Saturday, March 12, 2011

So fresh and so clean, clean.

I realize that you can do praise and worship whenever you feel like, but call me old-fashioned, I prefer Sunday mornings. Since I went back to work after having Sawyer, Sunday mornings are 1 of 2 week days they work me. Because of that, we've started to (try) and go to church on Saturday nights. We actually made it out tonight, with Justin and Stephanie, and made it through with no complications from lil' man. (I always get so scared he's going to throw down during church, and he ends up sleeping and then gets completely sucked in by worship. He loves music, and of course all babies love flashing lights and stuff.) We decided to head to Chili's afterwards for a little dinner, and ran into one of my old co-workers from IHOP. Hooooooly crap, this girl is one of those "Darlin', Sweetie, Hun" people, and it's freakin' annoying. If you're old enough to be my Grandma, then sure, call me hun, I'll love you forever. But if you're my age or YOUNGER, you sound condescending and I'll want to smack you in the face. Just sayin'. Oh, and don't ogle my husband, that'll get you hurt too. ;] The food was great though! Corn on the cob never goes out of style, delicioussss. I also learned something of great importance today: Justin's sister Alexis wants to eat my baby because he smells so clean. Great. =/ lol

Nappin' on the couch. It was cold, hence the sock hands.

Little man in a big bed! Love it. Babies in anything meant for adults is the cutest thing ever. =]


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