Sunday, March 27, 2011

Birthday Extravaganza

More birthdays. March is just as chaotic as October. In October, there's John (friend) the 2nd, Kayla (sister), the 3rd, Karter (brother..I know, what're the odds?) the 4th, my parent's wedding anniversary the 9th, ours the 10th, Stephanie the 11th, and now Sawyer the 25th. Phew! In March there's Kerry the 3rd, Nita (sister-in-law) the 4th, LeeAnn (sister) the 19th, me the 25th, and Justin the 27th. So woo, Happy Birthday to Justin! He turned 46 today, what an old man. About time to join AARP!! (He's really only like, 24 or something, but we like to make fun of him. =]) I know I worked today, I always work Sundays, but I don't know what else we did. I think this was the day Stephanie and his family made dinner, so we ducked out so they could celebrate as a family. (We later got in trouble for not staying, but we ensure that you'll never be able to call us party crashers!) I think we got him a card about farts though, so that made up for it. =P

What in the HECK mom?!?

Okay..maybe this isn't so bad...

Voila! That's how you babysit on the go! =D


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