Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Here come the solids!

Wednesdays are usually uneventful: I work, we get our weekly truck of freight, and work on putting everything away. It's sad what a routine I have: stock the shelves for cigarettes/candy with what we already have, put away new cigarettes and candy, put away film/frames, batteries, and put security stickers on the makeup and seperate it out. Go me! I'm a creature of habit though, and I hate change, so I suppose it works. Did I mention that I make the same lunch everyday? Bologna and cheese sandwich. Shoutout to my Grandma and Uncle Billy for getting me to love that more than likely disgusting concoction of meat byproducts. =D It's already been 4 months since she died..that's insane. Sometimes when I think of her I picture her sitting at home reading the National Inquirer, and think about calling her, only to be hit by reality. I miss you so much Grandma, I wish you didn't have to go. =[ On a lighter note, Sawyer is 5 months old, which means baby cereal! It looks like glue that would completely clog your throat up, but he seems to like it okay. He acts like he's been using a spoon his whole life, and loves to grab it and "help" you feed it to him. Messy, but fun. =]

He was obviously stoked when we picked it up at the store.

Pretty happy about the highchair, what a fun new toy!

Not too bad, kinda like thick milk.

Andddd, I'm done.


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