Thursday, March 24, 2011

Check yoself, before you wreck yoself...

Today started out like any normal day off, lazy. I decided to FINALLY go change my name on my Social Security Card from Skiles to Barnett, and be 100% legal. The office is out in Denton, about 30 minutes away, so I grabbed directions and headed out with Sawyer in tow. I managed to get myself majorly lost on the way there, less than an hour before the office closed. I would've been SO mad if I wouldn't have made it in there! At this point I had my older iPhone, which SUCKED, and wouldn't load the maps, so I couldn't get myself un-lost. I called Kerry, who was at work, and he couldn't talk, so I had to wait around for my phone to work. I finally got myself back on track, and come to find out, the office was right by the freakin' mall which I can EASILY find!! I made it to the office though, and went in and got helped right away. Did I mention that I had put this off for almost 2 years because of horror stories I'd heard about being there all day waiting in line? So there was my silver lining. We got the job done and were leaving, when someone hit me. Yeah, I was in my first ever car wreck. Not my fault by the way. I was FREAKING OUT though..the lady hit Sawyer's door. As if my first crash wasn't scary enough, she hit MY FREAKING BABY!!!! I was shaking, tried to shut my car off without putting it in park, and couldn't hardly focus enough to get his door open. Luckily my car was old and was still made out of metal, unlike the fiberglass crap now, so it didn't dent the door to the inside of the car, so he was 100% fine. Dude slept through it. SLEPT THROUGH A CAR WRECK. Wow. I was a crying mess though, called Kerry who rushed over from Grapevine (probably close to an hour's drive), and we left my car parked at the mall. The lady who hit me had a granddaughter close to my age, and a great grandson close to Sawyer's..she was sweet, but SHE FREAKING HIT MY CAR WITH MY BABY IN IT. It all worked out though, THANK YOU GOD!! Did I mention that God is soso good?? =]

My cute, reliable car.

My poor, poor car.


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  1. Any mother would freak out if the same thing happened to their car with their baby on it. How old was the lady who hit your car? Although there could still be a chance for you to get hurt, depending on the impact done to your car, luck was on your side for you didn’t incur any injuries.

    Maggie Malone