucky.


P.N. I also wanted to point out the picture is hilarious.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Is he here yet? no? no! AHHGHAH

This is the fourth day of work that I have in a row. To a lot of people that isn't really that bad but I haven't worked four days in a row for about three weeks or so. So for me today was a bit different then it should have been. I was working with a bunch of people but I just felt like I was off my game, if I have game at work. I guess I mean a different type of game. Either way even though everything went fine it just seemed like I was doing something wrong, or that something was going wrongly. Now nothing did but I don't ever really get the feeling that it changed.
I believe that God is teaching all of us patience. I believe this because we are all real excited to meet this little kid and yet we are still waiting. I am really okay with it because I know he'll be here when God wants him to be here and no sooner than that. So there really isn't any point in us worrying about when he is going to come. I won't say that I'm not anxious to meet him. Of course I am ready to meet him. I've been waiting a while now to hold him. Just a bit more I guess.
At CVS they are getting ready for inventory that will happen tomorrow so Kristin is doing what she does. Really right now I don't know that they would make her do anything more than check people out at the register but you know I think she is a pretty good worker and all.
After work we went to the mall because Kris swallowed one of the pieces to her mouth piercings and we needed to get a new one. While we were there we made sure to walk around the mall a good few times. You know all the things they tell you that might help with contractions. I guess I thought we'd try it. Nothing yet.
Oh and the pictures. Yeah I was trying to figure what I could put up a picture of for yesterday and I really came up with nothing. So I typed in the word glory and these were the two picture I selected. I suppose they represent two different types of glory. I suppose I would never want to be part of one of those types of glory. do you?


Monday, October 18, 2010

This Is Sparta!

I was up before the sun was up, and the sun comes up pretty early. I am really surprised that I was as awake as I was when I arrived at work. I think it was more or less one of those fake awake's. Like when you feel like you are really up but you aren't yet, and you probably wont be until you sleep again. It still makes me a good worker, and puts me in a pretty hilarious mood.
Halloween was where I worked today, we were moving everything to the front end so that it looked very orange up there. They figure the more people see it the more they will buy it, and that is pretty much true about American's. Of course I am the complete opposite, the more I see the less I want something.
There still isn't a baby. But I did decide to start throwing up some awesome names and seeing how people like them. If you've seen my facebook statuses then you know what I'm talking about. These are the most epic names of all time.
This evening we had a trip to the hospital, but not to have a baby. This was the last week of our birthing classes. So this was the one where we went in and learned a little about what happens after birth. I don't really remember what she said. That's bad, I haven't any clue what the first part of the class was about. Second we learned breathing. Not going to lie I wasn't super involved at this point. There wasn't much that I could do. I learned some of the breathing but I don't know what else I was suppose to do. After that we heard from a pediatrician and he gave us some literature. Then came the good stuff.
We were all handed out the dolls you see in the picture. The creepy little dolls were our baby that we had to do CPR on. This isn't the first CPR class I took but it is the only one with a baby that I have learned about. So I was listening intently and following all the directions. I was doing my best to be involved and help with the learning process. Then, as I was following directions, the babies head fell off. Now I know that you have all seen this in shows and on movies but let me tell you it was better in real life. The whole room was laughing. I think one of the guys about peed himself. Yay me. I decapitate baby dolls. Whoo. I feel accomplished.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stepping on toes

Nope! The baby isn't here yet. Kristin did tell him to wait until after our last birthing class so who knows he may wait until Tuesday. That is my moms guess, but if we wait one day after Tuesday then his birthday would be 10-20-10, kinda like mine 03-03-1987. Pretty easy to remember. Those are the ones I like.
Today was awesome because the Miami Dolphins won their game against Green Bay. I'm pretty proud of them for that I must say, especially after a two week losing streak. So we are looking forward to see how they do next week.
We had separate shifts today. I guess that just means that I was working in the evening and she was working in the morning. It makes for a really long day. Work was okay. You can tell that it is getting closer to Halloween because of all candy that is going out along with all the kids that are in walmart. Most of the time I think parents tend to go to the store without their kids because most of their kids are terrible children. Well I guess its kind of like dogs, the parent is responsible. So since most parents don't know how their kids are supposed to act in public they decide to leave them at home. But now since they are about to have a Halloween party or they have to dress up at school the kids get to go to the store so they can help pick out the costume. I remember going to a pirate party one time when I was a kid and my mom basically made me a pirate costume. If I remember correctly it was classified as awesome. I remember her putting makeup on my face so that it looked like I had a beard. (I know some of you thought I was born with these whiskers but no they weren't always there.)
As you know Halloween has been around as long as Marvin Gaye. So there is a huge historical background to it. I was on a website that was asking an interesting question: What were the first Jack-O-Lanterns made out of? Do you know the answer? I did.
The picture is a lizard we found in our photo lab at Wal-Mart tomorrow morning. That is an odd statement but its true. I have to wake up at 5:30 to get ready for work at 6:30. Night.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Waiting in anticipation.

Work, all day work. Had lunch with Justin and Kristin, might be the last time he sees her and she has a baby inside. Its weird to think that. I guess because all these nine months we've been just sitting here thinking that we have a baby coming. Now we know that he'll be here soon and that just makes everything different. I guess I can see why people get excited right at the end. Its because they have been waiting for a while, and this is a bit like Christmas.
I've been doing a good job of letting people know that the doctor said some time this week she thinks. Of course that isn't set in stone but I thought that all of my managers should at least know that I might have to leave. Letting them know is always a good thing too because some of them pass down their knowledge and experiences. In fact one of my managers assured me that I was going to feel really stupid during the process. He also told me that it was my job to make sure that Kristin was as comfortable as possible, plus a few other things that are helpful. I'm just glad that people care enough to try and help.
After I got off work I came home, Kristin was already here, and I decided to make supper. Now there is a beast in me that wants to cook all the time. I think this beast could stay in the kitchen for hours just making dishes for people to eat. This beast is also a very good cook. We just don't have all the right ingredients needed for this beast to cook all the time. But I did make a meal even if it was a boxed meal, and because the beast demanded it I made rice crispy treats. made a double batch and I made them the long way, on they stove. I'm getting pretty pumped though because I think I'm going to get to cook more, and I should cook more now.
We worked more on his baby book, I did most of the writing because Kristin thinks that mine is better than hers, I think they are both pretty good. We also were working on a name. (I'll take this moment to insert that my Dad says that if we'd just name the kid and tell every one his name he'd be here.) But we don't have anything in concrete yet. In fact, this is bad, we are adding new names to the list that weren't there before. I know that when we have to though we'll step up and name him like a.. say it with me... like a CHAMP!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

Friday is always a good day. Most of the time we have a lot to do on Fridays and today was no different than any other day. We got up early for our doctors appointment and sadly missed out on our McDonalds breakfast. I wish that every day I could have a McDonalds breakfast. They have the best burritos and sausage biscuits. I want to learn out to make biscuits that well. I have no idea what they do, and I use to work for them. If any one has any idea what they do then that person should share the secret with me.
To the doctor we go! The last two doctors appointments we've had to wait a bit, well more than a bit. It was more like sitting in the DMV trying to figure out what all they were doing that was keeping them from helping us out. Seriously what does it take so long at the DMV, and why do all the clerks there look so unhappy? Back to the doctors. This time we were in there for just a little time before we were pulled behind scenes to be weighed and checked. Kristin had gained 6lbs, and its pretty much all water weight. Even the nurse and the doctor said that her poor feet were swelled up. That's one thing that I hope goes back to normal quickly. After we were done getting checked the doctor said that she thinks that we will have the baby this week. But just to be safe we set up an appointment for next Friday. Yay for all that excitement. Kinda puts you in a place where you have to think about a name for the kid. Oh junk!
After the doctor we went to Wal-Mart and bought groceries. We were so glad we could make that trip. You see this time we went on what I would call a Grandma B trip. We went in and bought most everything we needed. Now for two people that's not really that much but it is a lot for us and we spent well more then we ever spend. The reason I would call it a Grandma B trip is because I can remember going to the store with GB when I was younger and she would buy out everything in the store. Of course she fed a huge family. But still to this day I think she had the longest receipt that I have ever seen.
When we got home we put the car seats in the car, along with all the stuff we are going to take to the hospital. I know that seems a little excessive but I don't care. Kristin also worked in the kids baby book, it will have his face on it so I will call it his facebook. =-P
The first picture is the plaque that I recieved for being awesome one month out of the year. Yay me. Kristin wants to put it some where up on the wall, I want to put it some where else. Its okay, we'll probably put it up on the wall... Fail Copter


Thursday, October 14, 2010


Have you ever been sleeping with your summer comforter and you switch over to your winter one and you wonder why you ever switched in the first place? I know that's how I felt when I went to sleep last night. After we washed our winter comforters we switched them out on our bed and it made a ton of difference. I guess I just like really fluffy blankets. That makes me sound a little fruity.
Yesterday morning before work wasn't much of anything impressive. Mostly it was just goofing off and writing a bit. I really need to get cracking on this story if I'm to meet the deadline for tomorrows writing. I'm sure that I wont get it done, but I might work on it tomorrow.

I went to work and had a pretty eventful day running around and trying to get stuff hooked up. But even though my day was filled with craziness I had a cashier with an even crazier event. She, whose name I will keep to myself, was flashed by an old ladies hip. I don't really know why but I guess the lady whipped it out. But you know it got us a credit card application so do it again! No not even I would suggest that. I know this happened to some one else but some times the openness of strangers astounds me. I don't understand how they can walk up to another stranger and just out of nowhere start talking to them about their lives. Maybe its because I am just not that open, but I don't know that I would just let any one in on my inner circle.
The pictures are eye colors. I am most interested to see what color his eyes will be. I know that I will have some times to wait because every baby is born with blue eyes. But I don't want to wait. So I looked up online what color my babies eyes would be. I found a bunch of sites and they all say that it is split so I don't get a secure answer. I just want more than a guesstimation.


P.N. I hope they are green or blue... and I hope you appreciate the eyes here because the green one was really hard to find. There aren't any really good green eyes on the internet.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Is that the same person?

Look at my girl just months ago. We were sorting through these pictures and I asked her if she even remembers then. This first picture was taken at 14 weeks. Since then we have found out the sex of the baby. Heard his heart a lot. Went through extra ultrasounds to watch for this amniotic band. An here we are. What a ride eh?
Today we had a late shift so we lazied about all morning. Kristin stayed in bed and I wrote in my story. It was nice to just hang out for a little while doing simple things like reading and playing pokemon. (shut up) I know that a lot of these moments in the future will be filled with changing diapers and feeding, and holding, and rocking, and rolling. Did you catch that last one? Yep my baby is going to rock and roll.
I went to work at two and Kristin at five. While I was at work and she was at home she worked on her toes. I wont tell you all the details but she is pretty flexible for a pregnant lady. I think that is one of the reasons that God made girls more flexible than guys, well naturally that is. I have seen some guys able to bend their legs back over the top of their heads, its pretty ridiculous. Contortionists.
Look at my girl just a few days ago! She doesn't even look like the same girl. Well no that's not really true, she looks like the same girl but you wouldn't have thought that she could have fit a full sized baby in her the first time but now you see that she probably has at least one in there. I know some of you ladies know how she feels. I think its got to be kind of like a straw that you shoved a pea inside. But being pregnant is weird because you swell, from what I understand. So maybe its more like a sponge that sucks up everything around. I don't know if that is a bit insensitive but I hope you'll forgive me.
After work we came home and worked on the baby's baby book. I hear that the first child always gets the most attention and that their book is the only one really filled out. Well we are going to do our best to do that for all our kids but right now we only have his. I went through and put some information about me down and I'm looking up prices of bread, gas, milk, and other things. I need to see if I can find some cool coins to put into it.
I hope you all checked out our little secret page, if you haven't its on the right side of the screen at the top and isn't all that secret. If you haven't checked it out check it out because its pretty cute.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blow up dolls? Yep.

Today I woke up rather early. I woke at five so that I could be at work by six. That, to me, is a bit to early. But it was okay because I was able to get to work and get a few things done before any one got there. That was also good for Wal-Mart. I had no idea when I went in today that we were having our unbeatable excellence tour, but there were a few things that I was glad I got done before we had the tour. I also wanted to be on lunch while the tour was going on. I guess I was there to early because Jackie didn't show up for the tour until just after my lunch when both of the other CSMs were on lunch. That's okay with me I guess, she really pretty nice.
I was also able to work with newest CSM today. Lori came up front from being a department manager. I guess that is good because she has management skills so I hope it wont be real hard to train her. I also hope that she does really well up there.
Going in early means I get off early which means that I have plenty of afternoon to do what ever needs to get done. Like yesterday I spent a lot of the afternoon catching up on the blogs. I did my best to make them interesting and filled with wonder. I have really been putting a lot of thought into what goes up on these blogs lately and I don't want it to get repetitive. You know, we work, we clean, we work, we clean, we work... you get the idea. Other than work and clean, and blogs today we went to the laundry mat. We have two huge comforters that we wash every year before it gets cold so that we don't have to deal with that smell. You know the smell. Its the, "oh hai, i've been in a closet for seven months" smell. Its the smell you get when you sleep at some one who never gets company.
I want to send a thank you out to every one. Today we wrote our thank you notes for all the stuff we got for the baby but I don't know if that is ever enough. I think you all deserve an ice cream sunday. So what I want you to do is go to Sonic, McDonals, or your favorite ice cream place and get yourself one. Think of it as a prize from me, even though you are paying for it.
Okay so I got real excited today because I heard my little brother say, "oh hey mama". At least I think that is what it was. You know that it is really pretty amazing when you hear this person who has never had a voice speak. I know I have heard it before with Melia but it is always a joy. I can't wait until our dude gets here, I'm so interested to find out who he is.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Thunder Cats are GO!

If you read this title and think, 'is the baby coming?', the answer is no. The baby is not yet coming. But we are in the near ending weeks of child bearing. This day marks as 37 weeks. That means that now we are full term. That means that if we had the baby today then we would be okay for him to be here. Of course I think we would have been okay any way but I really think he should stay in the tummy just a little longer. Either way we are really excited.
Both of these pictures were taken yesterday and both show how large Kristin is. Most of the time people say that Kristin isn't that big but I think that these pictures really show how big she is. I think tomorrow I'll post one of these again along with one of the first pictures that I took of her once we found out she was pregnant. Then you may have the same reaction as Kayla. 'Big Baby' Yes Kayla, yes. Of course when looking at the picture you have to remember that this woman is almost six foot tall and that gives her a much larger frame than you five foot six girls. (For any one who is right now offended I just threw the number out I wasn't thinking of any particular person I was just throwing numbers out there. Please don't get offended.)
Today we went to our second birthing class. In this class we learned a lot about breast feeding and about what happens after the baby is born. We learned that they stay awake for about two hours right after they are born and then hit the sack for almost 24 hours. I think that is pretty awesome because I wish I could sleep that long. But I can't. I can't sleep that long at all.
I will say that the more of the classes I go to the more excited I am about having the baby. (Yes it is still Kerry typing) I just see the baby on the screen and can't wait until I see ours. Of course hearing Braeden talk to my mom while I am on the phone is a pretty strong reason to get excited. I am ready to see him, and to name him, and to hold him. But I do want to clear some thing up for every one who is reading this. This love that I have for my kid did not happen over night. It took much longer. I remember int he beginning there wasn't any way I could get excited, and I didn't feel the way about him that I do now. So for any one who thinks it just happens, it doesn't, at least not for me. Maybe that makes me heartless, but I care about him now.
Today was also Stephanie's birthday. Yay! You are now.. one year older than you were last year. Good job. This is the first birthday of yours that I have been here to celebrate with you and I'm glad you are my friend. Thank you for becoming it. Love you tons Steph.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

This is 10-10-10. In the list of epic days that you could have your first anniversary on its probably in the top ten. Maybe it means that we are going to spend that many years more together. Of course if that is true then it means we'll be together for a very long time. I think that I am okay with that.
Sadly this was not the type of anniversary that I wanted to have. I wished that I could have stayed home or taken Kristin to some sort of resort even if it was one just in town. Something as simple as a hotel room would have been good enough for me. But I wasn't able to do that. Instead today we spent the day at work. Not that I wasn't trying my best to be nice to people I am sure that I was a little more abrasive today than I should have been. Of course that might have been something to do with the Patriot's lanyard that I was wearing around my neck. Last week my Dolphins played and lost to the Pats so I wore the lanyard. I think we'll win next time but I haven't any idea. I just hope.
After work Kristin and I got all dolled up, well she got all dolled up and I put a shirt on. Good for me! But it was good enough for a sweet picture. --> I know its awesome. We were going to go to Studio Movie Grill, (I just want to insert that I have a problem with this name because it seems like a run on sentence to me like it just starts something but never really finishes or that it just keeps going and it really doesn't need to 0_O), but because there weren't any really good movies and she didn't want to sit through anything that was there or any where else, we just went out to eat.
I remember last year when we got married. I stood there waiting for you to come down the isle. I was anticipating passing out, shaking, or sweating but when you came into the room there wasn't any one else there. It was just you and I. I wish I could tell you I remember the vows but I don't, I wish I could tell you I remember the decorations, or where people sat, or who was there. But mostly I just remember your eyes, and your skin, how you smelt that day, and the smile, that smile. You have a smile that radiates happiness. Some people smile and you can see that they are happy but when you smile it makes people happy. It doesn't matter when or what you are smiling about every one seems to just get happy. Your eyes light up and your cheeks dimple out like a porcelain doll. I will always want to see that smile, and feel that feeling of when you walked down the isle when it was just you and I standing in the middle of the church.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

You can thank me now!

This week we lost, well I say lost but really we sent on one of our ZMSs to a different store. Rosemary left Wal-Mart 4240 so that she could be an assistant manager some where else. I think the store is in Bedford. I know that we will miss her and I hope the best for her as she continues on. This was her cake. She got a cake with a witch on it, I know, how nice is that?
Well today was a hefty business of work for the both of us. Kristin did get off much earlier than I did and spent the afternoon at her sisters house with our nephew and her sister. They tried to keep her all night long but I really need to see my wife some times so she came home when I got off work. We spent a lot of the night just hanging out and watching movies. I wanted to take her out to eat but she had already eaten at LeeAnn and Harry's so we just ate at the house. Well I just ate at the house.
We took the time off from the world to catch up on our television, mostly Grey's Anatomy. While watching the show I noticed that none of the Doctors ever have much time for anything else but doctoring. I know that they get out of the hospital some times and they get to hang out but most of the time it just talks about how often they are at the hospital and what they do there. I know for a fact though that they aren't always there and that they can take time off if they need to. I have seen two awesome Doctors have families while they are becoming and working as doctors. Both are my cousins and both are pretty awesome guys, I'm glad I have good guys to keep me on my goals.


Friday, October 8, 2010

You CAN find the price here.

Friday! With no money! Oh wait this is where I put the sad/disappointed face. =-( There now it matches my feelings. Man I'm telling you that when you are saving up for when you go on maternity leave. Mostly for when Kristin does. But either way saving that kind of money back and still living is hard. Not because we have to struggle to get things but we can't do all the fun things that we wanted to do. We don't get to eat out all the time or see movies.
We had a lot to do today. The Dr. Appt was the first thing on the list. This time at the doctors we checked to see when the baby was coming and he has made no indication that he would show up any time soon. While there we did make a decision that if the kid doesn't get here by his due date that we would induce him on that day. Our Doctor said we could earlier but we know that he will benefit from being in the womb for longer and so we will let him stay in there.
From there we went to a consignment sale called Just Between Friends. It was pretty cool with a bunch of toys and then there were some really weird things that we saw. Like suspenders that go under the diaper. Super weird. Of course then there were things that really took me back. I was going through the movies, I should clarify, VHSs, and I saw some sweet Power Rangers, We're Back, and like fifty of the Sword in the Stone. That makes me feel pretty old. ;')= (<-- old man emoticon)
Now tonight we went over to Justin and Stephanie's for a Harry Potter Marathon. But first we had to warm up with an all you can eat pancakes at IHOP. Sadly this trip to IHOP was not the best trip. Halfway through Stephanie's tummy went sour followed closely by Kristin's. Mine didn't make it all the way but it wasn't really because I didn't feel good, it was just something about hair in some ones food. Not going into it.


P.N. Okay so I thought I would explain the pictures because some of you wont get it. There was a huge sign that said we could check the price at this location, but when we got there there was nothing to check the price. So it was a lie. Pretty funny I thought.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Quidditch!! Broomsticks and poppycock!

So this is Thursday. There is really only one reason to look forward to a Thursday, and that is getting paid. This Thursday it didn't happen so there wasn't any real reason to want it to be Thursday. Now maybe you think that I am being unfair to Thursdays all around so I'll provide you with some proof as to how much worse off Thursdays are than any other day of the week. Sunday we always look forward to church, plus then you get to eat afterward and there is football. Monday is the beginning of the week and we get to start things over and begin new things at our job. Tuesday's seem like they are boring but they are really more relaxed because they aren't real busy and they aren't real stressful. Wednesday signifies the middle of the week and we all know that we look onward from there. Its almost as if it is a stepping stone in our week. Friday is the last day of the week and the last day of work. We all love Fridays because we can wear jeans and even though we are heading into the weekend we look forward to Friday night. Saturday really needs no explanation because its just awesome. Kinder gardeners know how awesome it is, go ask one.
There you have it, all the reasons that Thursday is pretty much the most boring day of the week. What? Tuesday wasn't really convincing? Alright so Tuesday is crap too, but Thursday isn't awesome at all. I'm just saying.
Today I worked through most of the middle of the day and Kristin slept. She really needs it lately. Her feet are huge and the things that should be simple and easy to do aren't easy at all. She really doesn't feel like doing much and I know that doesn't make it easy for her to work, or for her to deal with. I know if I couldn't do anything that I would feel pretty sucky. I know she does her best though and I love her for it.
I started to reread the Harry Potter books. Its kind of like a ritual with me. I do it every time a new movie comes out. The only problem is that the movie is coming out next month and I only just started, plus I am a really slow reader. I think I type faster than I can read some times. That would explain my poor misspellings. Now if we could only explain why I have terrible grammar? The mystery continues.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A flight of fantasy!

I just want to start out this blog with: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. Do you see this guy? I can see him, haha. Awesome. I hope this challenges Edwins picture with gay glasses.
Okay so Justin is a good friend of mine and yeah I'm a guy who likes to embarrass other people, though I don't know if he'll really be hurt by this at all. His wife will think its pretty funny. Either way the reason it is up here is because I am way behind on blogs. Therefore these blogs that I will post to catch up might not be the highest quality and may contain things that aren't really that interesting. You see that they day has passed and is a distance off so I may not remember anything that happened. But as I tried to add emoticons the other day i am trying to spice up the blog and make it more entertaining. =-D Hope it works.
Okay so went Kristin sat down and wrote stuff that she remembered out for today and tomorrow she couldn't remember anything. That probably means that she didn't do much at all but work. She does remember closing and that is always pretty rough on her. Since she wasn't here when I got off I'm pretty sure that I was just writing or watching anime. In fact I'm pretty sure it was writing because I had some awesome writing going on and wrote some pretty amazing things. Have you ever done something to where you just know its awesome. Like you do it and then when you are done you sit back and say, yes that was awesome. I should do it again some time, but make it better and it will be more awesome. That's how I feel when I write a good chapter, or at least what I think is a good chapter. I know some people feel that way after they go to the restroom, I'm not sure that is ever a good thing. Though I wont decline the fact that I may have called some one into the restroom to check some stuff out. I mean I am a man, I follow the rule. Lift, glance, then flush.
Did I mention that it has been colder lately? It has been. I think the weather is trying its best to become more like I'd like it to be. Thanks man! ;0) I need the rain to come down, and the wind to blow, then I'll really feel like home. I think that some people think the weather is just an inconvenience rather than a mood setter or a nice feeling. But I think that weather is everything else also. I think it sets the stage for the greatest stories and the most interesting races. Though some times it can be a bummer when it ruins your plans, I still love it.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

There is a reason prize is in surprise.

I got up early today because I needed to run. I guess it wasn't really that early it was about eight and since I went to bed before 12 that gives me plenty of sleep. I don't know what I would have done had I needed to wake up any earlier though. I ran and then got ready for work.
Work was pretty crazy today. We are trying to get caught up on all the evaluations, scheduling, time off request, and the such plus our regular stuff and putting out Halloween candy. This is the first year I have seen it done but we have Halloween candy all the way across the front end and coming in one of the entrances. That will create a lot of traffic flow up there, could be very interesting especially on the weekend. But since we have gained a good number of cashiers we have and will continue to do pretty well.
Well while I was at work this evening Sona, one of our cashiers, surprised me with a card that many of the associates from around the store signed and put little prizes in for the baby. It makes me happy to know that people care about him. Thanks every body.
I was suppose to get off work at seven but because of all the work we are having to get done I didn't get off until eight and so Kristin and I couldn't go to Babies'R'Us as it closes at nine. I hope we can get there some time this week so that we can finish up getting everything that we need for when he comes.
Other than that it was a pretty slow night. I was able to read a story a friend of mine is writing. Well I read and noted the preface of it. I'm excited because this is helping me with my writing and I hope I'm helping with hers. Now I just need to write the third chapter, its going to be tough this week.


Monday, October 4, 2010

A more obvious gush

Zomagosh! The blog is being written and posted the day of? That's just crazy! Kerry must really be on top of things. Yes, yes I am.
The first thing I wanted to bring up today was something that happened another night. I'm not sure what night I think it was Saturday. In any case Kristin was coming home from some where, I think shopping, and I had come down to help her get groceries out of the car. When I cam down I brought Maymie and tried to kill two birds with one stone. (A bit of a morbid saying eh?) Either way I was letting the dog do what she does and I felt a sharp pain on my ankle. I didn't know what it was and can take pretty good amounts of pain and so ignored it for a second until I started feeling a lot more pain. OH MY GOSH I'M STANDING IN AN ANT PILE!!!!!!! Needless to day it was dark and I couldn't see the ants to get them off my feet so I drug Maymie and the groceries up stairs with screaming pain in my legs. I dropped the dog off at the door and the other stuff on the counter and ran to the restroom. Once I removed all the little bugs I counted and there are 11 bites on my ankles and two on other parts of my leg. This is two days later and they still hurt.
Lately my manager and I have been talking about running a marathon in December. He is well more prepared than I am but I'm going to try and catch up to him and see if I can run it with him. So to help me with that I ran around nine miles today. I haven't run that far in a long time, but it did give me an idea of where I need to run next week to get to eleven or twelve miles. I also kinda wanted to use this new app for my phone. I have had a running app for a while but this one is connected to a website that will show me my routes and help me pick out new ones. I'm not going to lie though, my knee's are killing me.
Tonight was the first night of our birthing classes. They went over what we, or rather she, would feel when she was going into labor. They talked about the different parts of labor and what I needed to do during. Basically what ever she needs me to do. I'm the man. =) Tonight the class ended earlier than it was suppose to and they took us on another tour of the hospital. It was good to have the second tour because this lady explained things differently to us. Whats crazy? Oh just that we are one of two couples who plan to have the kid with out an epidural. Yep crazy.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm gonna serve hot dogs on Oct 30th and call them Halloweenie's

Ladies and gents we are on lock down! We have less than a month until the due date of the dude in my date. d(>w<)b I guess that must mean we'd better start picking a name for him, and that is on our to do list.
This morning I went to work at 7 in the morning and I was the first CSM there. Well I always get up about thirty minutes before I need to leave for work which makes it an hour before I am suppose to be there. So I needed to get up at six. I woke up at 5:30, my alarm wasn't for another thirty minutes so I went back to sleep. Well the alarm was on Kristin's phone and she shut it off before I heard it. She says that she woke me up but I don't think I woke up, and so at 6:30 she poked me again and asked me if I was going to work. So long story short I sprayed the spray and deodorized and did not shower. I felt gross all day.
So Sundays are weird days at Wal-Mart because they usually are busy up to a point and then they slow down because there is a Cowboys game on. Well with all the college games yesterday and today's lack of Cowboys game we were pretty much slammed all day long. The parking lot got hit really bad and so I was going to stink any way. I guess I'm saying I didn't really feel bad about not having a shower. But we ran the front like champs and took care of business, even if I did stay late by a few minutes. But that's the very reason they don't schedule us 40 hours a week.
All fun aside I will bring your attention to the pictures. This is what our service desk looks like... I"m sure they will decorate for Christmas too, oh boy. The other one is just Jim and I chilling on break watching some football.
After work I came home to a well rested Kristin and for the second night in a row we stayed in. Tomorrow we have the start of the birthing classes. She needed the weekend to get rested up for all of this craziness. But don't worry folks we did spend some time trying to figure out a name for the child she is baring. Probably a name that is fierce like Lion or Fracture. I like them both, maybe that's a good first and middle name combo.


P.N. Hey so every one can give a thanks to Nita for the emoticons that I'm putting in the blogs now. But before I make them permanent let me know if they are cool or just annoying. KThanksbia

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I have to pee... You always have to pee..

I believe that there are several things that change in the female body once they are pregnant. There are the obvious things, like baby in there, big belly, and swollen feet. Then there are things that we don't think about but we all reap the benefits of. One of these things is bladder size. I think that the female bladder splits into two parts that always feel like they have to pee. That way even when you are peeing you still have to pee. I think that if pregnant girls didn't have a lot to get done they would spend all day on the john nelson and still think they had to pee.
Kristin and I were both off by seven today and Kristin had most of her errands run by the time I cam home. So as a treat we stayed in... oh man that means I'm old. Crap.
Well since we were staying in we decided to cook, plus cooking is cheaper than ordering in and that is always good. So she made her famous taco salad with a few things put in it just for me and I made chocolate chip cookies. Both turned out good, but the cookies didn't stay soft.. which means that I cooked them to long or they didn't have enough moisture to begin with. FAILURE!!!!
Its okay with enough milk any cookie goes down. And with enough movie any Barnett gets tired. So we finished up watching the Tenth Kingdom. Every time we finish the movie, series, thing, we check to see if they ever made a second one. They never did. Hollywood makes me so mad when they make a great show but they never follow up on it. Even when all the ratings are high. Now Eragon was a different story, that movie was total crap so thank you for not making another. But the Tenth Kingdom was awesome, and there should have been a sequel. =^.^=