Friday, March 11, 2011

Falling in Reverse

Ahh, today was one of those rare days that Kerry and I both have the day off. Usually we'd do something fun like go to the mall, or go see a movie, but now that we're "adults" we do boring stuff: clean. To increase our productivity, we went ahead and sent Sawyer to the babysitters. Mind you we STILL don't have everything unpacked and put away from moving, so that was the goal for today. We did the usual: sweep, vacuum, dust, laundry, dishes, and then unpacking. We have some really cool picture frames (that we have wedding pictures to put in), but they don't have mats for them. I can't find any that fit, and I can't find anywhere with fair prices to get them made. If you have any suggestions, pass them along!! In the mean time, we have empty frames hanging on the wall. Go us!! And of course a cliche adult day wouldn't be complete without a little bit of grocery shopping. I think those trips ruin shopping in's never fun to browse through perishable items. We scooped Sawyer up from the sitters and headed home to eat burgers with Justin and Stephanie. I finally convinced Kerry to use the George Forman grill, so it doesn't stink up the whole house. It's the small victories. :)

Just sleeping on my changing table, nothing major. (He tries to roll off now.)

Playing games with daddy. Hey, give me a turn!


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