Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Its the beginning of March. March. The name of the month just sounds like work. I guess that's why I was born this month. Of course it may also have something to do with the near relation of St. Patrick's Day also. God loves me. But it is the beginning of March and that marks the beginning of the Barnett Fiscal Year.
Today I went to work. I did job. I work hard. I help people. I try my best. Like work very much. Many smiling faces.
Kristin on the other hand went to hang out with her sister. She took Sawyer as he isn't quite old enough to leave at the house. Even if he was I'm certain that she would want to take him. Sawyer is like a purse, she takes the kid where ever she can because she wants to show him off. He makes her look good. I don't know that she needs any one to help her look sooo goood. (Thank you Strongbad) The end result was that they went over to the Hopkins house.

They didn't get to stay over there for too long because Sawyer wasn't in the best mood. I guess that means he wants to go home? Who knows. He probably just wanted to goof off at the house or something. I was reading how since he if four months old he is trying to communicate in different ways. Well I will tell him something. I can't understand him still.
Also, he IS getting big. I know a bunch of people ask me if he's growing but I'm not kidding when I say he is big. I guess here in a few days we'll find out just how big. His doctors appointment is on Thursday. Ta.


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