Monday, March 28, 2011

Pimp my ride!

After playing phone tag with the 2 insurance companies, it was finally decided that the other lady was at fault for my wreck, duh. Both my passenger doors were crunched, so I figured they'd total the car, it was only worth about $1500 on Kelly Blue Book, and it was in worse off shape than that quote. They gave me $2200 to FIX it..FIX IT! They're crazy. I took the money though, can you say down payment? They also set me up in a rental car, a 2010 Toyota Corolla. I was feeling pretty spoiled. I've never had any other car than the one I was in (a 1998 Chrysler Cirrus, by the way). As cool as a new car would be, I was sad to see "Whitey", as it was called, go. I got my license in that car, drove around Colby way too many times, made several TX-->KS trips, and drove my first baby around in it. Change can be good though, right? =]

I'm a spoiled lady. =D

Guess it's time to retire the bouncer? lol


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