Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fruit salad, yummy yummy.

Today is my older sister, LeeAnn's, birthday. I think she went out to dinner with her husband, so I'm sure she had an awesome day..just wanted to give her a quick shoutout. =] Our main goal of the day was to go grocery shopping, as we'd reached the point where everything that's left in the cabinets/fridge would only get eating if there was an emergency..tuna, ramen noodles (those are always delicious though), cream corn, pickles, and maybe some stale chips. If I remember right we didn't go until late though, so it was even more of a beating than normal. And I'm sure we were hungry when we headed out, so we probably ended up getting more than we needed. The only thing worse than shopping on and empty stomach, is shopping on an empty stomach when you're pregnant. ;]

The boy got hungry, whaddya gonna do?

Sawyer is peekin' atcha.


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