Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dressed, and ready.

This morning Kristin and I both had to work but that doesn't mean that we slack as parents. So doing what parents should do she picked out Sawyer some awesome cloths and I dressed him with the skill of a master. He was dressed to kill and ready for anything. At least anything that ever gets thrown at a four month old. I suppose he's not ready to date yet, he better not be. But as you can see he is a rock star.
Work was good because Justin and I did work. We worked upon work as we were working to do work. The work we were doing was a work that was needing to be done. SO we worked it. I'd say that if any one saw us they would say that we did work. They would have seen us doing the work so they would have been right in the saying that we did work. But they could go on even to say that we did work around work and through work. We worked work. Done.
After work I cam home to find that we had received our picture CD. You remember the pictures. You know when that lady came in and took pictures with the weird sounds she was making? Well they were really good pictures and we got the cd. I'm sure you'll get to see the pictures here soon enough.
Also here is a picture of Sawyer and I, before I cut my hair, playing games on my phone. I think Kristin took it because he is very interested in my phone, and in most any screen. Look at his hands you see how intense he is.


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