Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Poop-a-thon 2011

Oh joy, today was my favorite kind of day. POOP-A-THON!! Not me of course, maybe Kerry, but more than likely, Sawyer. There's nothing better than starting your day off with a blowout sale. Take THAT Folgers!! Other than that, today was one of those lowkey days; Kerry was getting ready to work overnight for the next few days, so we kind of hung around the house. Oh! Awhile back we took Kerry's car to get an oil change, pretty routine. I guess while they were changing the air filter they hit some major sensor that reset everything or something with inspection or something, I'm a girl, do I really need to know about cars? and the only way to get it to work again was to drive it. They called and said they needed to drive it around to get it reset, so it'd take a little longer. Okay, so you broke my car, and now you're going to have to put miles on it to fix it? Thanks, jerk. A little later we got a call saying that it still hadn't reset, so they'd need to keep it overnight. So now Kerry doesn't have a car..cool, thanks for that too. The next day we went to pick it up and they said they had to put $10 worth of gas into it because they'd drove it so much, how thoughtful. After we got home and looked at the bill they charged US for the gas! SERIOUSLY?? Never going to them again. (At this point I'm sure you're thinking wow, how annoying! Just like infomercials [Which I LOVE by the way!] "But wait, there's more!") Today we got a bill from TollTag (Here they have it set to when you drive through the toll it snaps a picture of your license plate and sends you a bill, unless you have a prepaid thingy in your car.) for $17!! Those idiots not only broke our car, put miles on it, held it hostage, made us pay to replace the gas they used, but knowingly drove it back and forth through tolls all day and had us billed!! You can guarantee that I marched our booties up there and made the manager reimburse us for that. Still not going back there though. (Kwik Car on Macarthur in Lewisville, for you Texans.)

Gee, guess all it takes for a long blog post is someone to piss off Mom! LOL

Guess that was a comfy position for sleeping?

1....2.....3....he's out!


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