Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Turtle power!

Getting back into this whole blog writing business is proving to be a challenge. I think about it all the time, but I never actually get anything done. I'm over a month behind, so I'm going to try and get caught up really soon, I promise!

Sawyer's Aunt Nita and Uncle Tatum found this onesie and thought it was perfect for him. I'm a turtle freak, and I'm using my baby as an excuse to aquire more..oops?

Yeah, that would be my leg, bruises, scratches, and all. Honestly this is one of those stories that you would have had to been there to appreciate the humor. I work at CVS/Pharmacy, and our truck with freight on it had come so I was putting candy out on the shelves. Our freight comes in big plastic totes instead of individual boxes, so I had several scattered about sorting things out. There's a wine rack up where I was working, and I went to step over a tote and caught my foot I guess, and I basically fell inside the tote, smashing my leg, and breaking a bottle of wine in the process. A bunch of old people came running, and my bosses gave me a hard time for not making the wine drinkable. I'm just sad that no one was there to see it, because it had to have been AWESOME!

And yes, I'm extremely white..shut it.


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