Monday, March 21, 2011

Poop Harbor

Today, March 21st, a date which will live in infamy..wait, that's not right. =P I woke up like normal, to Sawyer jabbering away in his crib. Like normal, I went in to get him, and I swear when I walked through the door to his room I heard the "reeet reeet reet" music from Psycho. He'd had a blowout and it was ALL OVER his bed. Sheets, sleep wedge, blanket, stuffed bear, mattress pad..everything. Funfunfunfun. He loves to play in his bed, but I don't like playing in his poop..just sayin'. When he got home from work though, Kerry made homemade chocolate cookies, so it mostly evened out. ;] Yes ladies, I got a man that cooks..good. =D

After all that poop, I kinda had him watch himself..I think I had something similar to radiation poisoning. =/

I still love this little boy though. =]


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