Monday, March 7, 2011

Poopaplooza 2011

Both of the pictures are from picture files of a while ago. But I knew that I took them and put mu time into saving them so because I had taken some time out I felt that I needed to save them. Now here they are for you to view from the vault. I'm thinking that I may need to make sure I'm taking pictures every day again. Kristin does a pretty good job of it so I"ll just have to get her phone and see what she has on there.
I did work today. This whole weeks worth of work is really just pretty old. Its not that I don't want to be there or that I do want to be at my new store, its more like management takes things that any CSM could have done and blames the fact that they aren't done on me not wanting to be there. I'll deal with it I'm almost done.
Kristin had a very interesting day of poop. Early this morning Sawyer was playing in his exo-saucer and she thought that she might have smelt a bit of poop so she bent over to smell his behind and he jumped. This was only bad because he was pooping up his back and it got on her face. LOVE IT! But that's not all. He pooped on her hand and just blasted a bunch of diapers out all day long. I guess he's a sooper pooper.
When I got home after Kristin had told me all about her poop expedition we were sitting on the couch watching the tv. Kristin got real excited and went to the freezer. Then she asked me, "Where did my chocolate go?" I of course asked her what chocolate and she explained that in the old house she had some chocolate that was opened and she had left in the freezer. Then I confessed that we, Justin, Jim and I, had eaten it. Of course she got upset but really guys I mean who wouldn't eat opened chocolate in a freezer. We just thought that it was trash. I had no idea how long it had been in there. Sorry love.


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