Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Well this journal entry starts off with a fun gem that I jotted down: "Projectile vomit at 5 am." Pretty awesome if I do say so myself, and a good way to follow up the poopsplosion the day before. I fed Sawyer when he woke up, and we usually go back to bed, but I remember burping him, hearing a cough/choke, flipping him forward to beat his back, and then, "the burp". You know, the burp that hits RIGHT before you're about to hurl..scariest thing ever when it's not you. It's like a roman candle, unpredictable, and you don't want to be at the other end of it. =/ Me, being me, yelled for Kerry when it splatted all over the carpet. xD Man, my husband loves me! <-- Following that, I had written that he does school for fun, which makes him a weirdo. He does..he has chemistry books and a giant calculator that he'll pull out for something to do. I'll never understand what makes it enjoyable, but I guess that's where the phrase 'To each their own' came from. ;]

Mommy's smiley boy. =]

Playing with daddy's snow owl, Archimedes, that's bigger than his head..literally.


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