Thursday, March 17, 2011

Erryone who seen the leprechaun say yea!

Saint Patrick's Day..means nothing unless you're Irish or in college. I'm neither, so I just make sure to wear green so I don't get pinched. Kerry's partly Irish, and obviously Sawyer got some from him with that red hair, so they liked the day just fine. We didn't celebrate though, I don't remember what we did. We went and saw Stephanie in the hospital though. She was feeling pretty crummy, so they admitted her to keep an eye on her and Jordan. (I haven't written for so long..I'm sure you know she's our pregnant friend?) They were both doing fine and enjoyed seeing Sawyer in his "1st Saint Patrick's Day" onesie that Steph got him, and we got some dinner and ate there with her and Justin. The way home though, wasn't so delightful. It was dark, and I think there was some construction, so we got SUPER lost. Like, half an hour out of the way lost..oops. Sawyer always sleeps in the car, so I guess that was some QT with the hubby. =]

Started out the day in pinching here!

He loves his Uncle Justin. <3


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