Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nourished back to life by life alone

It has been entirely way too long since a blog has been written, and as to not disappoint the people I'm going to try and revive it. It's tachycardic, but I think we can make it. (There's some medical lingo for you Grey's Anatomy fans.) =] This next batch of blogs may not be more than a little blurb and some pictures, but hey man, I'm doing my best here..we're over a month behind. Life with a baby gets crazy, and then when you add another baby into the mix (a friends, not #2 for us ya crazies!), a new job, car wrecks, and several birthdays, you're over a month down the road and it seems as though you never batted an eye. I jot down notes, but this far down the line they're not making much sense. Evidently Sawyer only went to the babysitter's for an hour today, we all went to bed fairly early (who knows what time that is..8? 10? Maybe 12? No idea.), and then Sawyer decided to have partytime at 4am. I don't have to have detailed notes to tell me how much that sucked. I'll never know what happens to a baby to spark them like that in the middle of the night..weirdos. =/

It's finally happened..the boy loves to eat so much he's done waiting on us to feed him. If only he practiced this much skill everytime...

Elvis has entered the building. =D It just wouldn't be right for me to not inherit anything with his face on it. Anyone who knew my Grandma would be able to tell you that she LOVES Elvis. This woman had enough paraphernalia to look like one of those creepy stalkers. Although she never acquired a lock of that luscious pompadour...



  1. He's SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!
    Not Elvis.
    I guess Elvis is cute too.
    Anyway...I want to cuddle him and kiss that cute tummy. Life with a baby is NUTS! So much passes by so quickly when you're taking care of those tiny humans. Just wait until you're chasing him around. Just. Wait.

  2. Aww, thanks! It's ridiculous how fast they grow. It seems like you just had Rubi and now she's such a little lady! I bet those girls keep you on your toes. =] He already has to be doing something, so I'm sure I'm in for it when he becomes mobile..that's a scary thought. lol