Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Two Shots!

Last night I closed and stayed up to the beginning of my birthday. To my surprise at the time the clock said it was March Third she lit candles and brought out a cake for me. We took this picture after the fire was put out. Thanks Kristin for being an awesome wife and giving me things on my birthday. She was disappointed however, because she didn't end up being the first person to post on my facebook page. Kayla beat her. She did get to be the first person to tell me in person and on the phone. She made sure she called me. Soon after having a slice of cake we went to bed. Busy day ahead.
The big deal today wasn't really my birthday. Nope it was all about Sawyer. We took him to the doctor so that he could get all of his four month shots. Of course while we were there they measured and weighed him. Turns out he was 15.7lb and 27.5 in long. He's a really tall kid, but as you can see in the picture likes the needles as much as any kid any size.
This afternoon Sawyer wasn't having the best time. But we chanced it hoping that he would be good in the evening so that we could go out for my birthday. We went to Outback Steakhouse and before we went in we found out that Justin was offered the job for entertainment ZMS in the same store that I got the new job. Good Stuff.
At the steak house Lexi (Justin's sister) and Brent (Not Justin's sister but her husband) just happened to be there and we invited them to come and eat with us. It was a good time that in the end finished with raspberry cheese cake. I love raspberry.


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  1. Happy Day raspberry cheese cake too :)