Sunday, March 20, 2011


If both of us work, usually Sawyer will go to his baby sitter, Stephanie. (Different from our friend, Stephanie, by the way.) She'd promised to pick up a shift for a co-worker a couple weeks back, so she couldn't take him. I don't really know anyone here (sad, because I've lived here longer than Kerry), so Kerry asked some of his old co-workers, and came up with Suzanne. She quit Walmart to watch kids, so it was perfect. She came over to our house (Sawyer's first time at home with a sitter) and spent the day with him. I guess he didn't let her get much homework done, and peed a lot. Yup, sounds like my boy. Haha. We also got back the deposit from our old apartment. Out of probably close to $500, we got back $180. Wow, thanks. Kerry let me keep it though, so I'm now on the hunt for some normal jeans that fit. =] Weight wise I can fit into my pre-pregnancy pants, but surprise surprise, my hips are bigger. Sigh. I'm too freakin' tall for a lady evidently, so I can't find anything that fits. So, I'm still in maternity jeans. =[ Not totally bad though, they're super comfortable, and it kinda feels like wearing sweats all the time. ;]

New onesie from Aunt Nita and Uncle Tatum. I <3 turtles like mommy!

Umm, yeah..he'd just gotten a bath, and then drooled everywhere. Thanks guy, thanks.


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