Saturday, March 26, 2011

Final Destination

Since Kerry worked yesterday, today was "my day" with him, since he had the day off. We started by going and picking up my crashed car from Denton, which had a dead battery, yay. =| Once we got it jumped we headed home, and I drove Kerry's car since mine was sketchy. I'm a weirdo and notice strange things (especially after seeing the "Final Destination" movies), and I saw that a truck's bedliner was kind of flapping in the wind. Pretty soon, the whole thing flies up in the air, and in front of me on the highway. Needless to say, I had to swerve out of the way and about had a heartattack, with Sawyer in the car with me again. I swore off driving for awhile. lol We got some MacDonald's for breakfast, and then went to a consignment sale. I love buying stuff for Sawyer, especially when it's cheap, and these sales have fun stuff. He got some fun toys, and some little board books. I think we ended up having some dinner with Justin and Stephanie, who was on bedrest at this point (set to have Jordan on April 1st), and called it a night. Minus wrecking my car and not getting to spend my actual birthday with Kerry, things ended up alright. =]

So many fun treasures. =]

I think they're retarded, but he likes the Sing-a-ma-jigs. They used to scare him, but he can't get enough now. We found a buddy for the one he already has..oh joy.


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