Friday, March 4, 2011


Yesterday while I was off I had to get my car inspection renewed. Well I forgot to mention that I dropped my car off at the place to get the inspection done. While the car was there and the mechanic was changing the air filter he knocked off the main air valve. Well this reset all of the gauges on my car so that they couldn't do the inspection with getting the gauges working again. The guy called me and told me that he had to drive my car around, and that he had driven it around already and was putting ten dollars worth of gas in it. Well he must have really messed it up because they had to the keep it over night. This morning when I was at work they called and said my car was done. Yay me. I'll pick it up after work.
I went to pick the car up and they had fixed it but I'm such a nice guy I didn't make them give it to me for free. I didn't make them do anything for me. I wont ever go there again. Take that?
Also, because I got the job at the other store, I had to go and sign paperwork. So Kristin and I drove over there and got all the best things signed. I found out how much I was making for sure, and she and I walked the store. Its different for me going into a job being a boss. Most of the time I have gone into a job and became a boss because I'm good, but this time I just am the boss. I guess I'll just have to be awesome, shouldn't be too hard.
To finish off the evening Justin and I made tacos for every one. I can say that they were really good. I am apparently the only one who likes veggies though. I chopped and sauteed onions and then the tomatoes. Topped it off and made em pretty good. I think I may have to make steak tacos some time though. Some time.
Ending notes for the day. Sawyer took no naps and when Kristin put him to be she put him in this real cute outfit that some one from the future made. You see the pictures. How are you suppose to change a diaper I hear you ask. With great skill my friend, great skill.


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