Sunday, March 13, 2011

Time attack

I hate time changes. Unless I gain time. This change stole an hour though, as if I need even less sleep with a baby. Thanks guy who found it necessary to screw up a perfectly good time keeping system, you suck. The rest of the US should follow in Arizona's footsteps and not change. Needless to say, I started off my work day with a decent lack of sleep and customers who think they need awesome toothpaste sales at the crack of dawn. Seriously?? Go to bed like a normal person, weirdo. Luckily Kerry was off though and was able to watch Sawyer so I didn't have to try and get him around before work, those days are rough. To my knowledge they just had a lazy day with Stephanie, made rice krispies and watched movies. Must be nice. ;) Regardless, I love coming home to both of my boys and having a quiet evening after a chaotic work day. Nothing is better. <3

Found him in his crib trying to take flight? Didn't know I was housing a baby bird. o.O

Pounding his sleep. Yes, he is that hardcore.


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