Monday, February 28, 2011

Doing Work!!

As I promised yesterday here are the pictures that you all wanted to see. No argument now I already put them up. Here is Jaxon being goofy at the Walmart. I'm unsure if he was tired or not but I know that he wanted to act like he was. I think he was trying to be shy with me but his grandma came over and made sure I got to see him smile.
Below as you can see Justin is acting normal. You know like that Hispanic man you see on the corner of the street working under the hood of his car but you'll never really go speak to that guy will you. The look he gives you as you drive by is just a bit too creepy. Yep normal is great. Plus you get to see my best side. Just be sure not to stare.
We had hair appointments today. THis was good because I had wanted to get my hair cut quite some time ago so the fact that we were finally getting it done, you know after the snowtastrophy, I was fairly excited. Sawyer went to spend some of the morning with Stephanie so that we didn't have to worry about him while getting our hairs cut. Good stuff. Kristin really liked the girl that was cutting her hair. I liked the girl who cut mine even though she cut it a bit to short. We'll try one more time and see if she can keep it the right length next time. I guess you have to train them eh?
Not spending time out together without Sawyer was weird so to keep the oddness coming we decided to go get something to eat before we picked him up. Applebee's is a real good place to go. A while ago I worked there and I knew everything that they made and so eating there wasn't really awesome for me. But now they make new stuff and so I ate there with a new vigor. There food really is good and its no wonder that its one of the best casual dinning places in the USA.
After getting home witht he kid Kristin took a nap with him and I went for a run. Been really working on getting back into shape. I know that summer is coming up and I'd like to run a 5k this year, or even something longer. But if I do run one I'm going to run like a champ. A Champ!


Sunday, February 27, 2011


The title of this post has to do with the pictures. I have been trying to do that lately. But it is also the third post that has started with the name shower. One was for Kristin's shower, then Stephanie's, now this is our showers. AHAHAHA, Yeah not as funny as I wanted it to be is it. I did this it was appropriate to show you what our bathrooms look like. We did some work trying to figure out what they would look like. Well here it is. The blue one is the master and the other is not. There are only two so there isn't a need for a second explanation. All that really needs said is that if you have a doukie that is worth recording please do it in the brown bathroom. Tatum will need to use that one.
Work was great. I like working and seeing people I know at work. Today at work I saw Alexa and Jaxon. I do have pictures for you of the kid I just forgot to post them today. No worries I'll get them up tomorrow. Any way's he's growing up to be a big kid. He smiles any time you tickle him under the chin. Really I think he smiles all the time and just tries to act like a tough guy.
I heard that Justin was in need of help building something for his little dude. So even though I am unsure if he really needed the help I really like building things so I went to the rescue. It was then that we felt like men doing manly things. We'd use the tools and ignore the instructions placing the boards where we thought they belonged and not where they told us to. We fight the system. Why? Because we are men and when it comes to building things that is what men do. MANY MANLY THINGS!!
Then when we were done we went to eat out in the living room eating many manly meals. We ate the manliest meals there were to eat at the time of eating. Because of the eatery available we were eating the meals of manly massiveness. So delicious.
I will try to post pictures of Jaxon tomorrow for some reason they aren't loading to my computer. I hate you cpu.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

The freaks are in town.

Okay so I started writing this blog a few days ago. Lets say it was four days ago and I am just now actually writing it. A lot has gone on in those four days so lets see if I can pound this out so you can get caught up on where we are at.
Work was this morning and it was pretty boring though I was trying to let it go by as quickly as possible so that I could get back home and hang out with Kristin and the rest of her family. Our house was of course chaos but not an uncleaned chaos. I was glad that most of our stuff had a home and just living without boxes all over the ground makes a day better than when there are boxes closing in on you every where.
While I was slaving away at Walmart Kristin and Kayla were out shopping for prom dresses. For Kayla of course as Kristin has no prom to go to. I'm not sure all the places they went to shop but I don't think that they found anything that they really thought they couldn't live without. Too bad we were hoping Kayla would find something to wear. Or at least to dream about wearing.
I got off work close to three and called Kristin to find out that they were leaving a little early. I guess it had been a really hard trip and they needed to get home so that they could rest for the rest of the weekend. So they packed up and headed out as soon as we got back.
We still had things to do though so Kristin and I went to the store and got stuff to decorate out bathrooms with. You know the regular things like shower curtains and rugs, we also picked up some towels that matched real good.
After coming home and decorating everything we called Justin and Stephanie over to have Churches. We were suppose to eat this with Kayla but since they had to leave we decided that we would still eat it. While we were out Justin and I couldn't help ourselves and also went and got tacos from the Taco Shack. Very awesome Tacos. If any one wonders where it is its on the corner of Belair and 121 and they are worth it. WORTH IT!!! Ta.


Friday, February 25, 2011


I am very upset. I can't find my camera. So at this point I am unaware if there were any pictures for this day or the past few days on it. That is the very reason you are receiving all pictures that are a bit old. Some are older than others and would have been put up here at some point in time but who knows when that would have happened. I don't. Either way I made sure to put this picture of "fat" Sawyer. Its just the most sumo picture we have ever got of the kid. I'm not sure that he looks like that at all but it might be that he is scrunching his neck. Speaking of necks he has a long one. I know that I also have a long neck (no reference to the Land Before Time please) but he has a good sized neck. My grandma would be envious of his neck.
Oh yeah stuff that went on today. I went to work rather early. That was my day. Lets go to Kristin's and see if it was any more interesting.
Look there lads, its is! She went out to Ikea. That was of course after the maintenance people came and fixed some stuff around the house. Good times. So as they drove out to Ikea they got to see the tent for OVO. For all of you who don't know that is a Cirque Du Soleil. The show has been in town for a month or so and all of you who know me well are all sitting back in your chairs asking yourselves why hasn't he gone. Several reasons. Money and Kristin didn't really want to. But I think that there is another one coming this fall and so we might go to that one. I really hope that we can.
Kristin got some cool stuff from the place out there. One thing she picked up that I thought was really neat was a dogs butt. Thats right its a hook that goes on the wall shaped liked a cartoon dogs butt. Pretty cool.
I got home from work and Justin and Stephanie came over which meant that there were a lot of people over at our house. I made cookies and helped make pizza pasta. It was pretty good. We hung out and started watching Prince of Persia but I think every one fell asleep before the end. I know that I did. Pretty good day all together.


Thursday, February 24, 2011


So the house is picked up and we are trying to keep it that way while we are getting ready for the family to get here. They showed up around two... ish. When they got here they had a trailer full of things to bring up stairs. So we started dragging things out of the trailer so that Frank could take it back and we could get the rest of the stuff up stairs. Not gonna lie I pretty much beasted most of that up three flights. The worst was the washer which was heavy but Kayla helped so it all worked out. Bernice and Kristin took a mirror to the vanity up stairs and poor Bernice just started bleeding all over the place. I thought she'd cut her hand on the glass but apparently it was the wood.
Well we got everything up stairs and I got a text message from Verizon saying that they dude was going to come out and fix my internet. (You know so I could post all these blogs.) So we tried to put everything where it was out of the way and set up the bed but he showed up while it was still a clustermess up here. He said that there was something wrong with my internet line and did get it fixed. I'm not sure who was more excited. Probably Bernice.
I tried hooking up the washer but found out that one of the hoses wasn't working correctly. That of course means that we were in need of new hoses. It was out to the lumber store, that sounds weird. (You know go to the place for wood to get hoses?) Either way they did have what we wanted plus we picked up the stuff for the dryer at Walmart while we were out. Not to mention, or I guess I am, that we ate food crack. Yes we went to Panda Express. How that soft and cuddle looking black and white bear can fill me with such deliciousness I have no idea. While we were in line and I was ordering I asked to try some of the fire cracker chicken and the gent behind the counter said it was hot. So the dude next to me also asked if he could try it. Then he was sweating and made the comment about it being too hot. What a wuss.
Panda was good enough to make me want to get more. But its not a buffet. =( :( ='( ;( Many sad faces accumulate here. Instead we went back to the lair and I put the washer and dryer together. Well not like built them but I hooked them up to the wall. I've never done that before. It was a lot of fun. Bye.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where'd that bear go?

We both worked this morning so it was a good thing that we got all of our moving done yesterday. Even though we still didn't have everything unpacked we did a lot better and I at least went into work with pants that were straight. I would like to say I worked all day at work and then came home and rested. But I didn't. I worked and then when I got off I waited for Justin to get off and then we went over to our old house for some cleaning. Kristin was already there.
She had Sawyer and I grabbed the vacuum and started combing the floors. I did the whole house with our old vacuum cleaner but I must not be a very good vacuumer as justing wanted to redo everything that I had already done. No worries though. The house was almost as clean when we left as it was when we'd first arrived.
Justin left and we headed over to the office so that we could turn in our keys. Kim was there and ready to hang onto Sawyer. Honestly I think that's the only reason she wants us to stay here. We stayed and talked to her about all manor of things just long enough to waste the rest of her day away. She thanked us gladdy for that.
I had said earlier that there was a lot more unpacking to do and so we did it. We worked around the house getting things unpacked as quickly and as organised as we could. We are both off tomorrow but we have family coming and bringing us furniture so we really needed to get most of this done.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

He'll put a spell on you

You are all going to be very upset with me because I took zero pictures of the move. Yep, but I'll tell you all about it. Kristin had to work this morning but I was off. I had asked the day off along with Jim so that he could help me move. What a nice guy. I had also asked Jordan, a cashier, and Sarah, a service desk associate, if they would come over an help also. Every one was set to get here at ten. (It kind of feels like I haven't got any friends except for people from work.) So before ten I was getting stuff ready. You know the normal things. Putting on cloths, eating, feeding the baby putting the baby to sleep.
Once Sawyer was asleep I went over to the other house so that I could start to get stuff moving, don't worry I locked him in. I had just started taking boxes down stairs when I got a phone call from Jordan asking where I lived. He showed up and we started moving things down stairs. Not long after Sarah arrived. I had her start packing up the kitchen in the old house. It was a pretty good assembly line. I would take the boxes down stairs and Jordan would wheel them over to the other apartment building.
A bit later Jim showed up and starte3d helping me with what I was doing. We also decided to grab some of the bigger items. Smart idea to get them moved before we were tired and out of strength. So we started with the couch. We moved it upstairs and found that Sawyer was awake. Luckily Jordan was already up there taking care of him. I enlisted him in the day care service for the while Sawyer was up. He did a pretty good job keeping him entertained. The rest of moving was pretty easy except for things like the baby bed which we had to take the doors off the hinges to get in and out of the rooms. But Jim and I moved most of the boxes while Sarah packed and unpacked the kitchen and the storage room.
When Kristin got off work she brought Justin over with her and by that point we were down to just moving one more room over. So the three of us, Justin, Jim and I, moved the last of the stuff over. To thank every one for staying over there and helping us move all day we ordered pizza and hung out in our clutter filled room. Thank you all again for all of your help.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Bliss and ERR!

This morning I went running at around eight so that I could swing by Justin's house and pick him up. I got there and he and I ran the rest of the way home. I'm quite sure that he was not fond of this and this will never happen again. But I guess it was nice of him to give it a shot? I dunno.
We were suppose to get the key's to the apartment at nine this morning. So we went into the office dressed like hobo's and asked for the keys. Well they needed some information from us and then they would get the keys. While we were finding the information I heard them all saying that they couldn't find the keys. So Michelle, one of the ladies who works at the office, made a phone call and found out that they were still cleaning the apartment. I have no idea how much time before they lease it out this is suppose to be done but it was again a set back. Michelle said that it would be about thirty minutes so we went out and got something to eat. I had to go to work at noon so we really needed to get things moving so that Kristin could unpack in the new house while I was off.
Well we cam back to the apartment and found out that they were still cleaning but we asked them if we could go ahead and start moving stuff in as we didn't have the time to wait around. They said it was fine and so Justin and I got a good forty minutes of moving in before I had to get ready and leave. That wasn't any fun because I had to shower in a bath without a curtain and I made the floor very wet. But it was the best we could do and I looked again like trash at work.
Speaking of work there was a time when almost everything went down at my store and this was what our palm pilots looked like. I was so excited that my computer was getting angsty on me that I had to take this picture and share it with every one whose computer gets mad back at them.
Once off of work there were a few more things that I had to go over to the other house and get. I hurried because I was really tired from working this morning and working at work this afternoon. But I knew we needed things at the new house and so I grabbed what I could. Tomorrow will be the party though. Several people from work are coming over to help me move. Exciting.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Allergies or drugs?

I get up in the morning and I work my way around boxes to try and find my pants. When I find my pants I find out that they are wrinkled and already worn. I don't have the iron to make them clean and no time to try and wash them. I know I have another pair but they are probably packed away. So I search around the boxes for some shoes and a shirt that doesn't smell like its been worn before and I put that on. Getting ready for the day when you are in a storage room isn't super great. But even though I looked quite disheveled and unorganized I did get to work on time.
Work was okay except that I felt like I was dirty and nasty all day long. I tried to spend most of my time on the parking lot so that customers, and managers, wouldn't catch a glimpse of me. I did have some one point out that my pants weren't ironed and my excuse was that I was moving. Great excuse. I can get by with almost anything while using that excuse.
I got off work but just before I left I ran into Jim who looked like he'd just had seven hits of weed. His eyes were so red he looked like an allergy inflicted person when the grain trucks drive by in Kansas. So I took a picture of it because I thought it was cool. I hope that those eye drops helped.
At home we did our best to get ready for the moving day tomorrow. We weren't quite packed up with everything yet but that was okay because we have three days to move everything. I just hope we don't have the same problems we did when we moved into this apartment. The day we came over and got the keys the maintenance people were still cleaning and they had just shampooed the carpet so we couldn't move anything in. Okay well a good night sleep is what I need for my early day tomorrow. Ta.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shower Power!

I was asleep at night. It was 2:30 in the morning and conditions were perfect for sleeping. It was dark and I was in bed doing some sleeping that the conditions were perfect for. Then, as I was doing the what it was that conditions were perfect for, I felt something on in the way of my leg and woke up. I looked down at my feet expecting to see an huge bed bug or a monster and there sat Kristin staring out the window. Apparently there was something interesting enough happening outside with cops and drunk driver that was good enough to keep her awake. Not me. I went back to doing that which perfect conditions were made.
It was a crazy day at work but I only remember that. I was once again the only one out of the four of us who worked today and I asked for it off. Well I guess I'm just not worth that. Either way work was nusto and people were crazy so when two came around I headed out of there like a bat out of a cave. (This statement is in reference to an earlier joke)
I was quickly driving to my house and changed my clothes so that I could go to Jordan's baby shower. I love baby showers so much I could have stayed all day long! ALL DAY LONGGGGGG! Yep. So we left after every one else had and there were only the family there who helped with the whole thing. I will mention that Sawyer was able to wear this shirt you see here. If you can't read it says "The best friend." Honestly if you can't read you are dumb for coming to my blog as there are only three pictures and way more words. But you can't read this so you don't know that I called you dumb. Ha Ha Ha, To you.
I did make sure to get pictures of people who are with Sawyer but don't always get pictures with him. The top one here is Justin's mom (Who you know), and Justin's two sisters Alexis and Natalie. Here is another picture with Alexis as she stripped down Sawyer so that she could eat him. But seriously she was just holding him during the changing process and I thought it looked awkward so I wanted every one to see it. Aren't I a nice guy.
We went to do some shopping and then home to pack. We didn't ever make it home though. No we weren't taken by the matrix or slain by Huns. We instead had to go out to eat with Justin and a pregnant lady. NO I guess we didn't HAVE TO, but we kinda wanted to so we did. It was probably just an excuse to eat at Steak and Shake. But as always with them we had a great time. We went in and sat down and it took quite some time before we were ever helped. I do think that my calling across the store for Charles may have helped, but it might just have made all of the other customers around us mad. I know that one of them left quite quickly after we got there. And when I say one I mean about seven... We aren't bad people we are just loud people. Sawyer was having a great time until I got my shake, you know steak and SHAKE, then he was a little jealous and got upset. But I didn't give in to his sad eyes or crying. I held out until I finished the shake so he couldn't have any. I am such a good dad.
Okay well that's pretty much it. So ttfn.


Friday, February 18, 2011


Yes this is a picture of houses upon houses. This picture was also taken in Colorado. When we went to see my parents we looked over the edge just before coming up to the street that would take us into town and this is what we saw. House upon house. I know that I have seen villages in South America that look like this but I wasn't really aware that this was how close we all live. Kinda makes me feel like I have no personal space. Stay back!
We are moving. Yes it is a short move, not like we are staying there for a short amount of time but we aren't moving but about three hundred feet from where we live now. Still it is a move and so we need to focus ourselves on the packing and getting things ready to move. So I did just that by playing video games all day. I did watch Sawyer so that all Kristin had to do was feed him. She on the other hand did a ton of packing. Its a system that we came up with. She packs I move most of the stuff. She doesn't like how I pack.
This evening Justin and I wanted to go check out a store that is near enough to our house but to far away for us to attend it regularly. It is also a store that our old manager Beatrice works at now. So we took about an hour out of our evening to go to a store and critique it as best as we could. We can get to the point where we sound a bit snobbish about other stores but we are sure good at pointing out what is good and bad about a store. It was a lot of fun walking the store and it was good to see Beatrice. We love teasing her.
Of course we were all ready to eat once Justin and I got back to the house. So, per my request, we went to Golden Corral. It was late so they didn't have all the food they usually have out but it was plenty for me to eat almost all of it. I felt very much like I was stuffing my face so fat that I was more like a hamster or a gerbil than a human. Of course I do remember some of the looks I got as I went up and filled my plate over and over. We need to go back in the day time so we can demolish it once again.
We went back home and then presented the fighting Kung Fu Tiger Morello. I think thats the tigers name. What we didn't know was that whatever group that Justin and Stephanie are involved with has a patch with a white tiger that has a blue eye. Well so did our tiger. So we thought that we did pretty good. I was excited. Then I was tired so we left. Kay bye, night. Are you still here? Go!


P.N. Seriously GO!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

TigerBear: The meanest creature.

I know what you are thinking. Kerry you were so close to catching up why are you getting so far behind? We were so close to having blogs every day. We wanted to read them so bad, write more blogs. Well you might not have been thinking that or anything close to that but because I think that you all are blog suffered if I don't post I'll thank you so much for bearing with me while we moved. I will agree with you about being behind, I was so close to caught up. I am working towards it so here it goes.
This morning was crazy with two parents running around the house trying to get ready for work while the kid was trying to get ready to do work in his drawers. Kristin pumped and I fed the guy with a little fresh milk. (Don't picture it.) Then we both ran around trying to take showers... well I tried to take a shower Kristin and Sawyer took one last night. But we did get everything ready to go and we were off to work.
If this were a movie you would have seen the prelude to some ones day and then you would see Kristin at work dealing with the happiest customers. Not. She had some fairly picky customers who wanted over and above and beyond and after and around and through and under and and and... thats all.
After all that jazz we were out to go and get Jordan's present. We had this idea to get Jordan something that would last a while but would be from us as much as possible. Since this is written after they already have it I can tell you want we got for him. We went to the mall and went to the build a bear workshop and looked for a white tiger to build. (I know right now you are like, "Oh, I get the title now") Well we couldn't find one so we ask to see if they had one. They didn't. But they did say that the Rainforest's cafe might. So we went across the mall to get him made there. We found just what we wanted and had the tiger filled with fluff. Then we had to go back to the build a bear place to get clothes for a Karate outfit. Originally they outfit comes with a black belt but we know that takes time and dedication so we switch it to a gold belt and I even tied it on properly. All of you should be proud, all of you!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Little Irish Lad

This is the picture, taken yesterday, of Sawyer jumping in the hanging jumper that we have for him. He loves standing up so much that we thought he would enjoy this jewel. Well we were right. The kid doesn't jump so much as spin around but he loves using his feet to move. I think he might be a runner some day.
In this picture Sawyer's hair looks so very red and his eyes quite blue that its hard to say he isn't a little Irish kid. He even has that skinny nose and this expression might just give it away.
What we don't understand about this guy is why he doesn't like sleep. Today we both had to go to work and I dropped Sawyer off at Stephanie's house. Well she told me that she thought I had told him to not go to sleep and to spend most of his day crying when I left. I felt so bad later but he hasn't been sleeping all night either. Its not like he stays up quite late or stays up for extended periods of time at night but more like he wants to wake up once in the night to eat. I thought we were past all this?
Last night was the first night this year that we have opened our windows. I was pretty excited to do that but it was getting a little hot in here. Of course I'm not sure if that has to do with the heat outside or all the crap that is just hanging around inside. I think a house full of boxes makes for a very warm house.
Well trying to save money has its problems. Like food. We have to eat something but we don't have money for anything real expensive. Oh yeah for tv dinners. I ate the family sized lasagna(Don't worry I only ate half of it) and Kristin had something else. I don't remember what. Nasty probably. Just Kidding.
Kristin's mom also got her grandmothers stone ordered. It will be nice to go back to Colby and see it there representing the mark she left on the world. I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living, my grandma you'll be.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Things I almost remember

These are very old pictures. The reason that you are seeing an old pictures is because I was to lazy to load up pictures for the day on here. You will see those pictures tomorrow. Which is odd because tomorrow might also be written today which is several days from now. All of this time paradox doesn't make sense with me. I need something simpler, like math and matches.
Kristin was off today so of course because we were moving she was packing. I have to say she was a champ because she loaded so much into boxes in one day all while handling the kid. There is still a lot to be done but she did a ton of work today. Who knew that moving was going to be so much work. Oh... I did. STINK! Its okay I just keep reminding myself that when we move over to the other house we get a room all to our own. You know like after we moved out of our parents houses and before we had kids. I kinda feel like a kid again. Thhbit (That was the tongue sound) I get my own room, I get my own room.
Also because we are moving we had to get everything switched over to the new apartment number. So Kristin made all the calls to the places that send up papers every month telling us we owe them money for stuff that we need. You know, like electricity. Its times like these that I wonder if we really do need electricity. But then I think of the blog and how hard it would be to carve all this into stone and then place it on a mountain in a good area so that when people were on their way to work they could read up on it. Bit much? Well she said that all of the customer service people were the smartest people she has ever talked to in the first grade. But I think she got it all figured out in the end. I just hope we have the right apartment number.
After all that we had the Bible study. We have been trying for this Bible study for months now. I think it has been at least six weeks that we have pushed to get together with Justin, I, and Davon so that we could study. We designed a plan and tonight was the first night. It was a crazy good time but we didn't really focus well. I must say that it had a bit to do with the fact that I skip all over ever where based on what I get out of a verse. Maybe we'll do better next week.


Monday, February 14, 2011


This morning I was able to sleep in with Kristin as long as I wanted too. Of course Sawyer woke up but we just brought him to bed with us and chilled out. We stayed in bed until around 9 in the morning. To me that is really sleeping in. I don't think Kristin likes getting up even then. She and Sawyer stayed in bed a little longer. But she did point out that he, like me, wakes up with a good attitude int he morning most of the time. I think he'll be a pretty early bird when it comes to it later on.
I was running around the house doing much of nothing today. I played a lot of Kingdom Hearts. Of course I wrote a lot of blogs too. That is why we are so close to being caught up. The only other thing I did today was make rice crispy treats. These treats are so good that they are now being called rice crack treats. I suppose that's so we can keep the acronym.
Kristin did a lot of packing today. Our house went from having about ten smaller boxes to a mountain full. There is very little in the cabinets now and there is still a lot to pack. You would think that moving just an apartment building over and a flight of stairs up wouldn't take packing your whole house. Of course that's why I'm a guy right?
I also ran today. Now we are getting back into the nice weather so that we can start back on a running schedule again. After Stephanie has her baby she is going to start running with me and I am hoping that Kristin can start some sort of running project just to get herself going. I am really hoping that we can run a 5k closer to fall. Super excited to be back in the running ways.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cici Haters.

Sawyer went over to Stephanie's this morning but not the regular Stephanie, the other one. Justin and Stephanie's Stephanie. Man I need friends with different names that way I can get everything straight without confusing any one. Either way Stephanie, Sawyer's baby sitter, was working this morning so he went over to Stephanie's, Justin's wife, to hang out for the day. He also got to meet Stephanie's sister Amanda and her kids. I didn't get to meet them but I hear they are real nice.
Kristin and I worked and while I was at work I went and spent the small amount of money we had set aside for a card for Kristin for Valentines. I really wanted to get her a good card so I may have spent way to much on it. I just don't get how those cards are so dang expensive. Who decided that a piece of paper with a saying or something written on it was worth six bucks? Why am I taunted by singing cards that cost close to ten? I do have to hand it to the person to created the really big cards, you know the giant ones, because those are pretty cool.
Kristin went and picked up Sawyer when she got off. She met Amanda but wasn't over there for very long because she had to get to packing some more. While she was packing Sawyer was playing with his favorite toy Captain Calamari. That is a toy that is a squid with a pirate hat and eight arms that have a different thing at ever arm. He's a pretty cool dude and were I a little kid I think he would be my friend also.
WHen I got home Kristin went to the store so that she could get mine and Sawyer's Valentines. She bought him a new onsie and she gave me a card and then a Yo-yo. I haven't had a yo-yo in quite some time but I really like them. It was a lot of fun. Kinda made me feel bad for just getting her the card. But we both did good. I love her so much.


P.N. Pirate Squid are awesome.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

So Twenty Ten

Some days I get up and I think that I am on top of the world. Then there are other days that I get up and I feel like the world is on top of me. Then there is a third type of day that when I get up I feel like I have to go to work but every one else I know doesn't. Or at least the vast majority. Kristin, Justin, and Stephanie all had today off. Its a Saturday! I understand that Stephanie doesn't work on this oh holy day of rest but the rest of us are suppose to. We work in retail. I got jipped.
It was okay because when I got off it was early enough that I was able to spend some of the day with Kristin. We went shopping at the most abhor able place I know of. We went to the dollar store. Yes I know that most of you are right now closing the page to my blog because you are hurt so much. You think that I am too stuck up to shop at the dollar store. Well believe me I'm not. I just don't like the place because its not really that clean and a lot of the stuff they sell you is crap. Now they have candy that they sell and its a pretty good deal the only problem is that it should have been sold about seven years ago. Yeah I don't know I have something against that place. Maybe it was the time I found one of their razer blades just laying on one of the shelves. I dunno, its probably just me.
After that we went to Walmart and shopped for the smallest amount of groceries ever. You know trying to save money because we are a tad short. Once done there we decided that we wanted to go eat and I wanted to eat at Cici's. We were going to eat because we haven't and we thought we deserved a treat. I know just after saving money we are wanting to spend it. Its how life works. Either way we asked Justin and Stephanie if they wanted to eat but apparently they were so full they couldn't. So we didn't get to go to Cici's (Cici's is so 2011) and instead made a trip to Steak'n'Shake. Also very inexpensive but a great place to eat. It was a good night, and chili cheese fries are delicious. Just saying.


Friday, February 11, 2011

The Massacre

On Friday's at my Walmart we are allowed to wear jeans. I know that in the past this has been mentioned so I make sure that on Friday's I wear jeans. Today was no different. Except that I wasn't at Walmart. So I didn't wear a blue shirt with those jeans. I spent much of the day writing blogs. I am so close. Kristin spent a lot of the day packing. Our house is starting to look like a bare cave. (Like that? It was a pun.) We still have the mountains of boxes every where but some of them are starting to fill up with things. Today Kristin asked me what my plan was for moving everything. I told her that we would get it all moved on the 22nd if we weren't already done on the 21st. I'm so glad that I have friends that can help me move. I think we are going to just start carrying stuff down the stairs and across the lawn. At least some of the big items.
I got a call from Justin after he got off work that we were a go for making steak tacos. I was excited and ready to make them so with very little hesitation and waiting a few hours we headed over to his house. When I arrived on the scene I found that Melanie, Justin's mom, was in my parking spot. When I brought this to her attention she shrugged it off. What a nice lady. In all seriousness Melanie and Alexis, Justin's sister, were there so that they could paint the babies room. She also made spaghetti, so Justin and I had steak tacos and spaghetti. It was a good night. Later on Justin's dad came over. We were all working on Jordan's room, well I was more laying there staring at the ceiling while every one else worked. But I changed the light bulbs so that was work... right?
By the by the picture is of Melanie and a giraffe. Guess which is which. Yep you're right... either that or you're a jerk. ttfn


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hey Cuz

I can drive myself. I have been able to drive myself for a while now. But today Kristin drove me to work. Don't worry my license isn't suspended or anything. Kristin just needed the car so that she could go over to her sisters and spend the day with the kid and her kid.(It was because it was too cold outside and her car wasn't working right.) If you are reading this blog you should get a high five in the air for me because look what my griping did. They took pictures, yay! Now these two kids will now how fun it was to play with each other when they were no years old. I've still haven't seen Griffen in real life for a while but its good to have proof that he does exist and isn't as his name implies. (You know the magical creature)
Kristin came and got me from work and then we made up plans to go and eat tacos with Justin and Stephanie. We love tacos. We eat tacos a lot. I would guess that the next time Stephanie reads the blog and reads this blog she will want to eat tacos. We were waiting for Justin to get off work because we wanted to have some steak tacos that he was going to make also. But he was a little late so we went ahead and started without him. This resulted in us not making the steak tacos. Perhaps in the future some time we will in fact make the steak tacos. Also tonight we received a very odd call from an unknown number. I wonder who it could have been from. Justin also received an odd call demanding Churches Chicken. Eh terrorist and their demands.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Grape Soda

There are two things that I really love. One is being off of work. I don't like being off so that I can just play games all day I like being off because I get to spend time with my family. I love my wife and Sawyer and it makes my day so good when I get to spend all of it with them. Even if that means I doing get to do some of the other things I want to do. Like play games. They are definitely worth it.
Kristin did work so this morning it was just Sawyer and I. He's a pretty good kid, the sad thing is that kids grow so fast. I wont say he's grown up because he isn't but he changes ever day. I can't imagine not seeing him all the time. Even today he learned things. I told Melia when she was younger that it would be good for her to learn at least one new thing every day, now I think the same for him but he learns like eight or nine things a day. The thing about the kid that blows my mind is his mind. I have seen kids at walmart and other places that just look like monkeys. Like empty stupid boxes. But Sawyer is a thinker. He looks at things and tries to figure them out with his head.
Kristin came home and told me the roads were still a bit snowy and it was still pretty cold outside so we decided to stay in. Her back was hurting so we got the heating pad out and she took a nap on it with Sawyer. While they slept I wrote blogs. Not this one but others well before this. I am really trying to get caught up. You see if I'm caught up these will be way funnier and so much better. Some times I feel like I'm just trying to add stuff in to make them longer when I should probably just stop typing. Oh wait... like right now...
Usually I don't tell you about what happens at night around here because most of the time it is sleeping. Well before we went to sleep we put Sawyer to sleep and at this time he still resides in our room. So while he was sleeping we were getting into bed and trying to keep quiet so that we didn't wake him up. Well I farted as most men do at night but it was only a tiny fart. Because it was so tiny I felt inclined to make a comment on it and referred to it as a bat fart. Like a little bitty bat fart. Well we laughed almost loud enough to wake Sawyer up but kept it under control knowing that we now have an understanding of a bat fart.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011


When we told Maymie that we were going to move in less than two weeks this was the reaction we got. She wasn't sooper excited. Or maybe this picture just means that she was excited. I don't know. But it is less than two weeks away right now. I would also like to mention that while writing this blog we haven't moved yet that means that I'm so close to being caught up. Awesome.
Even though we have to get ready to move we aren't there just yet so that means that we still have to work. Both Kristin and I had shifts today so Sawyer had to go over to Stephanie's house. I worked later than Kris so I took him over. I was suppose to take him over at around ten because I went to work at ten thirty but I got a little flustered and confused so we left real early. Around nine. So went I got over there and realized that I had almost an hour before work I didn't really want to make Stephanie watch him so I kept him in the car with me for forty minutes or so. I was still a little early dropping him off but I didn't mind as much as I would have otherwise.
After work for the next week will be all about moving. We have started to pack up our house and are looking for things that we didn't think we packed but we did. Well I am looking for things that were packed that I didn't think were. Its okay, I didn't really need em.
Kristin's parents are going to come down and help us move some and they'll bring us our new bed set with them I believe. It will be nice to have them and I suppose it'll be good to break in the new house. I mean its bigger for a reason right?


Monday, February 7, 2011

Lazy Grey's

It is the thirteenth day of my fourteen day stretch. Fourteen days of work with only two days off in the middle. That's what I get for going on vacation I guess. I still think it was worth it. Still you do learn a lot about keeping a good attitude when you are on your thirteenth day of work. It teaches you to appreciate those days off and the people who have to put up with you during the time when you are working. Makes for a hard day for them probably. To all of you who had to deal with me I am very sorry if I was awful. (I just want to note that as I was typing this I originally typed awesome because I always type awesome and never type aweful... did it again.)
Kristin and Sawyer had the day off and so spent most of the day playing around. He was too much fun to be packing. Once I got home and it was time for supper it was also time to get creative. Since we are moving we haven't got a lot of money to our name. I guess apartments think its okay to keep 500 dollars just floating around int he air until you get out of one apartment and in to the other. I mean its not like they know where I live right. So we are making due with what we have and that means getting creative. The problem with getting creative means that I have to look at everything and figure out what to eat. That means I end up eating a bunch of crap before I cook.. and that makes me not hungry. But Kristin got to eat and that's good right.
Oh and Grey's Anatomy is back from the Christmas delay and so we were back to watching it. Oh Drama, how we love you?


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl

Today was the Super Bowl which means that it was very busy at Wal-Mart. People were coming in and shopping for all the groceries that they didn't get because of the snow and then more because of the game. Justin and I did our best just to work through it without making any one too upset. I know that on one of my breaks I went shopping for chips and rotel so that we could have some dip this evening. Work was hard though because it was so busy. So when I got off I was so glad to be out of there that I almost forgot to buy the stuff I had picked up on my break.
We had all planned to go over to Justin and Stephanie's because out of the four of us no one has cable. Before Justin got off we were all around the house and trying to make snacks but not any real food to eat while we watch the game.
By the time Justin had arrived the game had started and he and I were in there watching it. It was a really good game and the food was good too. Thank the girls for making all of it because we didn't do much after the game started. It was a good game even if the Packers did win and we still heard about Bret Farve. I think we all had a good time. Oh and if you were wondering this is not a picture of Stephanie holding her belly this is a picture of her holding her baby. Bye.


P.N. We love crab dabs

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cold Diaper Pee.... nice.

I went to work this morning knowing that it was going to be busy as tomorrow is the Super Bowl. This is the first time I have ever worked a Super Bowl when the game was actually in the same place as I was working. But this morning when I got in I had no idea what a mess it would be. The oddest thing is that the biggest mess wasn't anything to do with customers. You see we were instructed as CSMs to go outside and knock off all the ice and snow that would could reach off the roof. That way it wouldn't' fall off and kill people. So we were basically saving lives. Well while I was out there saving lives the Cart Pusher was walking along talking to me. As we were doing this we heard a large rushing sound and then saw a pipe that trailed along the outside of the store start shaking and then water burst out of it. One of the knobs on the pipe blew off and we had to call in the big troops to get it fixed. Along with all that every register in our garden center was down because of the power outage the other day. Lots of fun.
I was very excited that in the midst of all of that Kristin, Justin, and Stephanie all came out to eat breakfast with me at IHOP. We also had Jordan, one of the cashiers, eating with us. Another fun adventure at IHOP with all the whisper yelling you could take went on. But I had to get back to work, I knew it was going to be busy.
After I went back to work Kristin and the DeLeons went shopping at once upon a child. They picked up some pretty cool things for the kids. Then Kris went home to pack. We only have three weeks until we move so that packing had to get done.
In other parts of the world, Denver to be sure, Taylor was in his first Jujitsu tournament. I wish I could have been there but was pretty excited either way. I know that he is really pretty good at every thing he does and this was something he started just recently. I think he'll enjoy it the more he does it.
The Super Bowl's tomorrow. You ready?


Friday, February 4, 2011


Today we were both off work. That is such a rarity that we decided that we would both go get hair cuts taken. But we looked outside and there was snow coming down. So before we did anything we decided that we needed to go out there and walk in the snow and take picture with Sawyer in the snow the first time. We thought that the pictures came out pretty good. Despite what it looks like he did open his eyes and even tasted some of the snow. I don't know that it bothered him but I'm not sure if he liked it either.
SO we had to get ready to get hair cuts. Even still we called just to make sure that they were open for business to day only to find out that they weren't. What is it with you people from Texas. Snow doesn't stop the world from going round. People still need hair cuts on snowy days. Blast!
In the past we have bragged to Justin and Stephanie that Kristin makes a pretty delicious chicken and rice dish. Tonight we decided to let them lavish in the idea that we have been bragging about. Over at their house we were again making delicious dinners. The cheesy fantasticalness of Kristin's chicken is awesome. And Justin and Stephanie agreed. While we were over there I was holding Sawyer and he dropped his pacifier and so I picked it up to put it back in his eye. I mean mouth, but I hit his eye. I didn't even look. I just kept trying to get his eye to take the pacifier. I should do what Kristin does from now on, feel for the wet spot. The end!