Friday, December 31, 2010

Major Imbu

This is officially the last post of the year! It also represents the 251st blog we have posted. Kudos to those of you who have kept up for that long. I can't imagine that my life would be that interesting that people would want to read about it all the time. Still I am glad that I can keep people updated with what goes on and I hope that it is funny some if not all the time. SO! Instead of posting a real blog I am going to give you a run down of all the great stuff that happened this year in 2010. At least I am going to give you my top ten best moments of the year.
10. So since we are starting at the bottom you are going to read the worst of the best first. This is Kristin getting a job at CVS. I know that sounds lame except that it really does make a difference with our house. This year she worked at several CVSs and made a bunch of friends and the one she is working at now. She might have had some issues but she does like it.
9. At the beginning of the year you might have heard that our dog had mange, which is a gross and awful thing for a dog to have. So we fought it so hard and so long and paid so much, so MUCH, that we were so glad when we beat the thing. Praise God for that, and that it has never come back.
8. It may just be a small victory for me but I think one of the best things that happened this year was when I got my iphone 4. I use this thing all the time. I knew that it was awesome but before I had it I didn't know how awesome it was. I mean I guess if I had to rename the thing I'd call it the ipwn. (clever right?)
6(1). Seventh place is non existent because there was a tie for 6th place. The first of the two was Christmas with the Skiles. I know that they just went through a rough time but we were so glad to have Kristin's family down here in Texas. It was a lot of fun shopping and running around for the time they came to spend with us. (Kayla you were here some weeks over the summer so I can't say that it was a moment, but thanks to you for being awesome. If I had to rename you I call you the Kpwn.)
6(2). Vacationing with my family is always one of the best times of the year. Sawyer was inside Kristin at the time and so we were all in San Antonio. We got to go to Sea World and we got to see my cousin and his family. Also we had a reunion with the Magic Time Machine. It was a great time with all the goof balls I love.
5. Tis the season to... get pregnant? Oh my gosh there were so many people that got pregnant or had babies this year, lemme see if I can name them all: LeeAnn Hopkins, Alexa Baker, Stephanie DeLeon, Whitney Farley, Lacee Cooper, Ladonna Crabb, Michelle Morris, Kimberly Williamson, Tamara Johnson, Liz Suffron, Rachel Lee(Both had a baby and got pregnant), and Rachel Gordon. (My mom and Stephanie Sunday were very close but had babies at the very end of last year so here's an honorable mention to them.)
4. I got in a car wreck! This is a good deal because I didn't get hurt and they paid me good money so that I could go buy another car. It was such a blessing to have that wreck happen to me. I mean there are so many things that can go wrong, like getting hurt or getting run into by some one who doesn't have good insurance. This wreck every thing went right.. as far as wrecks go.
3. Right after I got into the accident we found out we were having a baby!!!! Doesn't get much better than that... except that this is number three so it must at least get better by two. For sure.
2. We celebrated the first year of our marriage. I am so glad that this woman deals with me day in and day out. She is the love of my life and I can't think of anyone better than her to spend the rest of my life with.
1. What do you think number one is? In this whole year that we have had a great time with family and friends making inside jokes galore and taking them outside where they don't belong. Where we were finna buy a car, and the man was trying to get us down, we whipped our hair right off at em. There were days this year when things would go wrong but I'm so happy! Car windows were taped up, Russ was no longer turning lights down, and Chad lost his name, Hitler still doesn't drive but when we ride along some times we see a pair of fat running legs. lololololololololololo0lolooolooool your mom lolololololololol and ARF! But amidst all of that the best thing that happened this last year was Sawyer being born. Man this kid steals all the glory, but I can't say that he doesn't work for it. He is such an awesome kid. I love him so much.

So thank you all for reading this year I hope you'll stay with us through next year. We have so much we want to take from your time and very little to give you for it... just kidding. We do our best here and we hope the best for you. Now it comes to an end, and you know me, I'm out!


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Admiral Chamrajnagar

We really aren't sure what happened today. That is part of the problem with not writing the blog closer to the time of the day it is about. The picture is cool though. I guess this day we both worked, I know I worked 9-5 but I don't know what happened. I could write a generic work thing but it doesn't matter.
I do know that at the end of the day we went over and helped Justin and Stephanie with their first load of stuff that they were bringing over to their house. They weren't suppose to bring the first load until tomorrow so we had to stay hush hush about being there. But it was the first time that I had seen the house and since it was empty I got to see all the little nooks and cranny's that would have been missed later on. SO we decided to unload their stuff and then head home. We know that the next few days will be some quick and ravage moving.
There are several things in this photo that I wanted to point out that the average eye might have missed. But because of my keen and above average eye I saw them. (that was not a short joke.)Kristin is squinting like a pirate. She is wearing my jacket. May and Chanel are creeping like daemons in the background. See I would be a great art critic.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010


When I was a kid I grew up in Kansas, and I can remember a bunch of my time was spent out in the country. In fact I think at that time all Kansas was was country. It may be that is all that I remember about it but I do remember that there were plenty of things about farming around. I suppose you could say that the town that I grew up in was a farming town. I don't know if that its really true but that is really all that I know about it. So knowing this you know that there were tractors and fairs with cows and sheep and chickens, and I remember growing up with this sort of thing. I think down here in Texas they probably have some of the same things but I am sure that there are far less fields of corn and wheat. Either way the reason for all that is that this is the closest that Sawyer has ever been to farm animals and I was just thinking that some time in the future he is going to have to meet himself a cow or two. I just have to keep Kristin from hugging one.
Well today wasn't the best day in the world. Kristin went into work and found out that she wasn't going to be getting the best hours. Her hours were being cut by more than half. So we now have to sit back and look at what we have and know that God will provide for everything that we need. Thank you Jesus.
Also, I'm not sure if it happened today, but I was at work and I asked Jim to try and apply for a credit card for me, just because we were going to see if we could prove Wal-Mart wrong. Well I have never been approved for a credit card before in my life and so I thought that I probably wouldn't get one. Not so. Not today. Maybe it has something to do with the car I bought last year but my credit was good enough to get a card, yay me? I dunno we'll just have to be careful with the thing and only use it when we know we are going to pay it back.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

General Pace

These pictures almost have nothing to do with the day they were posted, thats probably because I am so behind. This picture is from January 1st. But it is Sawyer just hanging out in his boppy. He likes that thing and doesn't really use it for what it is suppose to be used for, but hey if you can use a car to fly go for it right?
Today Kristin was off and I made burritos for breakfast. They were pretty good. I wont say they were as good as McDonalds because that is really hard to do. But I also made some apple wood bacon and it turned out to be very awesome. Also something that I know about bacon is that there is never enough. I don't understand that. I think that they could set up a whole bar full of bacon at any breakfast buffet and there wouldn't be any in the end. Of course if I were there with my brothers there would be very little after the first ten minutes. I can remember going to breakfast buffets and having a pile of bacon on my plate. I think if we had continued to eat at the breakfast at Golden Coral they would have had a limit on how much bacon that a person could take.
Kristin went over and signed the new lease. So we know that if a little less than two months we will be moving to a bigger apartment. Luckily it is only a building over so our moving will consist of dragging stuff from one building to another. Any one want to help? I just hope the weather then is better than it is today. Its rainy and groggy today. Poor Kristin had to sit at home in the cold. Thank goodness some one got her a nice warm blanket for Christmas.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Rose the Nose

This picture is still from Christmas but it has both Sawyer and I in what we got for Christmas, my jacket and his shirt. The kid is pretty awesome, I think that even now after he is two months old. It is crazy to me that he was ever not here. You see because my life is pretty awesome, I know awesome people and am what many call awesome sauce, and others know as the man, (Some times written "theman") but God threw a new one in my face when he sent me this kid. He was like, here ya go! And wham! Life was better than ever.
There wasn't much going on today just working. It was busier today than yesterday as far as returns go. I think that every one should just give gift cards that way we don't have to do returns. Or perhaps if you are buying for some one's kid just let them know what you are getting the kid that way they don't bring back like four of the same lego toy and have no receipt. It looks really bad for them and makes my job harder. I really was glad of all the people we have who know the service desk, makes things good.
We also took the Christmas tree down. Usually Kristin will leave it up until the new year but I am a bit of a scrooge and I think she wanted more space so we decided to take it down. I don't know if I told you all about something that my mom bought us for Christmas. Well I remember telling yo9u about the clown that we pull the string at their house to start and end the holiday. She gave us one of those, but she made sure it wasn't scary because she knows that Kristin doesn't like clowns. So when putting up the ornaments I made sure that the string was pulled, Sawyer even pulled it. It was a good day, pretty soon it will be the new year, this year was a good one.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Carn Carby

This Sawyer and all the presents he didn't get to unwrap yesterday. He likes the toys but he slept through most of the opening. I think they will come in handy a little ways down the line.
I got up to go to work early the day after Christmas and I made sure to wake up Kayla as they were leaving early that day. It was nice to see them and I hope that next time they can stay longer.
So how do you open a store that has been closed one day when this store never closes? Same as you always would I guess. It was a pretty slow day today and I felt tired most of it. So it was a good thing that there weren't many customers in there or else I don't know how much help I would have been to them. It did start to pick up as I was leaving so I knew that I needed to search through the wrapping paper and get some good stuff for next year. I also looked at trees but the one we wanted, one that's taller than me, was still a little out of our budget so maybe next time.
Kristin's work was the same and had all the great stuff on sale. So she made sure to pick up some items for the holidays next year and maybe a few birthday presents. She did more work than I did though because she was rearranging all of the holiday items and making them look so good.
I know what you are thinking. If Kristin is at work and Kerry is at work who has Sawyer? Well also very early this morning Justin dropped off Stephanie at our house. I found her on the floor after I was done with my shower and told her to come get in bed with Kristin. Thank goodness for friends who can help us watch our kid when we are in a bind. She needed the practice too because here in a few months her kid will be here.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Han Tzu

Well I know at my aunts houses that the kids are allowed to wake up any time after midnight. So 12:01 is game. At my house growing up we just woke up and then went and sat around the tree until mom and dad woke up. I think they were already up and they were just listening for us. But we tried to be quiet so that we didn't wake them up. Then when they got around to it they came out and we opened our Christmas Presents. I think it was the stockings first that way we always had something to eat while we were opening the rest. Here at the house this year we definitely weren't up before 9 in the morning... well no one but me. So I sat over by the Christmas tree and waited for the rest of the people to get there.
At about ten every one was up and over at our house ready to open presents. So I helped sort them out and then we all started opening them. It was pretty great and I think that every one was glad with what they got. If you look in the pictures you can see that Karter was excited for his DS. And while you can't see it here Kayla and Karter got a Wii from Santa.
So when we went over to LeeAnn's again (They weren't there but the Skiles were staying there.) we hooked it up and played a mean game of bowling and some other wii sports. Bernice showed me up and made fried chicken with chicken that looked like it had been on roids, it was really good. I will admit that as of right now she cooks better chicken than I can cook. I hope some day to cook better chicken. All in all it was a good Christmas.
Now I know that Jesus wasn't born on Christmas but that doesn't matter because it is the day of the year that we recognize his birth. It is embarrassing to me that many people don't see it that way, but the commercialization of the holiday makes me sick. I'm glad that my family can get past that and see why we have such a day set aside.


Friday, December 24, 2010

Fly Molo

I forgot that we had this picture but this is from last night when Sawyer and Griffin were hanging out. I think they saw each other but I don't know if they recognize one and other yet. Its pretty fun to watch them play. From what I understand Griffin doesn't like his tummy and Sawyer isn't to thrilled about his back, so they might need to learn from each other.
The dreaded Christmas Eve! Well went in to work today at 10 knowing that I would stay until probably 8:30. People were running around getting stuff for last minute purchases and picking up things for dinner and stocking stuffers. But unusually it wasn't as busy as I remember it being last year. Now I am not saying that it was far busier than a normal Friday but it wasn't the massive rush that I thought it would be. I guess you could say I was a little disappointed at the lack of rush that we had. Still it was a lot of fun keeping everything organised. Plus I always like to walk out of the store in the end and look at it as I drive away knowing that it will be closed the next day. I guess its odd seeing that there are no cars at Wal-Mart. Strange times.
Kristin took every one to the Village for church where they met up with Stephanie and Justin. The service was good and afterward Kayla had to finish up her shopping so they went out. Out side was frightful but it wasn't white. The rain was drizzling down and the wind was blowing. While Kristin was shopping and going in and out of stores she got real cold and started to have her muscles lock up and her joints hurt. Not a good deal for her. Maybe some one should get her a warm blanket or something.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Crazy Tom

So today Kristin has to go into work and work a long shift but I am off of work. So she got up this morning and took care of Sawyer then she was off to work. I instead got ready for the day by taking a shower and then playing some music very loudly. Now I know in the past I have prided myself on how good my rice crispy treat making skills are but today I made way more than that. Of course I didn't really make anything very challenging and I burnt the rice crispy treats. (irregardless of what any one who ate them says they were burnt.) But I made hay stacks, chocolate chip cookies, no bake cookies, and the rice crispy treats. I did try to make pretzels dipped in white chocolate but I burnt that as well, and that one burnt to the point that I needed to not even try to make them.
The no bake cookies didn't turn out like my moms do when she makes them though. Her's are more like a pile of a cookie while mine turned out to be pretty thing and shaped round. Kristin made the remark that they looked a little bit like corn feces. (Inside joke but still funny) So now my corn feces cookies are at the top of my holiday cooking list every year.
Well a bit in the afternoon Kristin's family showed up and almost immediately I was out the door with Kayla going shopping for some Christmas presents. We decided to head to the mall and shop for those people we'd be getting presents for. Kayla doesn't really have all the means to shop in Colby as in Colby there aren't really the means for shopping. Plus it was fun getting out and amongst the crazies during their shopping spree. I can't think of how many stores we went into but one thing I do remember is that Macy's is way to expensive. We were looking at their scarves and they had them for 80 dollars. Now maybe this is a little over the top for me but 80 bucks for a skinny blanket? No not okay.
After shopping it was time to go over to LeeAnn and Harry's. But first we needed to make a pit stop at the house to get the presents wrapped. After putting the presents together in and getting ready to go it was evident that Kayla could also not wrap presents as well as Kristin. It think that her's looked better than mine but I am unsure if they would have ever won any contests. By the time we got over to LeeAnns Griffin was already asleep and so I still haven't seen that kid since Sawyer was born. The rest of the night was like you see in the movies when they have a Christmas meal and then open presents. So it was a pretty good night.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Its beginning to look... nah its so close to Christmas as far as the days are concerned but I am writing in January... I'm really going to get caught up soon though.. I keep shelling them out. Either way.
On these days close to Christmas Kristin was working on the baby book. I think because of the birth announcements she remembered that there is still so much to put into that book. So today as I went to work and helped out all the people who were frantically panicking because the holiday was only days away, she was doing more fun things. She worked on the book and the put together all of the cards that we were sending out along with the announcements that were going with it. She loaded them all up in envelopes and wrote names on them. Afterwards her tongue was dry and her wrist hurt.. why can't everything be electronic.
After wearing her hands out she went out and bought some candy for me and for the house. We also got a bunch of stuff together because tomorrow I am off and I am going to make some candy.. it'll be great.
Alright so you heard probably some of the worst holiday traditions ever, so now I'l like to tell you a few of mine that I grew up with and we'll put some of Kristin's in here either. One thing that I remember for the longest time was the clown. We have an ornament on our tree, the one at my moms house, that is a clown and he has ropes that when you pull them he does a jumping jack. So to start off the holiday season every year we all hold the clown and pull one time on hiscord and to finish it every year we do the same thing. That's perhaps a little weird but it is something that I think most of my family loves to do, because it is just ours.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Yep! He's fly like a G6. I have always loved what babies look like when they are dressed up in adult clothing. I guess baby clothing is a onsie and pants. But this outfit, set up with socks that look like shoes even, is the real deal. It kind of makes me think of what he will be like in a few years. After he's walking real good and his legs are still short compared to his head, I love that little kid look. Makes me wish I knew a midget.... maybe not.
Today was not the best day for Sawyer. I suppose that it started a few days ago but today it got really bad. He has a rash on his face and neck. The little red bumps are raised up giving him a sort of scaly feel to the skin. Seeing him like this doesn't make his mom happy at all. She has tried everything from cleaning him real good to washing all of the bedding and clothing. I guess we will just hope that something we try works and his face gets better. Stephanie put him under the AC at her house and he started getting less red. It doesn't seem like it really bothers him so I don't think its anything too bad.
We also went to Wal-Mart and picked up our Christmas cards which turned out real good. There were some pictures that we printed off for the grandma's that were there as well. There are so many people we are sending cards to, its crazy. I never sent any out when I lived by myself even though I kind of wish I had, but that seems kind of lame. "Hey what are you doing?" "Sending Christmas Cards out." "Aren't you single?" "Yeah" "BAHABAhaabhahaha. Lame."
Here's a weird one from Caracas, Venezuela. The night of Christmas Eve all of the cars are taken off the streets and no one drives around so that all the church goers can get to church, get this, on roller skates. I don't know how that one came up but I here a few bad jokes coming on. Lets put 20 seconds on the clock and see how many funny comments we can come up with:-Now I see why they call them holy rollers- -Can some one tell dad that even though we're on roller skates does not mean he can wear his 70s afro- -This is the only church event that you can pull a hamstring on-
Okay so this would be better with a video, to bad its a blog and all I have is words. Either way, night.


Monday, December 20, 2010


Doesn't that tree just look awesome? I know it does. Even if it is a little old and has lost some of its luster I think that makes it a little better of a tree. This is a tree with a history. I suppose that it is fitting. Ever notice that when you hang up all of your ornaments on the tree you are really hanging up years and years of your history? ... Wha? I was just about to write something really sweet and caring but I am now trying to figure out how on earth a baby can get a full man fart out? Did this kid just blast my lap full of methane? Thank God that he has that diaper on but I think I'd better change it soon or it might go radio active.
Either way. When I look at the tree I see all the years that I have been alive. Everything from the year that my mom painted bears for us to the time I got a little fire hydrant with water bursting out the top and a little bear sitting on it. These are the things that I remember as a kid and they are the things that makes Christmas magical. I guess. (Had to throw that in there or you might think I wasn't really writing this.)
The Monday before Christmas! DUN DUN DUN. Both Wal-Mart and CVS were like machines. People were in and out as fast as a gun shooting off in every directions all over the store. The bullets placed their sights on what ever prize they thought was worth grabbing and pulled it with them like gluttonous magnets. Filling their carts as if they were fat Christmas sacks shoved full of goodies to be placed under a artificial tree. Now that is the greatest irony of the whole holiday. Please tell me your Christmas is less artificial than your tree.
After work we wrapped the last of the presents and placed them under the tree setting it up like a photograph probably because it makes use feel better about what we bought. I suppose something pretty is better than something ugly. But our house was almost as full into the Christmas look as it was going to get this year. Now the day was only a few days away.
In Ukraine they put ornaments of spiders web on the tree. The tale says that there was a lady who was to poor to afford to make the tree pretty. (how she got the tree we'll never know.) So she left it bare and on Christmas day she woke up to find spiders had decorated it with web. Now if you ask me she probably went a little Rip Van Winkle and he house just got old and dirty... but maybe that takes from the magic of the story.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bonzo Madrid

Sawyer is a rock star! He takes some sweet pictures. I think this is one of the first smiles of his that I got photographed. I took it with my phone and it turned out okay. I with I had a SLR camera but we may get one of those in the future. The picture here was taken on his changing table. He really likes that place. It doesn't matter what he was doing before it he gets laid on that table then he starts smiling and talking just like he's glad to be there. It makes me wonder what goes on inside his head that he is so interested and excited about the changing table. Maybe he likes how the cloth feels on him. No idea. Perhaps its like his toilet, you know he's a guy for sure.
If you read yesterday's blog you know that I really don't think visiting the cemetery is the best Christmas tradition. Still it might stand better than this one. The Christmas sauna. I know that historically around my grandmas we use to get together and get in the hot tub that time of year, even if it was snowing about. I remember one particular year when I didn't have a swim suit with me and so wore one of my aunts t-shirts into the tub.. I don't think I wore anything underneath. A bunch of my cousins, girl and guy, were there too. Just thinking back on that makes me not want to see any of them in a sauna.. you know what they wear in there? Less than their aunts shirt.
Kristin did a champion job of cleaning up the apartment today. We know we are moving in two months so we need to get started on all the deep cleaning that we will be doing. I know that seems a little soon but we've got a lot going on so we need to get started. Plus it gives us something to do. (If you want something to do write the blogs, keep up with it. Yeah yeah I know.) I got off at three and I can't say that I was much help cleaning but I did come home with Christmas presents for Kristin. I got them all bought the day before and I had one of the girls from the Service Desk wrap them. Thanks Sarah. You see when I wrap presents its kid of like a person with no fingers is trying to tape paper to a box to make a pretty. I'm not just not good, I'm terrible. I make presents that are in square boxes look like something drove over them. Terrible. I use too much paper and too much tape, so this year I elected to have some one else make them pretty. I'm definitely a thinker.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Petra Arkanian

Sawyer really likes to stand so we decided that it was about time to get out the Exco saucer. Well as we set it up I looked at the picture of the thing as it was built and the kid in that thing is as old as my brother. (My little brother Braeden.) And as we looked at him, you can see, he is a little thin for it. So because he was flopping all over the place we stuffed it full of blankets. The plug worked out and this little man was standing and jumping though I don't think that he really cared about the toys there on the edge. Maybe some day.
So the note today says that Kristin went shopping for me with Stephanie... let me find out what happened. Oh!? Really? hah, thats, thats really good. Haha, funny. Great stuff you got there... okay now I need to type it.. oh hoho, good stuff.
I guess Kristin went shopping knowing what she wanted to get me for Christmas, you'll find out what I got later. Either way they went into the shop and went looking for the item. Well turns out these things were on sale so I got like five of them, sooper cool. While the two of them were shopping for the stuff though a little monster climbed up behind Sawyer and made a sound that sounded a bit like a man farting. So it wasn't a monster.. or a man. Apparently Sawyer blazed a trail through his pants and onto Stephanie's hand, poor girl. I guess she's just getting ready for her own kid eh?
After that the five of us went to spend some time with Abuelo DeLeon. We had a great Christmas dinner at Mr. DeLeon's house. There are very few adults that I would hang out with other than my parents but Justin's dad is one of those people. He is very intelligent and he thinks intuitively. At the end of the night it did turn out that I felt like a complete jerk. When we leave my parents house we say good bye and then are out the door, same with Kristins. But when you leave Abuelo DeLeon's house it is not the same. In his culture you hug and at least with Kristin he kisses her on the cheek. Well we didn't realize that we were suppose to do that... and so we kind of didn't.... and now we feel awful.
Not to mention but in Finland the family gets their coats out and goes to the cemetery for Christmas Eve. I guess it is tradition to pay your respects to the dead but it just doesn't seem the right time to go to the cemetery... and every one takes candles.... don't burn the cemetery.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Dink Meeker

I have had a beard for two weeks. I grew it out because Kristin likes it, it also looks good in pictures. But I hate it, always have. I can't stand the itchiness and bothersome pokes I get from the thing. I have tried everything that every one tells me. I put lotion, and conditioner but I just can't stand up to the scratchy feeling it leaves on me. So I had to shave it off. Now I don't care how new your razer is when you shave a beard of steel and wire off of your face (because that's what mine is made out of) it dulls any blade and basically you have to pull the rigid hairs out either way. As I was shaving I saw this as an opportunity to take a rapist, or a child molester picture. I figured there would never be a time in my life that I would ever do those things and neither would I ever wear a mustache like the one here. (See the blood where the nails were ripped out of my chin?)
Down in Brasil they think that Santa lives in Greenland for the rest of the year when he isn't delivering presents. They also celebrate the birth of Christ, but in their story, or at least one of their stories, the animals talk. I'm not real sure what they say but it probably isn't too interesting. I think that there is also a chase scene in the story, the wise men have to get baby Jesus back from a gypsy or something. I don't make this stuff up, seriously.
So we are moving in February (Feb-ru-ary, say it with me now.. not feb-ew-ary.) to a place not far from here. We want to stay int he same area and we have really been looking for apartments . We know we want a little more room because Sawyer takes up an awful lot. I figured that we would have to go to an apartment complex that was a bit cheaper. But we alway want to give this one a try as we have been here for... oh three years. So we went into the office and saw Kim, she's our favorite, and she did her magic and found us yet another great deal. we will almost double our space and only pay 150 more, but it is on the third floor. So we wanted to go look at it. She took us and this place even has a fire place. We really liked that it had more storage and we can life with how the rooms are set up. (my own bathroom) SO it looks like Oak Forest wins us again... again? Yes, and we are pretty happy with it. Thanks Kim.


Thursday, December 16, 2010


Sawyer just loves playing with his lady bug toy. This is one of the toys that use to be Braeden's, so if you go look through my moms blog I believe that the mirror, if not the whole thing, shows up at least once. So thanks go out to both my mom and Braeden for this play mat, and the mirror, he likes looking at himself in it. Just like his uncle.
In the USA we say that Santa comes down our chimney and gives us presents. We have heard how that is limited because some Santa's aren't jolly like ours, and then there are devils, but witches? Oh yes in Italy they celebrate with witches, or a witch. Befana is a witch that flies around on her broomstick giving good children presents and candy, and bad children coal. The coal happens to also be candy. There is a huge festival for the Feast of Epiphany and there are hundreds of "Befana's" there dancing, juggling, and handing out presents. Wow its like bringing trick or treat into Christmas. ew?
So today was the first day of what was suppose to be three days off in a row for me. But sadly I do have to go into work on Saturday. Thanks Justin. Its okay it gets me two days off in a row next week also. But today we are going for more Christmas shopping. I wont lie to you, because this is being posted long after Christmas, I haven't shopped for Kristin at all. But I do have an idea of what I want to get her. The rest of my family is almost done except for we need to go to Wal-Mart to finish of our parents. It was good because we also needed to get our Christmas cards printed so that we could get them out in time for the New Year. Yes we will make it, and hopefully we wont be as late next year. So if you are looking every day in the mail for your card from us, it isn't there yet. Except that I know you will all be reading this at least on the 31st so they might be there. Man this blog would have been so much better if it were posted the day after it happened.
Either way we got them printed off and picked up presents for the family. I don't know that it was super crazy shopping but the driving was nuts. I don't remember there being this much traffic last year around this time. But I of course didn't have the car that I have now, so pretty much its easy to drive in. Yay! Also Sawyer does what I wish I could do while shopping, sleep. He's a really good shopper. Also I think this was the day that we were shopping and Kristin was looking at babies first Christmas cloths and my manager got us an outfit for Sawyers first Christmas. I suppose that I should tell you that it was because I told Kristin that she couldn't buy him one, he didn't need it. So yes I'm an awful person... blah blah. He got it any way. Thanks Amanda! OOOooookay... bye


Wednesday, December 15, 2010


When I look at pictures of Sawyer when he's sleeping I think of people. I say that because I think of other people other than Sawyer, and no I don't think of scholars or presidents, just people that he looks like. In this picture I think he looks a little bit like my dad and also a little bit like Kayla, which is weird to think that he looks like my dad and Kristin's sister. I don't know who that is weirder for, but I guess it takes us all to make the best looking kid alive. ALIVE!
Le Pere Fouettard. This is a Christmas villain whose name is translated as "the whipping father." I know it doesn't really sound good but trust me, it gets worse. This father of the holiday does nothing but dispense punishment to bad little kids. Well I guess he got this job because one day he decided that he was too poor and he needed some money. So he saw three rich kids who were headed to enroll in school. (the story doesn't say anything about parents so its hard to believe that the kids were going on their own but you know its an old tale.) Well he kidnapped the three kids and took all their money and jewels. (couldn't have been too much if they were just going to enroll in school) Maybe it wasn't much maybe he just hated little kids but he killed the three kids. Well out of no where down came the good fairy and this is what she said, "little bunny foo fo..... no wrong story... Santa comes out of no where and resurrects the kids, likely story, and tells ol father spankem that he has to deliver coal and discipline kids the rest of his Christmases. Doesn't sound like too bad of a punishment for murder eh?
Now I shall tell you a story. You see when we get behind on the blogs we work together as a team to get them caught up. Kristin's job is to write me cliff notes of what happened for the day that I am blogging and then I do all the real work of actually typing the blog. Well I wanted to tell you this because we are so far behind on blogs its hard for me to remember any more than just what she writes down on the paper. Well today she made sure to give me all the information for an interesting and well thought out blog. So today I just wanted to share with you what she wrote on the paper for me to go off of. So I will double space down and then write just exactly, word for word, what she had for me and then the blog will be over:

15 Bratwurst


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Major Anderson

He is getting so long, and that onesy(Spelling?) looks so tight. We should have ordered an extra long changing table or else he'll soon extend past both ends and that'll be like changing... some child.... way older. Never mind. But looks he's so cute!
All the time mothers will say that they have eyes int he back of their head. I was a boy when I heard this but I'm sure I went looking on the backs of girls heads just to see if it was all girls or just the ones that have kids. Sounds strange to me, so if they are grandmothers where else do they have eyes? Either way the only story I have heard of a guy having eyes in the back on his head was in Japan where Santa has eyes in the back of his head. Japan also has a very odd view of a Christmas dinner, apparently they think traditionally we all eat chicken for Christmas and so KFC pretty much has they all manipulated into thinking that. Go KFC?
Today I worked, Kristin worked, Sawyer went to Stephanie's but afterward we all took pictures. You see there is this lady at work, you've heard of her before, Linda. She takes pretty awesome pictures and so I asked her if we could hire her for the taking of Sawyer's first pictures and for a Christmas picture for our family. So we all got dressed up and Linda came over and took some really great shots. Sawyer was sucking on his pacifier and then we would quickly pull it from his lips and she would snap the shot before he got mad. Mostly her youngest daughter Sammy was doing it. She also did some great poses for with him. Then we all left the house and headed toward the mall where there is a very large tree that acted as a great background to our first every family Christmas picture. I really hope that they turned out good. (Okay so all of you know that this is being written at a very later date but I'm trying to build the suspense here.) We'll put them up as we go on... just as soon as I run out of the pictures I have right now. TA.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Mazer Rackham

You may have seen this picture before, or to you it may look familiar but I assure you that that is my kid Sawyer and not a picture of one of Conan O'Brien's children. Sawyer is much less... much more me. But here's a shout out to Conan hair every where. Whoot.
Day three and we are now at the Belsnickel. This was Santa basically but he was covered in fur. Which whose to say Santa doesn't love a good mink, but this Santa wasn't created to bring good presents to children, he was made up to bring terror to their hearts. Children weren't, and probably aren't, fond of the Belsnickel (with a name like that who would be fond of you). But parents love him because he scares kids into being good or else they get a great big stick in their stocking... which is later on used to spank them I'm sure. Some times this dude wears a mask with a long tounge.. at least he's not the Krampus.
Kristin did her best not to cry this morning. She held it together even after she left the house and dropped Sawyer off at Stephanie's house. It was only when she got to work that it hit her and she started crying. It really does suck to leave him every day and some day I hope that I can keep her from having to.
I picked the kid up from the sitter after I got off. He seemed to be pretty well, pretty asleep. Stephanie said that he did a good job and her kids just loved him. I hope that she means it because he'll probably be coming back some time. I was thinking on the way home when poeople say that their kids grow up quickly and you need to cherish the time you have them as little babies and I think its probably true for most people. But I also think that if you take that child and you want the best for him then you will watch him progress and become independent because the best for him isn't in your arms. So you watch him grow and run off and then come back to you and you see him go to school and them drive a car and more and more you see him get further from needing your help because you know your net isn't big enough to catch him all the time. Then some day it happens. You can't do anything and you watch him fall until he falls past your arms and into the arms of God and you realize that those same arms are around you and that is the best for him. (I'm just guessing of course because I've never really been there.)


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Colonel Graff

First I want to start out with this picture. I mean just look at the MPG on that. I must of had the wind at my back while I was driving because 47 miles per gallon is unreal unless you are driving some thing electric. Maybe knocking the floor out and helping the car along with my feet was a good idea after all. I just hope that it stays up there. Probably wont. Meh.
Okay so day two of weird Christmas stuff. So there is this guy called Black Pete. This guy must of been a slave or something because he is running around doing Santa's stuff for him. This is the guy that fills the stockings with stuff. Some of the stories about this guy are that Santa saved him and set him free and now he is so happy that he runs around and helps the red clad hero on Christmas by stuffing the stockings by the chimney fire, the other is that he is Santa's slave. Either way the way I see it is that this guy is the one who has to deal with the stinky socks, sounds like he got the poor end of the deal. But you know people paint themselves black and cover their lips in red to play him in the holiday spirit of either slavery or freedom. Cheers.
Well besides me running around on a Sunday trying to figure out where stuff is and helping customers get the items they need while returning the ones they want and being as nice as possible while keeping my associates in a good mood, Kristin was doing stuff too. She was running around the house trying to make sure that Sawyers bag was packed full of stuff getting food for her to eat tomorrow and setting him up with some good cloths just in case they got messy while he was at the sitters and all of this while taking care of him and working around a Christmas filled house. (The run on sentences were on purpose.) That's pretty much it though, not really a busy day. Love ya.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Peter Wiggin

Two weeks to go. There are only two weeks until what some people think is the best day of the year. Yes thats right two weeks until Christmas. Well I know that these are going to be posted after the blessed holiday but I wanted to post some odd facts about the date that some of you might not know. So I'll do my best to make these interesting and odd... but mostly other people will make them odd.
Well we all know the regular Christmas figures like Jesus and then the fake ones like Santa. Well the truth is there are so many more than just Santa. In Alpine areas they believe there is a creature named the Krampus who goes along the nights Santa delivers presents and punishes little boys and girls who have been bad. In the beginning he would put switches in their stockings... now they just get coal... Either way what makes this creature weird is that he is a demon like creature with sharp teeth and horns. And every December in Austria young men dress up as this devil like character and scare children... glad I live in America.
Well work was great. Just the full swing of stuff. It gets really busy now and knowing how busy it is compared to what January will be makes me sad. I know that soon there wont be near the shoppers we have now but... man I wish it was this busy all year round.
Kristin had to go into work today to see what kind of hours she would be working. I'm not sure if you were told but we were told that she wasn't going to work too many because there weren't that many to hand out. Well we were pleasantly surprised today to find out that she would get about 25 hours, at least for this next week. I sure hope this keeps up. I'm also glad we got the baby sitting thing to help us, you are great Stephanie.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Valentine Wiggin

(Imitation of a giddy little girl) Omg, so so much stuff happened 2day! We totally woke up this morning and had a visit with Stephanie, that's bby's sitter. We didn't go over there right away but we knew we were doing it some time 2day. Her kiddies and her were shopping for presents, and not the Christmas kind. Birthday kind, yay! Well after she was done shopping we got bby S ready to go and headed over to her house. It was really great, she has like 408962 kids but they are all so well behaved, love it.
Anyways, after that we came back home and got ready for a couple friends to come over. Justin, Stephanie, Jim, and Samantha all came over for supper and Donkey Kong. But before we ate Kristin and Stephanie went to the store for food and left us here with bby S. He was so good while they were gone, I mean like, not crying at all. They came back and we made tacos and burnt some cookies. Kristin Dyed Stephanie's hair a darker brown color. And omg did I mention, I totally rocked at Super Smash Bros. So awesome. Its nice to hang out with people. I mean you hear all the time before you have a kid that your life it over, well its not. Its so good!


P.N. I am so glad I am done with this blog. Themed blogs are fun but this one dumbed down my brain.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ender Wiggin

I am so far behind on this blog some times I feel just like I should give up on it. But like a long played video game I need to stick with it. If I don't how else are you going to know what odd and interesting things don't go on in the life of the Barnetts? How will you not know that Sawyer is spitting up in peoples hair and pooping on some ones hands. Yes these are the important things that are reported to you here at This Epic Life. So today I am going to do my best to spit out some of the worst blogging your eyes have laid sight upon and try to catch myself up. So I apologize if you read poorly placed puns or sadly said songs of a worn writer.. but don't worry I'm also playing Donkey Kong, so it should be fine.
So today is the 9th, and this blog not much happened, so its probably a good thing I put the disclaimer in front of it. But we went shopping at Ross for Christmas presents. Sawyer was up all day and there was no nap for him. That usually means for normal kids that they would be fussy. For crazy smart and awesome kids like Sawyer it also means that they are a bit fussy. But Kristin was able to wrap Christmas Presents and I pleasantly organised them under the tree. My mom taught me how to do that as I was growing up. I do a good job of it now. Don't worry folks you'll get to see a decorated and fully presented tree in the future.. probably today but you know most blogs are posted a day away.
Yes that is correct I am going to stop this blog here but don't worry this is the last day that I will post... no I can't lie to you I wont say anything that I would regret in the future... so I'll see you tomorrow.. right after I beat this level on DK.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Can't be Saved!

YAY! I'm off! Of course we had a ton of Christmas stuff to do, and the tree still wasn't decorated. So I spent much of the morning spreading out the branches and filling them up with about a million ornaments. This is the first year we will have most all of my my ornaments on the tree. My mom gave them to us last year for Christmas. I know that is really hard for her but we really appreciate them. Thanks mom! My tree looks old and frail but the ornaments look really good. (Thumbs up!(why does thumb have a 'b' in it? I mean look at the word, its not like thum would have done any different and its not pulling from any other word. We don't get thumb mixed up with any other word or a common name. What is the use of the b in the word? There isn't one))
Kristin had to go and find out what kind of hours she would be working at CVS so the left and went up there to talk to the manager. I think that was the first time in our house that she has left me with him all alone. I know what you are thinking. "and that(the picture) is what happened" No its not. The picture was actually something that Kristin rigged up so that Sawyer could just hang out while she was working on laundry and stuff. She can be pretty handy when she wants to.
When she got back from CVS I heard that there weren't going to be many hours at all. She would work about two hours a day five days a week. It wasn't even really worth going in for, and for us is was really sad because she has had plenty of hours at that store since she started working for them a while ago. But with the new manager she wasn't sure what kind of stuff she would have to deal with. I guess we will find out.
She and I did some cyber shopping and found my dad and two of my brothers presents. I really hope that every body likes them this year. I think this has been a really good year for us. Last year at about this time you would hear Kristin say that it wasn't a good year but this year was a much better year, and I think that every year in the future will be better. Thank you Jesus.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

If I were a rich man.. ya diba diba diba diba diba da

So like I said, got of late last night so this morning I wanted to sleep. Because you know when you get off late you never get to sleep right when you get home. No you have to make sure you eat a little something so that you aren't starving and then you have to clean yourself up and get ready for bed. Of course you have your wife and you stay up a bit and talk to her because you haven't seen her all day and you miss her a lot. (Love you) So once you finally do get to sleep you are quickly poked awake by your wife during the night so that you can change your babies diaper. At this juncture I would like to point out how much I hate being POKED awake. I know that I am a hard sleeper but there is no need for any one to ever poke me awake. Maybe a gentle nudge, even if it takes several hundred, or even a little water splashed on the face.. a little, is okay. But if you insist on poking me with your finger hard in the shoulder so that my shoulder feels as if it is going to seize up and choke your neck please don't get mad at me if I seem a little upset. Thanks.
Still the next morning Sawyer did get up a little earlier than we wanted him to. So to I figured a way to get him to go back to sleep quickly so that Kristin and I can get some more needed sleep. I just find some music that is easy for the ears to listen to, also he falls asleep to deep male voices. The song that I found a song that had all of that and it put him to sleep very quickly, heres that link.
Well I got plenty enough sleep and I was off to work late int he evening while Kristin was left at the house with a pile of laundry. Lately I haven't been closing a lot so it is nice to close and run around just checking to see if I still have what it takes to get the job done. After the past two nights of closing I am assured that if I had to close I would be top notch. But looking at future schedules there doesn't seem to be much of a chance for that to happen.
The picture displays the hat that Kristin worked so very hard for from Dr. Herr. She really likes letting him wear that, and even though its white its still pretty cute. Ta.


Monday, December 6, 2010

We R who we R (You know)

I got up this morning fairly early so that I could get a handle on this Donkey Kong thing. I"m not going to lie to you kids this game is pretty awesome. I remember playing Donkey Kong when I was a kid and this is so much like it. There are some fundamental differences but the game is still epic. The graphics are awesome and the game play is sweet. I enjoy the back grounds as they are in Donkey Kong always so good. The two person play isn't the greatest because its pretty hard but you just have to learn how to play well with another person. Kind of like the new Mario. But the only real disappointment that I have found the whole game, and one that I haven't seen in any of the reviews was that there are no under water levels. I know that a lot of people didn't like those levels but even if they were a bit weird they were part of the package and the music on those levels was the best in the game.
My gaming was cut short because Kristin got a call from her doctors office asking if we could come in to the doctor earlier than our appointment. We told them yes and with no showers headed out the door as quickly as we could get ready. The only plus to this was that we were getting a McDonalds breakfast. We were glad to see Doctor Herr again and we received a hat for Sawyer for her, I know it will make an appearance on here soon. Its crazy that we aren't going to see her all the time but we know that we don't need to.
This after noon while I was at work Kristin pulled out the Christmas stuff and set up the tree though she didn't make it pretty yet. I asked her to wait until I was there so that we could load it up with ornaments together. I thought it would be a nice tradition to start, just something that we could do as a family for the holiday. She also tried to tackle the mountain of laundry, I am unaway if she will every get through that terrifying pile of cloth. I closed, so I was pretty tired when I came home... sleepy time.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

We work all day we work all night..

Some mornings you just walk into work and you know that no matter what happens today is going to be a good day. I would have loved for today to be that day, but I'll say that it wasn't exactly like that. I did walk into work and notice that the wii's were giving away 50 dollar gift cards and I wanted to get one so I knew that I would call my wife and ask her if I could pick one up before I left work.
Well before all that happened there would be a great morning in front of me. I mean we didn't have as many people as we did the week before but we were still pretty full. This week was a bit busier and some of the customers were a little meaner. I know thats how we are getting closer to Christmas. (I'll save you my Christmas rant.) But I did my best to not let the man get me down. I did pick up a wii on the way out, but I knew that the few weeks we had left until the day would just get better and better.
When I got home I set up the tv and wii so that I could play wii sports and so that I could download Netflix and watch it on a real screen. While I was doing that Kristin went through baby cloths for Justin and Stephanie... well more for Jordan but we haven't met him yet.
Then we went to Wal-mart and bought the game Donkey Kong Returns... I'll post a review of it tomorrow.. I wont get to play tonight... night night..


Saturday, December 4, 2010

I be fixin' ta...

There is no work for the weary.. or is it rest.. yeah rest. There is no rest for the weary. It was at the 7 a.m. mark that I was up. I remember that when I was a kid I would sleep in until seven and that was pretty late in the day. Now days, really since I married Kristin, seven is pretty early. She is a night owl, or she use to be. Now we both just want to get more sleep than we are getting and I had to get up very early for work. But as you can see in the picture I do get to take naps every now and again. ( I would also like to make a side note that Sawyer is a real person and not a doll, please done try this at home, we are trained nonprofessionals.)
Kristin had the day off but that doesn't mean that she didn't do any work. I left in such a hurry, and so did she, that we left the house in a terrible mess. So she spent much of the day cleaning the house and making it the best ever. With Sawyer's stuff we are living in limited space and so some times no matter what we do it feels like we are living in a very small place, she does a good job of making our house not feel like that.
Sawyer hadn't felt the best coming back from Kansas so he spent much of his day sleeping. I think he was glad to be at home and I hope that in a few days he'll feel much better. Okay night night.


Friday, December 3, 2010

AAaaaarrrrrrrggg (this be pirate speak for 'darn')

So today is the day we are going back to Texas! I just want to get back to normal, please. Its been two weeks of just crazy and I need a bit of normal so that I can get back to me. So I was ready to go and I wanted to get out of there very early but we were a little late and weren't able to load the car until about eleven. Well I had taken everything down stairs and was hauling it out to the car trying to jigsaw everything into the HHR when I noticed that on the passengers side the front tire was flat. Yay. O_o So I went out to the Good Year Tire and got a quick fix on the tire. It wasn't too expensive and only took about thirty minutes so that we were back to getting on the road at around lunch time. It was a little later than I wanted it to be but it was better than leaving at three in the afternoon.
We went out and got gas and said goodbye to every one and then we were on the road. So we are driving on a fine day in Kansas when the wind is blowing. Well I'm not use to driving in wind any more so my car may have swerved a bit and a State Trooper took an interest in me. Well the gentleman must have liked me because he pulled me over. When you get pulled over by a cop you always expect to hear, "Do you know why I pulled you over?" This time had I heard that I wouldn't have known why. But he didn't ask that he only asked me how I was doing. I think he was checking to see if I was tired and dozing off or if I had been drinking. But I hadn't and wasn't so after he checked my insurance and license and asked me every question in the world about where we were going and whether or not the car was mine he let me go.
The rest of the drive home was easy. Long as all get out but easy, no more cops. We got home pretty late and I had to take everything up stairs. When I was in Kansas I developed a cough, not much else but the cough was heavy and was really throwing me for a loop. I was coughing as I walked up and down the stairs and then suddenly as I was going out for another load from the car I unexpectedly threw up. Most of the time you know when its coming and you can get to a trash can but I'm telling you I could have been in the middle of my wedding and I would have puked on the preacher because it came so suddenly. Instead I just puked on my shoes... which I didn't notice until two days later after I had been wearing them. But I did take a couple buckets of water and make a bigger mess on the cement by spreading the puke to every ones front door.... good times. night


Thursday, December 2, 2010


Another day another grandma, two today. Early this morning Kristin and I got up and woke the kid up so that we could go and see my Grandma Barnetts. (I'm not sure what the plural for last name is*shrugs*) We never really get out there as quickly as we want to but we always get out there. Well we were rushing around and left the house and of course had to swing by McDonalds for breakfast. (What's up Mickey D's) Then headed out for the long journey to Rexford. Well you know that journey that use to be much longer than it is now is only twenty minutes, shorter now that they changed the speed limit.
When we got out there my grandma was there with a cake in hand ready to greet us. I always love going out to see my grandma's and I know that they are are so different and all so special but I believe that because they are all this way that no one has grandmothers like I have. While we were there talking I noticed out of the corner of my eye a clay doll in panties and a bra... with glasses on. I expect this from some people but not my grandma. She said that she made this wide hipped doll and had originally had clothing on her but she didn't really like it so she just took it off.. great a naked doll. I guess she knew that I would need something to talk about in my blog.
I didn't know before I arrived but my uncle Brian was also there. He was out working on my grandma's house... I'm not sure what kind of work he was doing but I know that it had to do with her house. Either way it was good to see him.
From there we went and saw my Great Grandma Barnett. To Sawyer she is his Great Great Grandma Barnett.. I guess that means she's the greatest? She is pretty awesome. I never tell her we are coming over but she is always glad to see us. She held Sawyer the whole time, that's her picture above. He stretched out the long ways across her lap, he's such a tall boy.
It was a good day but we had to get some more work done and Kristin's Grandma's because we were leaving the next day. I did get to eat supper with my Grandma Morris and Thurman. We went to a Chinese restaurant. Thurman happens to have spent much of his military career there and so he is pretty keen on Chinese food. But he did tell me that he didn't take the time to learn how to use Chop Sticks.
Kayla and I got some more of the puzzle done but it was evident that there wasn't going to be a finished puzzle by the time we leave tomorrow. Sadness. Night.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010


After the funeral yesterday there wasn't much we did. So we knew that the rest of the week we were going to have to go through and try and clean up Kristin's grandma's house. But before we did I wanted to go see my Grandma Morris. We went over to Grandma's and visited with her for a while. She and I were rummaging through her kitchen for recipes of candy that I could make. I wanted to have some that I could make for Christmas if I had the chance but that wouldn't be too hard for me to make. I'm a good cook but I know that I won't have time to fix up anything that takes real long or is real hard to make. So we searched until we found a quick fudge that I could just whip(pronounced with the 'h') up and make really quickly.
Grandma is always glad to see Sawyer. He was real good for her, most kids are. She also gave him his Christmas present which was a Santa in a car. I will put a picture of it up here but there is some history for me and my brothers with this car. Every Christmas we would go to grandmas and she would have the Santa car so that we could turn him on and watch him drive around. Its really cool to me that we are able to pass on a toy like this to my kid.
After that we made sure to make it of to Kristin's Grandma's house. The first place we started was in the back most room of the house. Kris and her sister started looking through dresses and since I didn't really know what to do I just opened up a drawer and started reading some of Lola's mail that she had saved over the years. In the collection I found Frank and Bernice's wedding invitation. Fun stuff. We were over there as late as we could be and then we headed back to her parents house. Time for the puzzle! night!


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Don’t believe that the weather is perfect the day that you die.

Today I was forced to say goodbye to my role-model, partner in crime, comforter, and rock. As my little brother Karter said, she was the best friend a guy could ask for. My Grandma was my world, which came completely crashing down around me.

I somehow dug deep and found the strength and composure to read this at her service.

We didn't get the privilege of being around our other grandparents when we were younger, so my Grandma Skiles has filled all of those positions and beyond. She raised her 3 sons as a single, widowed mother, helped raise her grand kids, and even tolerated the pets that came along with them. We've all got different types of memories when it came to playtime with Grandma, but I can remember her taking me on adventures when we were both younger, like to the park, or to garage sales and the U-Save shop. When it got to the point that she couldn't get out and about, we'd still find plenty of trouble to get into around the house. We used to play beauty shop and grocery store, with her taking great care in handling all of my treasures and making sure that my quote "credit cards" didn't get declined. No matter what time of day we were at her house, there was always plenty of food and snacks to be eaten, honeybuns and lunchmeat being the favorites, usually while watching some sort of cartoons. To burn off all that energy we would either walk ferocious laps around the border of her area rug, or put on some jazzy dance shows for her while Soul Train played in the background. While she really enjoyed her granddaughters, having raised all boys, she always held a soft spot for the grandsons. My little brother Karter's favorite pastime with her was playing cars, even though she couldn't leave her chair. And even though he was a handful, she called him her "rough and tumble Tarzan." I completely and 100% cherished every second that I had with her, and the fact that she got to see me walk down the aisle and hold my newborn son is absolutely priceless. Up until the very end she was still tossing around words such as "Hawaiia" [Huhh-why-uhh] instead of Hawaii, "Walmark" instead of Walmart, "Arnold Schwartzenfinger" instead of Schwarzenegger, and still throwing a fit about "Ol' Ophria Winfrey." She had that ornery twinkle in her eye even during her last few days, and although she could be silly, she was still such a Strong-willed woman, and I think that we've all learned a tremendous amount from her. She grew up during the Great Depression, lived abroad, and even helped assemble bombs during World War II. Knowing that my pint-sized Grandma accomplished all of those extremely tough feats gives me such a great amount of respect for her not only as a person, but as a woman. She showed me that I can do anything if I set my mind to it, and to never give up on something that's worth fighting for. I hold her on a pedestal, and she has a very special place in my heart. I'm so proud to have called her my Grandmother, and I'm honored that my baby had the privilege of having her as his Great-Grandma. She meant the world to us, and we're all going to be lost in this world without her. We love you Grandma, and can't wait to give you a hug and see you again someday.

This was the verse that we had printed in her cards at the funeral.

God looked around His garden and He found an empty place. He then looked down upon the earth and saw your tired face. He put His arms around you and lifted you to rest. God's garden must be beautiful, He always takes the best. He knew that you were suffering, He knew you were in pain. He knew that you would never get well on earth again. He saw that the road was getting rough, and the hills were hard to climb. So He closed your weary eyelids and whispered "Peace Be Thine." It broke our hearts to lose you, but you didn't go alone. For part of us went with you the day God called you home.

This isn't real, this kind of stuff doesn't happen to me. I still find myself thinking about calling her, only to be slapped with harsh reality. It's like a nightmare that I can't wake up from, my Grandma can't be gone forever. I know I'll see her again someday, but it's agonizing to be apart from her here on this Earth. The only way I can let her go is to know that she's been reunited with the love of her life, my Grandpa, who died when my Dad was only 5. I can only imagine how happy she is, and how beautiful she is now that her everlasting youth has been restored. I knew she couldn't live forever, but she's pulled through so many times when we thought she wouldn't. I'm so grateful for the chance I got to say goodbye to her, and for her to meet Sawyer. I know that she's smiling down on us, and I couldn't think of a better person to have for a guardian angel.

The grandkids arrangement.

Two roses for her 2 great grandsons.

She loved the Geico lizard from the commercials, so I got this for her a couple Christmas' ago. This picture is priceless, she found joy in the simple things in life.

She was absolutely breathtaking, the perfect depiction of a vintage beauty.

I love seeing her in her younger days, living carefree. This is how I like to imagine her life being now.

Lola Marie Skiles
January 5, 1923 - November 25, 2010


Monday, November 29, 2010

Are we still in November?

Monday! But now I'm in Kansas and with my two favorite people. I'm really just glad to be with them. This morning I was woken up by Bernice coming into the room. I think she was getting a shirt or something, maybe she was letting the dogs out, either way it was nice to see her even if it was very early. I know she thought the four of us in the same bed was odd, did I mention we had two dogs with us.. I wasn't really able to move at all last night. But sleeping with Kristin was worth it.
I was up earlier than I should have been, not a surprise, and as I looked outside I saw snow. There wasn't much snow on the ground, about a dusting I would say (for all of you Texans reading this that means there was about as much snow on the ground as there is powdered sugar on a funnel cake(For all of you health freaks out there a funnel cake is the most delicious thing you can get fried, its pretty much pancake mix fried and covered in powdered sugar)), but it wasn't there the night before when I had arrived.
That day we got up and got around a little later in the day. Its kind of lame but we just wanted to hang out before we went out to see all the people. But we did manage to get out of the house and go up to see my grandma in the afternoon. She wasn't there so I busted in the house and left her a note that we would be by some time later. Instead we drove back to the Skiles house and played video games with Karter and Kayla. While we were playing I decided to start a puzzle, a 1000 piece puzzle. I love puzzles but I don't know if I'll be able to get this done by the time we have to go home, especially with the time that I'll have to do it. Kay night!


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Over Abundance!

Today I woke up and went to work knowing that I would get off later than I wanted to. I was working until 5 I think. But that was way to late because I had a ten hour drive to Kansas that night. Well I went in to work with the best attitude I could have and things turned out to be pretty good. It was one of the few times that we had way too many cashiers. I had so many that I was sending them all over the store so that managers could sapp on their job and make us do it. Only kidding. But it was very crazy, it probably meant that later that evening they weren't going to have to many at all. Well lunch came for me and Beatrice, one of my managers, was talking to me and found out that I had a ten hour drive ahead of me, so she told me to go home. I agreed that there were plenty of people and that they didn't really need me so I told her I'd work until one and then head out.
At one I left Wal-Mart and headed back to my house to pick up Maymie. We then loaded up and headed to Kansas. Maymie sat up front so that she could help me with directions, she fell asleep about an hour in and wasn't much help at all. But the weather was good and the driving went pretty quick while the sun was still up. I know that if you have been reading a while you know that I don't like to drive, but maybe this time was different because I was by myself with just the dog or because I really wanted to see Kristin and Sawyer, but it wasn't all that bad, except that it was ten hours of gruesome driving. I hate that drive.
Once we arrived in Colby I went to the Skiles house. It was one in the morning and I was very tired. So Kristin and I carefully pulled everything in the house and then went up stairs with Maymie in my arms. All went well except for when I put the dog down and she started clacking like a cracker jack. Either way she calmed down and we went to sleep in the bed with Sawyer and Kayla.. not weird at all... she was on the opposite side of the bed. G'night.